The Conception of The New Harley Quinn

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The ever so famous Harley Quinn (The Joker's Girlfriend) had to be molded into the devious little prankster she became. Abuse and heartbreak is enough to create and destroy an individual...

Submitted: May 16, 2013

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Submitted: May 16, 2013



Darkness covered the back of her eyelids until they shot open in agony. She had done it. She told herself she could if she has just closed her eyes, thought about her hurts, and pulled the trigger. It wasn't until she had saw the blood coming from his open wound that she had realized what she had done. She became the murderer she set out to be, the demonic eidolon of what so many thought she lacked the will to be. Ha! If her will had been acted upon at her own desire, so many would have felt her wrath. Now that the killer inside her knew what it felt like to lust for blood and to achieve the acquisition of it, she had become a monster.

Looking down at his lifeless corpse, she laughed in rage. Tears soon paled her skin from a caramel brown to a dry, charred ash. Who was she? She was the pawn or the joker's Harley if you will. What a little temptress she was inevitably... Her fantasies consisted of being everything he wanted so, that's what she tried to become, but his bullshit idea of the perfect girl corrupted her as an individual. Maybe it was the lack of identity prior to his meeting with her. That insecure female. Tsk tsk tsk. His cunning personality lied to her while his mysterious demeanor lead her to believe he was innocently seeking her attention. She couldn't have been more wrong. It started with harsh condescending words. How was she to respond to such verbal abuse from him unexpectedly, knowing he was the one she was in love with. He continued to pry at her pride, digging into her insecurities and attacking her qualities, and like his pawn, she allowed it, in fact, she lived for it. After hours of aggression being sent into her mind, he'd pull her close, stare into her eyes and say everything that would make her feel wanted. Holding her, warming her with his affection and throwing his problems into her heart, as if he wanted to be understood or to apologize. SHE FELL FOR IT EVERY TIME.


Day after day he would do the same thing and always ended with the same result. She'd be getting out of his bed early in the morning and he'd be sure not to let her stay to long, but she felt close to him. Through all of her hurt, he never abandoned her, and she stuck by him, absentmindedly losing all of herself to his wants. Ah, now back to the murder. He controlled her mentally, demolished her emotionally, "loved" her dearly, and owned her sexually. This was her life now. Who she was to him was a pawn, or his Harley Q. If you will. He'd make of her whatever he wanted, and he wanted her to kill. Grabbed her body from behind and held her gently, as she welded dual pistols and wore black and red spandex. As she closed her eyes, she could feel him breathing down her neck, enticing her, driving her insane but remaining completely conscious of where she was. He said softly, "Shoot him and you will be happy with me forever". As he held her and her body grew numb with comfort, her fingers grew closer towards the trigger which she pulled so gently.


There was total silence. Blood on the floor and the walls reeked of the smell of death. She'd done it, and now, they'd be on the run forever, as Harley Quinn and The Joker...

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