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what is redeployment all about ? A personal opinion.

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012




Not a gripping title, I’ll grant you.

What does it mean ?

Well, it depends who you are.

If you are me, it was a choice I made.

If you are them, it was a course of action,

A financial decision made at the bottom of a balance sheet.

If you are someone else, it was a fait-accomplit,

Your name was on the list,

You had phoned in sick, or upset your head of department,

Performed only satisfactorily for Ofsted,

Not agreed to jump through a thousand hoops on the way to promotion,

Or maybe your face just didn’t fit.

I’m glad I made my choice.

Every new development,

Every email sent,

Confirms, I made the right decision.

Yes, I will be sad.

There are people, I have worked with a long time.

The atmosphere was invigorating and inspiring, but that is already changing.

Where once it was a well-filled balloon held high,

Now it is a burst balloon, with air slowly seeping from it.

It is time to move on,

To find a new balloon to blow up.

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