The Night of Doppelgangers

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This poem is just an exaggeration of how I'm usually targeted by doppelgangers. These all happened on separate nights, even years apart, but it's still strange how much I'm targeted by these shadow beings...

Submitted: May 10, 2009

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Submitted: May 10, 2009



The Night of Doppelgangers by Joseph D. Smith

Once upon a strange and daunting night,
Some strangers came into my house one by one,
They were people I knew,
But they were also people I didn't know...

This was a strange night indeed,
My dad, he was away,
But suddenly when I was laying on the couch
trying to sleep,
He silently busts through the back door,
Then knilt on his knees and span his hand,
Like that of a fishermen reeling his catch...

Suddenly he was gone, he just vanished!

During this same night an hour later,
Two of my friends, who were brothers,
Snuck in and was prowling around, very silently,
They were teasing me to no abound!
They would run, laying down low, behind everything
they could think of...

Suddenly they were gone, they just vanished!

Finally, during this same night, a figure of my mom,
It was only half-manifested, her face and center were pitch black...
I couldn't get out a word, she just stood there, silently...

Suddenly she was gone, she just vanished!

I asked them all but my dad
if they were having out of body experiences,
But none had even been in my presence that night.
That night, I had been haunted by doppelgangers...

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