Down the Hole

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Commercial Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A tale about when Man meets animal but ends up worse off. With some memoable characters and a bit of humor you are going love it. A classic Man and animal story with a slight twist.

Submitted: April 29, 2011

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Submitted: April 29, 2011



It all starts deep, dark under ground on the very top of a hill. Strange things have happened in this very place, things not so ordinary. A story when boy meets beast. Or more likely a little furry friend.

You may have heard of basic story about animals, but not one like this. This story is action packed with fun and adventure it’ll send your imagination to a whole new level. Memorable characters and story that will last a life time.

This story tells the tale that all starts with one little rabbit called Stuart and his family, Toffee and their two children, Olivia and Rachel. They all lived in the hole I mentioned earlier. They were a very happy and healthy family who loved each other dearly. Well they had their little arguments but who doesn‘t.

Outside there was a long, winding, rocky path leading up to there splendid little home. Emerald grass surrounded the rocky terrain. When the grass was wet and soggy the little water droplets twinkled like a star on earth. It was like a field of diamonds. But when it was covered in snow it was like a meadow of marshmallows which reminds me that is exactly how it was on this very particular day, December 21st.

Not far away lived a young, handsome boy who went by the name of Jamie. His hair was beach blonde and had eyes of oceans. And when he smiled it was like heaven. Brilliant white teeth glistened like an angel. Red rosy cheeks, which was as soft as a babies bottom, and a few faint freckles across his nose. He was only nine years of age but certainly didn’t follow in height like his Dad.

His Dad worked in the military as an RAF pilot. They hardly ever saw each other except on Birthdays and Christmas but even then he didn’t stay too long. He led a busy life style but it was serving his country to protect us from being invaded from foreign forces. He was an excellent pilot and was earning a lot of money. He too had sandy blonde and eyes of water. His smile lit up the sky and a million faces.

Jamie was an outdoorsy person just like his Dad and loved outings even if it was only to the shops.

Jamie had just arrived back from school at Dancy Primary. He walked into his terraced house in James street. He threw his bag on to a chair and collapsed on next to it.

“ Good day at school, darling?” Mum questioned

“ Yeah, it was fantastic. Done a bit of Science, Maths, Art.” Jamie said sarcastically.

After his Mum had finished ironing some clothes she gave Jamie some news.

“ Ok, y’know we were going on that week long camping trip next week” Mum told him calmly.

Jamie screamed “Oh, I know you’ve postponed it because something has come up and you can’t do it next week!”

“ Well, yes b…” Mum paused.

“ I knew it!” Jamie called as he was walking off.

“ That’s why we’re going today.” Mum said peacefully.

Jamie stopped and turned on his heels.

“ Wwhat!” Jamie stuttered.

“ You heard me, now get packing.”

Jamie ran off upstairs and began throwing everything he saw into the leather suitcase. He threw socks, T-shirts, Jumpers, Tracksuit bottoms and every other piece of clothing he could imagine. He even snuck his Teddy bear, PJ to help him sleep. Within ten minutes he was done. Jamie raced down stairs and into the hall, where his Mum was already waiting.

“ You got everything?” Mum checked

“ Yeah Mum.” Jamie quickly replied. “Let’s go” and with that he raced out of the front down and into the four door family 4x4 land rover.

They started the engine and roared down the street and around the bend. Further and further they drove heading for Pen-Dac-Oin Mountain, the Heart of the Valleys as it was known to locals.

They were soon out of the over-developed land and driving gracefully down a country lane, where Jamie and his Mum once lived.

It was a beautiful scene of meadows and grassland, of hills and hedges, and the loving smell of freshly cut grass. They didn’t want leave this heavenly life but Mum got a new job deep in the town so they were forced out of this luxury landscape. It breaks Mum’s heart every time they come here. She hates the city and wishes they could move back but that’s just not an option.

Mum or Jamie weren’t paying attention on the road, just starring out into the distance wondering if there’s a better life out there.

Jamie glanced sideways for a split second and saw something. All of a sudden Jamie yelled “Stopppp!” and Mum slammed on her brakes and the car skidded to a halt.

In front of the car, froze to spot was group of furry little beings. Rabbits.

Once the car stopped they stood on their hind legs watching Mum and Jamie intently. Moments past without anything happening until quite simply the Rabbit family hopped off in to the small gap in the hedge. Extrordinary.

“ Now that was close.” Jamie said in a relieved tone.

For the rest of the journey Mum kept her eyes on the road and not on the scenery which was flashing past in a spilt second.

