An Early Departure

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This poem's basically about the effects of bullying on the mind of a regular teenager. Hope you guys like it! No hate please, I'm a beginner. :)

Submitted: November 17, 2013

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Submitted: November 17, 2013



When I left for school this morning, Mama,

You didn't turn to say goodbye.

Last night you said you love me.

Now tell me, was that a lie? 

I walked to school all alone, Mama...

Huge thoughts filled my little head:

I thought about you all the way, Mama,

I wish nothing ever changed.

I thought about the happy times we had together,

I thought about the priceless days.

I expected life to get better,

But it just got worse in every little way.

I recalled how close we used to be,

But slowly I'm drifting apart.

Misery has got the better part of me,

I crave for a brand new start.

I'm tired of everything, Mama.

I tried to take it slow,

But I lost all control over my life.

Now, I just want you to know:

Lately I've been very depressed, Mama,

'Coz I get bullied at school.

They laugh at the way I walk and talk.

They say I'm very 'uncool'.

Why me, of a thousand students, Mama?

Is it 'coz I'm not like them?

Is it 'coz I don't wear high heels? 

Or probably 'coz I don't hunt for fame?

By the time I reached school today,

My mind was jammed with fear.

And even before I realized what I was doing,

My eyes welled up with tears.

A group of boys were standing on the corridor,

Steve held a small, black gun.

He laughed, lifted the gun and said,

"Let's try this, just for fun!"

Had he lost his mind, Mama?

Or was it just innocense?

I stood there struck with terror.

My heart pounded hard on my chest.

Steve gripped the gun tightly,

And then I heard a deafening sound!

And I fell on my knees, Mama.

I fell right onto the ground. 

I swear I didn't want to die, Mama! 

Life had just begun.

Trust me, it hurt a lot.

Was that what they called 'fun'? 

I had so many dreams to be fulfilled, Mama.

And I had made countless plans.

But everything's been shattered

By that one small, black gun. 

Tell daddy that I love him,

And I didn't mean to cause pain.

And tell him I tried really hard at school,

But now it's all in vain.

Thank Daniel on my behalf, Mama,

for being a great brother.

And tell him I'll never come home again,

'Coz I had an early departure.


*characters are fictional. 

© Copyright 2017 JuniorShayy. All rights reserved.

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An Early Departure

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