The Good The Bad The Blue and The Red

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There have been many great presidents on both sides of the political spectrum of Democrats and Republicans. No matter what bad tendencies they both may have, both parties have brought our way of living into perspective and without them we would probably either be dead/unborn or living in poverty and fear. From Abraham Lincoln to FDR, from JFK to Ronald Regan, let us remember our greatest presidents ever, and let us live in peace together, despite our differences!

Submitted: December 30, 2008

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Submitted: December 30, 2008



We know all too well the split right down the middle between the Democrats and the Republicans, the conservative and the liberal, but if you knew just how silly the fuss is over who is what, then you would probably work together towards a common goal. If you are a Democrat and you hate the Republicans, do you also hate Abraham Lincoln? If you are a Republican and you hate the Democrats, do you also hate Franklin D. Roosevelt? Or John F. Kennedy? I know that politics isn't the way it used to be, but both parties have done some astonishing things.

Let's face it, life isn't just black and white, people aren't just tall or small, there is always an inbetween. Some people have a Centrist tendency in their personality, like Colin Powell. But what have the Dems and the Republicans both done for this country to make it better, despite their differences? I will explain it to you in a simple, yet efficient way. We will start with the earliest to the latest. These are the greatest presidents of all time!

Democrats=D (-) Republicans=R

Abraham Lincoln (R): This guy was always an advocate for the abolition of slavery, he knew right from the start that the slaves were people too and that they didn't deserve to be treated like some dumb animals. He was from my homestate of Kentucky, that means alot seeing as how Kentucky is one of the biggest red states around. Lincoln always did whatever it took to defend the rights of African Americans, no matter what was at stake, he was a truly courageous man, even till his death. Abraham Lincoln has gone down in history as The Greatest President Who Has Ever Lived!

Theodore Roosevelt (R): The first Roosevelt, who is a distant cousin to Franklin Roosevelt is the main man responsible for consumer protection, without him we still wouldn't know what is in our food, for a gruesome tale tells of body parts being found in food... Yuk... But without him we still would find body parts in our food, and we wouldn't even know it! He ultimately made our foods safer, and he gave our precious wildlife a chance to roam wild without the threat of extinction, or poaching. He was the biggest conservationist and gave birth to modern conservation. Theodore Roosevelt is a hero when it comes to green living, and we should be forever grateful.

Franklin D. Roosevelt (D): This guy was a big factor in ending the Great Depression, he for one put the trust of the people back in banks, by signing his New Deal, which had a trickle effect on the economy, the country worked together as a whole more than it ever has before in Modern American History! Without him alot of us would probably still be living out on the streets, for that matter alot of us probably wouldn't even be here! Roosevelt was the greatest economic hero of the century and nobody can tell me any different!

John F. Kennedy (D): John F. Kennedy. What else can I say about this guy but "WOW"! As mentioned above, more than half of us wouldn't be here today without him, either that or we would be horribly mutated! Fidel Castro was right below Florida, with a monstrous gift from the Soviet Union, weapons of mass destruction which would've taken out just about all of the eastern part of the United States, if it weren't for our brave leader at that time! He helped ease the tension between us and the U.S.S.R, and kept us out of a nuclear war. I take time out of my very existence to remember John F. Kennedy and his bravery, and I am forever grateful for his patients. John F. Kennedy was the most heroic leader of our modern lives.

Jimmy Carter (D): Jimmy Carter always believed in UFOs and he wanted to put the people's trust back into the government by releasing documents of Unidentified Flying Objects to the public, but it was very hard to do, due to pressure from Congress... But none-the-less he wanted the people to trust him and if we could just trust the government and if the government would just trust us, then Carter's dream would've been realized of a co-existing nation of the nation's leaders and the American people... Jimmy Carter will never be forgotten.

Ronald Regan (R): At the time of his first term we were still at war with the Soviet Union, but he kept the pressure on them, and later on during his presidency, with him becoming friends with Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet Union began to collapse right in front of our very eyes, along with the Berlin Wall, which kept families apart for too long of a time. Even if for only one thing to remember him by, we should remember him for bringing families back together in West and East Berlin, for without him they would still be separated, and goods wouldn't have been exchanged with them to give them adequate food, water, and medicine. Ronald Regan was truly a family man.

Here we have a fair number of Dems and Republicans who all contributed to our way of living, so I don't ever want to hear Democrats and Republicans saying the other side is inferior ever again!

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