Just a mile from the usual camping spot they went to and something had already gone wrong. They had pulled over at a small café to have a drink and check their stuff. Mum was going through all her belongings. She had wrote a little check list so they don’t forget anything. She had all her clothes and other possessions. Jamie was going through his stuff. T-shirts, jogging bottoms, socks, shoes, sleeping bag… SLEEPING BAG! He’d left it on the floor in the hall way.

He had told Mum and she gave a screech and then fell silent.

“ But you said that you had every thi…” Mum moaned “ Oh never mind just go and get in the car!”

“ But…” Jamie tried to explain

“ GO NOW!” Mum yelled

Jamie tried struggling because he wanted to look at the Rabbit some more. But being a five year old boy, it was dangerous for him to go anywhere near there. He promised his mum he wouldn’t ever go up there. So he kept well away.

Meanwhile up by the hole the small Rabbit was watching intently and was glaring up at Jamie looking curious. The rabbit jumped into his hole and wasn‘t seen again that day.

Later on in the day a small, grey mouse appeared from nowhere and dived into the hole as if he was an Olympic diver. His name was Rupert. Rupert scurried into the rabbits home and jumped on to the kitchen table. Their home was wonderful. It was a grand home and they were very proud of it. Pictures on the wall and rugs on the floor and numerous candles lit along around the room. There was a little kitchen, a little living room and two very small bedrooms. As you probably noticed everything was little. Well you can’t expect them to have enormous things, there rabbits.

In the elegant house Toffee was preparing lunch for Stuart and their children, loving yet mischievous, Charlotte and Rachael. Rupert pounced on the kitchen table and exclaimed,

“Hello Mrs Rabbit!’’

He called never called her Toffee because he was the most delightful, pleasant and polite mouse you‘ll ever meet. That‘s because he‘s the only mouse you‘ll ever meet. She turned around and looked to see who it was.

“Oh hello Rupert are you staying for lunch?” she asked nicely.

“ Umm, no thanks I’ve had my food.” Rupert lied. He hadn’t had his food at all, in fact he was quite hungry but just thought what rabbit’s ate was revolting.

“ So what have you come here for then, Rupert?”

“ Could I please borrow one of your spoons please? My little home in forest had collapsed yet again. I need to dig a new one” Rupert said desperately.

“ Why of course you can Rupert.” Toffee exclaimed and turned to carry on cooking.

Rupert picked up a shovel like spoon and swiftly exited the hole. When he reached the top of hill after a long struggle up he saw one of his closest friends walking up the path towards him. She was strolling up the path like a glamorous model. But in his eyes she was.

Her name was Sparkle. She was a cat. She was tall and thin. Sparkle had thick, ghost white fur with a long magnificent tail with the tip coated in brown just like chocolate. Her eyes were like the grass twinkling around them and she had a jet black nose. Bat like ears stood tall and proud with black streaks. She had black cotton socks on her legs with claws pointing out her paws. I know that cats and mice aren’t usually best friends but these to just really enjoyed each others company. They had formed a real bond between them like glue. Inseparable. Sparkle glared at him. “Where are you going” she asked him.

“Oh just going to fix my home” Rupert replied and with that he carried on walking.

Rupert headed off for forest to where his home was. Snakes of ivy coiled itself around the trees. The trees were like skyscrapers and the bushes were like hills. Dead leaves covered the forest floor in an array of hot colours, red blue and yellows and orange. The trees were bare.

Rupert walked out into the fiery forest to repair his broken home. The spoon was thrown over his shoulder and he walked with tail swishing behind him like a pink worm. Further and further he walked into the forest until he was out of sight.

The hours ticked by and soon dusk was upon them. Rupert had repaired his home after hours of hard work and the rabbit family were full in their bellies. It had been a good day but tomorrow could bring disaster.

The cold sun rose over the tiny village where Jamie‘s cottage stood. Jamie was up bright and early because they were going to make a berry pie from fresh berries which they were going to pick. By nine o‘clock Jamie and his Mum were up, dressed and ready to go. They put their coats and shoes on and off they went. But they had a wonderful surprise. As they opened the oak door a gust a howling cold wind burst in. Before them wasn‘t a sheet or a blanket but a quilt of thick, freezing snow! Mum and Jamie looked at each other and smiled. They both burst out of the cottage and started throwing snow balls and building snow men. It was a jolly sight. By the time they had stopped playing and realised why they had come out side in the first place they set off for the market covered in a dusting of snow. They looked like walking snowmen. In almost no time at all Jamie and his Mum were at the market.

“Ok we’re going in to the market to get every thing we need to make a scrumptious pie ” she told Jamie.

