The Hero In The Sky

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I'm not too good at writing so i hope you like my story.

Submitted: February 26, 2008

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Submitted: February 26, 2008






Max was an everyday normal man. He was 23 years old and lived alone and had no family because they all died in a fire. He was a lonely guy, but one day he got a letter. He could have sworn he didn’t put it on top of his pillow. That letter changed his life forever.

Max read the letter over and over he could not believe what was written. The letter read:


The biggest tower that’s way up high

Where if you climbed you’ll reach the sky

A bomb will explode within seconds of time

At 1:00 tick tock tick tock times running out

Spread out your wings

And become a star

A hero you’ll be

One day you will see

P.S. don’t tell the police. I do know who you are max it’s not a joke.

Max was at the point of peeing on his pants. He did think of it as a sick joke made by someone who hated him, but he was not about to take that type of risk and beside something inside him just told him its real like a felling. When he finely calmed himself he looked at his clock it was 12:00. In shock Max ran outside of his room and left his safe home into the danger zone. He was so happy that he lived near the city center because that was the best place to get a good view of everywhere. When he finely made it to the city center catching his breath, he took out the letter from his back jean pocket and read it until he got it, the city clock it was the biggest tower after all. With out thinking twice he dashed to the city tower as quick as he could with only 6 minute left and at the same time dropping the letter.

Max was always a good runner when he got to the tower he only got a few minute left so he ran up the stairs and as if he just knew it he found the bomb. There was only a minute left and he jumped out of the clock and just flew off. Boom there was this big explosion and where it happened a star was born I mean day or night you could always see it.

Even today I can still see that flying man flying around that star with that letter in my hand and big tears rolling down my face. I bet you wanna know how I knew all this. Well its simple I was there. How? Max was looking after me while my mom was gone for a month; I bet she was sleeping with other men having the time of her life because my dad left us. He was the closes thing I had as family he was my first and only love even if I was just a 10 year old kid.

Do you wanna know what was the last thing we told each other before he left me? Well I told him how I felt about him and I loved him as a lover and you know what he said. He said “I know I love you too but I was gonna wait till you grow up. So please just wait for me a will come back to you ok. I Love You.”

He told me he loved me, but I forgive not all hero’s can keep a promise no one can. Hey look on the bright said the star he left me I named it they let me because I found it, it’s called: MAX THE HERO IN THE SKY.     

Pretty cool huh, you know I still have that letter some times I feel like there was a part of that letter made fore me:

Spread out your wings and become a star

A hero you’ll be One day you will see

Like I was the one who was gonna see him become a stare and I get the feeling like that’s not the only part in the letter that was made foe me.

It’s been 8 years I’m eighteen and I still can’t forget when I thinking about it now its making me cry and everybody’s staring at me then this man gives me a tissue and walks away when I look up he has the same back as max it cant be I call out his name but he’s to far away he’s getting in the crowed so I run after him he’s crossing the street and a car coming right at him I’m running I don’t know if ill reach him on time.


 Tick tock tick tock times running out 

The clock strikes one. Ding! 

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