The Vhampcire

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What if you were a mortal human, who had no super-powers, yet your injuries heal instantly? You would then be known only as a Vhampcire.

Submitted: October 24, 2013

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Submitted: October 24, 2013



“Vhampcire are freaks, so why would you want to associate with them?!”, angrily expressed, by an associate of the Anti-Freaks League, long ago. Things weren't always normal in the town of Vhampcire's Peak, where the name of the race of super-humans originate. Sometimes people got beat in fights, but these were no ordinary fights, the Vhampcire have been known to have their arms twisted, their wrists bent, and their ribs broken, but these human super-beings didn't feel pain, even if they did, it would've only hurt for a second, before they were healed instantly. They didn't have super-powers, they weren't mutants, they were simple human beings with a genetic make-up that allowed them to perform well-above average; the main advocate of the advancement of Vhampcire research, Julius, had such a sharp-focus, that he could see a pit-viper when it strikes, the whole way through. His strength was unmatched, as his calf-muscles could easily break a person in half, he redirected his anger into his body mass, such as his muscles.

Julius stalked the night, as he was an Otherkin, otherwise known as a Shadowkin, or simply as a Shadow. His soul was that of another being, while he was stuck in a human body. It's no wonder that his energy was dark, voided, empty, and bottomless. His hatred for the day, it kept him from enjoying the sunshine, as it was too bright, he enjoyed when the clouds passed under the sun, while there was shade. He harvested this dark energy to focus his strength outward. The power of Christ had yet to compel him, nor had the wrath of God. Sometimes the Devil was his friend. When it was finally time for him to fight, his enemy wasn't what he had expected.

“Hmm. You aren't like everyone else. What are you?”; the Jules peered into the man's eyes. “Hmm. Why don't you feel pain?”

“Pfft! You should know! You are, what I have become. You should know, damn well, what I am.”; Julius focused inward, and he couldn't believe that he hadn't realized it sooner!

“You! You, are a Vhampcire!”, what made him have to think so long? “That's why you aren't feeling pain, and that's why you aren't afraid. Why didn't I realize it sooner?!”, Julius knew that he had a ruthless fight on his hands. “So, I guess, I am going to have to disembody you.”

“Why, then, are you fighting me? You saw me as a threat, not the other way around.”; the Jules was caught between his guilt. But what guilt had he reflected upon, other than the fact that he had to eliminate a threat? He had to think.

“You, were in this dark ally. I had to take a shortcut, but you were in my way.”, he continued while trying to refresh his memory; “That's right. You wielded your knife, you walked towards me. You put it up, you weren't going to use it. So, why else would I stand up to you?”; Julius started to sweat, as he didn't really know why he had attacked the man, other than pure instinct.

“I am not going to make you feel guilty, as I could've if I had been an ass. You knew what my intentions were, you knew that I wanted to eliminate every single Vhampcire, until I was the only one left.”; Julius knew he had to act, so he drew upon his own weapon, he drew his hand-sword, a short weapon that he could easily control.

He looked at the Vhampcire, he focused his energy, into this small sword. His opponent never knew that his throat would bleed so fast, and that his head, would fall off so soon.... Julius faded from the Vhampcire's memory. The Shadowkin drew itself into the abyss of the mind of this dead man, forever.

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