She gave him a hug and they walked off to the bakery to get flour and all the other amazing things to make the best pie in the world.

It didn’t take long to collect all the ingredients so by now the time half past ten leaving just enough time to make and cook the pie ready for lunch. Yummy.

They had left the jammed-packed market and retreated to peacefulness of the forest. This was Jamie’s favourite part of it. He and his Mum began picking berries when his Mum jumped up in surprise and gave a sort of sigh of relief.

“ Oh, I‘ve forgotten something. The most important part. I need to get the pie dish for it to cook in. Just stay right here and I‘ll pop back into the market. I‘ll be five minutes, I promise.” Mum sighed.

She Jamie and quickly walked back towards the market whilst Jamie carried on picking lovely Blackberries. He even tasted a couple just to check if the were ripe. Tasty juice dribbled down his chin and he wiped it on his sleeve.

Jamie was picking berries off the bushes when he something that could only be a fantasy or an illusion. He saw a little mouse, no larger than a mug, carrying a spoon the size of a HB pencil. He was heading for the clearing in between one side of the forest and the other. Jamie recognised it immediately. It was the place where the hill and the hole and the Rabbit was.

Jamie saw Rupert and the spoon scurrying towards the hole. He stopped what he was doing and went over to him.

“ Hi what’s the matter” Jamie asked in a curious voice.

“ Well borrowed this off my friend and I accidentally broke it whilst I was fixing my home and now I don’t know what to do. Do I tell them what I’ve done and accept the consequences or hid it and not tell anyone?” Rupert said nervously.

“ Well if it was an accident, I don’t see the problem. If you own up to what you’ve done you’ll be in less trouble than if you try to hid it” Jamie said comfortingly.

“ I suppose your right…” Rupert paused.

“ Jamie. And you are?” Jamie asked him.

“ Rupert.” he answered.

“ Ok Rupert lets go.” Jamie told him.

And off they walked towards the Rabbit’s hole.

And then Rupert told him what had happened and when he had finished Rupert just carried on scurrying past him. Now Jamie always knew what to do or say. So before Rupert could do anything he grabbed him and took him up to the hill. He took him up to the top of the hill despite not being aloud and said to Rupert

“ Ok I just want you to go down there and just apologize and I promise you’ll feel a lot better afterwards”.

But Rupert was afraid to go at first and after a little persuading by Jamie he agreed to go. “ Ok on the count of three you jump, one, two, three!” . But he didn’t jump. Jamie looked over the edge and was going to shout for them to come up since Rupert wasn’t going down but he slipped forwards and fell down the hole, it was a tight squeeze though. When he hit the ground it was a loud THUD! Stuart (who had recently returned) and Toffee rose to their feet and approached Jamie cautiously. The rabbits home was huge because Jamie could stand up straight in it! It was quite a nice home considering it was made by a bunch of rabbits. It had every thing a rabbit family would need has such as chairs and tables. He starred at them and they starred back. I think they were both a bit afraid to say anything to each other. The first rabbit said to him “ Who are you?” . This was Stuart the rabbit. “I’m Jamie, Rupert’s friend” he answered him nervously. Now they knew he wasn’t a treat to them (anyone who was friends with Rupert wasn’t dangerous) they all introduced themselves. “ Jamie, I don’t want to sound rude but why are you here?” said Toffee. So they all sat down and he told how he was at the forest and now in their home. When he finished, they all starred at him. Jamie and the rabbit’s looked at each other in the eyes and Jamie saw that Stuart had gorgeous, giant, green eyes while Toffee had bright, beautiful, blue eyes. Up above them, Rupert was pacing and muttering to himself the words “ What to do, what to do”. The two girls Charlotte and Rachael had come out of their room to find out what all the commotion was about. As they walked in Charlotte and Rachael were giggling to one another and saying things like “He looks funny” and “ He’s like giant”. But Toffee overheard them and sent them straight back to their room.

“Sorry about that Jamie, I will deal with them later” Toffee whispered to Jamie.

“ That’s ok” Jamie told her.

