My Brother's Brother

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This a short on a boy that I have known for long time and I believe everyone should hear his story. Maybe you have some one like him in your life as well?

Submitted: August 16, 2014

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Submitted: August 16, 2014



My Brother’s Brother

My brother has always made friends with boys that I would never give a second glance at. My brother is one of the most friendly boys I have ever met. There is no one that can make a friend faster than him. There’s no one that can piss someone off faster than he can either, but I digress.

The friends my brother has are all boys that I would call dumbasses. I don’t like many of them. They are rude and wouldn’t know sarcasm if it bit them in the ass. Not that they don’t try their hardest to speak it on a daily basis. The only type of jokes they know how to tell have something to do with racism or sex. Sometimes both. I always have the urge to smack them all with the corner of the first hard cover book I can get my hands on. One time I even through an apple at one of them.

There was one friend though that I could never bring myself to hate. No matter what he did or how many times he lied. I could not hate him. My brother met him around kindergarten, or some time around there anyway, and they clicked better than any of my brother’s chosen friends did with him  all put together. I didn’t see much of this friend back then. He didn't live in our neighborhood and my brother is a couple of years younger than me. I mostly knew him from recesss at school. Even then, he wasn’t much of a talker.

It wasn’t until he was old enough to walk down to our house that I really got to know him. He’s a skinny boy. My hand has always been able to wrap all the way around his arm. Even now, when we’re all in high school. He had to be ninety pounds soaking wet back in middle school. He likes to wear the color black and the only kind of jeans he wears are skinny ones. Not that he could fit in normal jeans anyway.

I am in the same grade at his older brother. They look a lot alike and I don’t trust that brother of his any more than I trust a man with a gun. So when I spoke to this too skinny blonde boy, I always have the image of his brother resting in the back of my mind. He, I found out quickly, is nothing like his brother.

His brother is jumpy and angry and scared me to be close to. This skinny boy was quiet and polite and almost calm. He never made sick jokes around my parents and he didn’t just take soda and food from our fridge without asking. He isn’t all good of course. Some times when he shows up at our house he is moody, doesn’t want to do anything at all, and bites my brother’s head off when he gets annoyed about just sitting around.

Other times though, he can be really funny and he actually knows how sarcasm works. Me being a huge lover of all things sarcastic, I found it very hard not to enjoy his company.

He wasn’t always good to be around, though. He tends to bring darkness everywhere he goes. He doesn't do it on purpose, but bring it he does. It follows his every move, like a heavy black cloud that doesn’t promise rain so much as thunder. He’s not the maker of that darkness, however, just the carrier. Which is probably what lets me forgive him for continuing to bring that darkness around my baby brother.

The people closest to him are the makers. His mother being the source. She isn’t completely there in the head. She says things that make people around her tense and nervous and then acts as if its them that are the scary ones. My own father, the man that I would go to any time I needed protection, is nervous around that women. He has no father and I’m pretty sure that that useless man left because he couldn’t deal with her any longer. I am a hundred percent sure that it’s her fault that his older brother scares me. She infected that boy with her darkness and now he tries to infect others as well. It’s as if they are trying to give all their darkness away so that they can be free again.

I know for a fact that his older brother takes drugs. One of my friends smokes with him all the time. He walks around the school as if in a daze, seeing no one, and never takes down his dark hood from his head. He is hiding. I know that, but because of him I fear for the safety of my brother’s friend. He not only has no parents to protect him, but no older siblings to shield him either. That makes me angry, because I have always been the type to do anything for my brother. Even if it kills me.

When my brother’s friend come around, he bring with him stories that make me cringe and listen in growing horror. Stories of the latest scary things his mother has done, and about his brother smoking, and arguments with his grandmother that makes me feel helpless. He tells my brother and I that he sleeps outside sometimes. One time in a safeway. My mother knows that blackness around is there and she tries her hardest to give a spot in the light for him to run to if he needs it.

At first all of us were worried that my baby brother would fall under his darkness, it almost happened with a different friend that I never had any trouble hating, but he never fell. In act when his friend is around he becomes even more of a goody two shoes. Instead of my brother becoming infect with his darkness, his friend started to get infected with my brother’s light. My brother’s wonderful like that.

Everyone in my family has taken his friend in. I sometimes tease my father that we’ve adopted him. I really believe that we have. Sometimes I think that he sees my mother as more of a parent that his own mom. Whenever he stays at our house we have to force him to ask his mother if he can stay over, but if he wants to go somewhere he doesn’t hesitate to ask my mother for permission.

So no, I can’t bring myself to hate that skinny blonde boy that has been around since my brother first started school. I even find myself loving him a little. As if I have two little brother’s instead of just one.


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