Julius and Mary-Anne

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Julius and Mary-Anne : after a bad breakup with his girlfriend Julius meets this beautiful girl (Mary-Anne) at a party. Their friendship turns into chapters of romantic encounters full of lust, betrayal and love. The whole story is narrated from Julius’ perspective


It was four days before her birthday, Feeling lonely and all her friends she lived with far away from home, Mary-Anne decided to visit her crush. It felt like years not having seen him for about a week now. 

Knock knock 

 “Hey Julius” she said( in a soft enchanting voice ).

Hey princess, what brings you here? He asked. Nothing really I just wanted to see you, it’s been a while. “That’s sweet, I am actually cooking so let’s sit in the kitchen”said Julius. They had a good meal and conversation.


 Everything  was subtle as he led her to her place, the night was still and disburdened, all lights off only the stars shone upon them. They reached a floor away from her apartment and sat on the staircases it was dark. He looked into her beautiful big eyes and asked her “Princess what is it that draws you to me?”. “I know it’s not right I have a boyfriend but I can’t help it because I love you Julius” she said and kissed him. Her lips so fine and tender, he couldn’t resist but kiss back. “Let’s go inside my friends are not around “ she said.

“Alright let’s go”he replied. Everything seems to be happening so fast  Julius thought as they walked to her room. It took 13.04 seconds for them to reach her room. 

“You can sit on my bed” said Mary-Anne while locking the door. “I was going to offer you some wine but you don’t drink anything alcoholic, or maybe you want some ?” She asked. “Ha-ha-ha you know I would rather be conscious of everything  around me every moment and so should you just for today besides you are definitely going to be wasted(drunk as fuck) on your birthday we both that” he answered. “Okay if you say so” she replied. 


She took off her warm coat and sat next him. He held her hand, as she moved closer to him. Julius wrapped his big hands around her on the bed.  The bed was close to the wall and his back was on the wall. She looked up at an angle so as to kiss him, Ring Ring Ring her phone rang just as their lips almost touched. She picked up the phone (“hello, am good and you?, what’s up ? Oh okay cool, I will  talk to you later, am busy right now, alright then bye”). “Who was it?” Julius asked. “It was my boyfriend, he called to say he is going to hangout with his friends” she answered while switching off her phone.


It was cold being winter so they covered themselves in a warm duvet and laid on the bed looking at each other in the eyes. “It seems everyone is busy for you today, why didn’t you go with out your friends” Julius asked.  “They said I would ruin my birthday surprise presents so I had to remain behind and not everyone is busy for me, you are here with me. What more is pleasant?” Mary-Anne concluded as she kissed him. He gently kissed her tender lips and smooth neck while holding her waist... 


Mary wait! are you sure this is what you want?, I don’t want to take your pride, unless thats what you want,(Julius). “Julius remember when I told you I wanted you to be my first? I meant it. I made this decision along time ago” she said. “ I do remember princess, why don’t we book an apartment after your birthday party , I want it to be memorable and away from everyone else just us two. What do you think? Julius asked. “I will choose the apartment” she said after kissing him. 


But Julius promise.......


to be continued 


please let me know how is it thank you ???? 

Submitted: September 19, 2021

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