Three shots to the heart

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about a relationship. Feel free to read & relate

Dry words release from my lips,
As i try to gain back the memories of all of this,
Three shots to the heart and im gone,
You took me in with no bonds,
I'm looking around and im alone,
My voice was never shown,
I cant go back to the old me,
You took all of that; such a shame to see,

Now im staring at all the unfamiliar faces,
They all knew the pain i went through 'cause i embraced it,
No one ever showed the fact that they cared,
They just walked around like nobody was there,
But i was there,
I was in the room with you,
You just never saw what was really true,
Left me all alone,
Three shots to the heart and now im outta zone,
You perished me forever,
Three shots to the heart and now pain is all i can endeavor.

Submitted: February 12, 2010

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