"Works Like TurboTax, if you owe back taxes" Sounds great, but is it true?

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TaxClosure's website says they are the only online product for when you owe the IRS. They ask "Could this really be the best way to resolve your IRS tax debt?", so I decided to make up my own mind about their product.

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



"Works Like TurboTax, if you owe back taxes" Sounds great, but is it true?

I came across this website a couple months ago and have to admit that I was instantly skeptical for two reasons. The first is that I immediately associate any company or person that says they help you with your back taxes with a skeezy used car salesman, and really, who doesn't? The second was that I had never heard of the company before, so that had me thinking....but I kept reading anyway and I'll tell you why.

A few years back, I had my own tax trouble and I did what I would expect most other people do....nothing.

I saw the letters, ignored them...saw some more....ignored them, too. Then one day, my boss called me and said that we need to talk and it didn't sound good. He told me that he had a wage garnishment order from the IRS and that he had no choice but to comply with it. The money they were going to leave me to live on was going to be nowhere near enough. I found out later, that in my case, the usual first action after the letters start is when the IRS freezes your bank account, then just takes your money to pay back your tax debt. For some reason, I avoided this. But in the majority of cases, that is exactly how you find out the IRS is serious. You check your account balance and it is zero, and there is almost nothing you can do about it. You owe the money. They found it. Now it's theirs.

But back to my boss.

I loved the job I was working, but could not work for the "IRS reduced" pay I was going to receive. I checked around and any company or tax attorney that would help me out was going to charge me about the same amount that I owed the IRS. ( just under $5000 ). So that wasn't even an option for my situation.

Like most people that owe the IRS today, I bet, my choices were all bad.

So I did the only thing I could think of that would help me. I called the IRS myself and asked for them to put me on a payment plan...and you know what...they did it! I was amazed. I admit, the payments I got were WAY higher than I could really afford. I had to cut back on a ton of things and even traded in my car for a much cheaper one that was not as nice, But I thought "This is great! I can keep my job, even though I will just BARELY squeek by, it's better than what I was looking at before."

It took a full 3 years of really tough finanical times because of the payments I had to make, but I really thought I did pretty well for myself, all things considered.

After finding out about TaxClosure, I found out that my "win" was not actually all that I thought it was.

You see, what the Tax Attorneys and Tax Relief firms won't tell you is something that would KILL their business, which is that you CAN actually approach the IRS yourself IF you have been properly shown how to do so and you have your forms all filled out correctly. Those firms always are screaming, "Don't call the IRS yourself. It's the worst thing you can do! Hire us. We are the only ones that know all the secrets!"

Well the secret it out now, and I just wish that TaxClosure was around when I had my tax problem.

Now, it is true that calling the IRS WITHOUT being properly prepared and having your forms filled out completely correctly is a bad idea, As in my case, I just asked for a payment plan and they didn't ask IF I could afford it. They just said, "This is your payment and you need to make it every month."

But, it is just a flat out LIE that taxpayers can't be shown how to fill out the forms properly and contact the IRS to get the best possible resolution for their case.

TaxClosure does exactly that. And it IS just like TurboTax if you owe back taxes.

The Personal Edition costs $299 ($269 actually, if you use the 10% discount I found) and you just follow the instructions to get your forms filled out. You then contact the IRS to get your forms properly submitted and if you are like me and basically still live month to month, they waive your back taxes and allow your monthly payment plan to be a big fat ZERO per month. Only about 10% of time, do you have to make any monthly payment at all toward your back taxes. But since they are taking into account your expenses, etc., that payment has to be affordable for you.

DARN IT, Where was the this company when I needed them ! ( Answer: they weren't around yet...UGH... )

I checked them out with the BBB and they do actually have the A+ rating that they claim on their website and have zero unanswered complaints.

I also am amazed at their guarantee. I was expecting the usual 5 paragraphs of conditions, so that the company doesn't ever have to honor it. Not even close: "If, for any reason, within 90 days of purchase, you are dissatisfied with a TaxClosure product and would like a full refund, simply email Customer Service. We will issue the refund immediately, no questions asked."

I recently told a good family friend about TaxClosure and she bought it, used it and got the zero dollars per month outcome. She told me it WAS very easy to do and is constantly thanking me for the thousands of dollars it saved her. It was so cool that I could help her out by telling her about something that she REALLY needed, so that she didn't have to go through the 3 years of hard times that I had to.

So after doing my homework and seeing their product work so well for my good friend, I have to say that TaxClosure is indeed one of the few companies still out there doing right by their customers by actually delivering on their promises.


( Oh, and www.TaxClosure.com/10 is still giving a 10% discount, the last that I checked. )

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