Up above Rupert was determined to think of a plan to rescue Jamie from the hole. And at the corner of his eye he saw a small hole appeared at the side of the hill and out popped the to girls “ Hi Rupert” they said happily and ran off towards the forest. Then Rupert had a stroke of luck, Sparkle and an old friend of his, Charles were walking by so he called them to where he was and he asked if they could help him. They could. Charles was a fox and even though he was only a cub he was very wise. Charles had blazing red fur, white paws and bat like ears. Rupert and Charles had been friends for a very long time. And then at that precise moment mother returned from the market. Rupert ran as fast as his little legs would carry him to explain to her what had happened. When she heard this she ran home and got a long piece of rope which Jamie had used when he went to a wilderness survival camp. By now her face was a bit puzzled. She had quickly tied some knots in it. She also had fetched a shovel to dig a hole large enough hole to get him out safely. With out him hurt himself. The rabbit’s ran to the other side of the room to escape the falling rocks. Jamie was quite frightened and he wondered if he would ever get out of there. It had all happened so quickly one minute he was at the forest and the next he was in a hole talking to rabbit’s! Mum, Sparkle, Rupert and Charles (even though he didn’t know what had happened) had started to dig a hole large enough to get Jamie out. Many hard working minutes later they had finally dug an extremely giant hole. Jamie’s mum lowered the thick piece of rope into the enormous hole and shouted “Jamie grab on!”. Jamie ran across the room started to climb up the rope. They all grabbed on and held it steady long enough for Jamie. And soon enough Jamie was freed. He ran to his mothers arms and gave her a heart warming hug. Every one looked delighted that they were reunited once again. Well when I say everyone not quite everyone, two people were missing, Charlotte and Rachael. But before Rupert could tell any one where they had gone, Toffee darted down to there room to get and she came back looking horrified. “ There gone” she shouted and then Rupert told her that he had seen them running off to the forest and pointed at the hole. They all starred worryingly. If it hadn’t been an eventful day already. But the search was on. But thankfully one of them had exceptional speed in running. Charles. He searched in the forest bellowing “ Charlotte, Rachael!” And coming to the end of the forest he saw them sitting in one of the tallest trees . He shouted up to them and panted “ Are you ok”

“ Yes we’re fine, but could you please try and get us down. We climbed to high and we can’t get down” pleaded Charlotte. And with that he swiftly ran at top speed to where the rest of the search party. “ I’ve found them” he exclaimed. They all ran with Charles to where he had said they were. The search party stood at the bottom of the tree and looked up and sighed in relief. For they saw two pairs of white feet dangling down. “ It’s alright we’re here now” Stuart said comforting. Now they needed to get them down with a genius plan. And then once a again Jamie had yet another stroke of brilliance. “I got it, Sparkle how good are you at climbing.” By now everyone realized what the plan was.

“ Well I don‘t like to brag but I‘m amazing” Sparkle replied

“ Good, do you think you can climb up this tree with that rope” Jamie asked

“ Ye probably. I’ll give it a go” Sparkle said

So, Sparkle prepared herself to climb. She wrapped the rope around her waist. When the rope was tightly secured. Jamie and the rest of the search party watched and waited as Sparkle bravely scaled up the tree. Sparkle needed some help to get started but then she took care of he rest. Up and up she climbed to where the girls were sitting. Just as she got to the top her foot slipped but luckily she regained her balance and jumped on to the branch. There was a sigh of relief coming from down below. She unwrapped the rope from her stomach and tied it firmly to the tree. First Charlotte started to climb down. Charlotte was a bit scared but she did it anyway. When she touched the floor she gave parents the same type of hug Jamie gave his mum. Rachael did the same. When they were safely on the ground, Sparkle began to climb down the tree. As Toffee, Charlotte and Rachael began to head home, Stuart whispered to Jamie “ I owe you one”. And then Stuart left him and headed off for their home with his family.

Four months later on Jamie 6th Birthday there was a tiny knock on the door . It was Rupert. “ Come quick there’s an emergence” he shouted. Jamie slipped on his shoes and ran with to the hill. When he reached the top he heard a great big SURPRISE. They had all put together a surprise party for him, to thank him for all that he has done. Stuart walked up to him and he whispered gently “ It’s the least I could do”. He smiled at him and to top it off they had all got him presents. He thought if there’s any more of this I’m going to cry. And then Toffee had come up from the hole carrying a small baby rabbit. She begun to say speech. “ Hello, as you can all she I have my little baby boy in my arms. I have been thinking of names for him but I wanted to share it with all my closest and dearest friends. I have chosen to call him Jamie because if he turns out anything like this one he’ll be a pretty good guy”. At the end of her speech everyone gave a round of applause. They all watched Jamie and it was to much. He burst in to tears of happiness. He ran up to Toffee and knelt down and gave her a hug. He was just so happy. At the end of the party he thanked everyone and went home. That day where he fell down the hole he made some friends for life. And if your wondering what happened to Jamie, he found as he grew up he was telling that story for the rest of his life. Some people believed him, some just thought he was crazy but that’s the magic in the story and that’s all there is to it.

© Copyright 2020 jungleboy130. All rights reserved.

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