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Just wanted to get some of my terrible writing out there to see what others thought :P

Submitted: May 18, 2008

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Submitted: May 18, 2008



The sky that evening was a contradiction. The sun beamed its light through the storm clouds swirling ominously through the pale blue-grey sea. The rain came steady and hard, and the young man sitting on his balcony discerned a rhythmic pattern that could be most readily be described as hypnotizing. The man looked idly at his cigarette and took a long drag. He stared at the ground from his scenic second story view and watched as the droplets of the clouds kissed the surface of the pool. He smiled as the thought aboutwhat funny a bunch the elements were. Thunder cracked the serenade of steady drops, as if to interject its own percussive interpretation of music. The young man sat quietly pondering to himself, watching as the smoke trailed from the end of his cigarette. A rabbit, running from the barrage of coming water, caught the eye of the young man. He had seen it before roaming the brush near the pool fences edge. The rain had begun to subside and the light, which had previously struggled to make its presence known, vainly shot its rays upon the wet earth. The rabbit looked straight in the young mans eyes. Humbled he sat on his chair letting his cigarette burn steadily between his fingers. Time seemed to be lost during this curious transaction between the two dissimilar beings. Suddenly the rabbit’s ears perked up, but it was for naught that the creature began to react for it had in that instant become food for the hungry hawk. The young man put out his cigarette and hurried inside.The rain began again.

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Not Sure =/

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