Billy Bastard

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Submitted: August 22, 2009

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Submitted: August 22, 2009



Billy Bastard

By Jeff Shumate © 2009

It was one rainy April day,

Two women came by, for a hospital stay.

Both gave birth to a different tune,

Two souls were born, around half past noon.

A baby was born named Johnny Steal,

He had two proud parents, there to close the deal.

A woman showed up all alone,

She gave birth to a child, but never went home.

Mamma and baby were forever torn,

And that being said, Billy Bastard was born.

Johnny grew up and had it all,

Went to the very best schools; he grew six feet tall.

Billy found out what an orphan is,

Learned how to fight, just to keep what was his.

Johnny went off, for a college stay,

Met a real nice girl, and they married one day.

Hard knocks was Billy’s school,

He was a two-bit boxer, and hustled people playing pool.

Now came a time when Johnny said, "take a look at me,

I made my first million, at twenty-three."

Billy woke up one day in jail,

He waited and waited, but nobody showed to post bail.

Late in life Johnny had it all,

Everything you could imagine, wrapped in one big ball.

Billy spent years in and out of jail,

He finally got job, catching spit in a pail.

It was one cold November day,

Two old men came by, for a hospital stay.

Both men died to a different tune,

One went to Heaven, the other to his doom.

The hour was about half past noon,

A preacher came by, cause both men was going to die real soon.

Johnny heard what the preacher said,

After very little thought this is what he said,

"Oh, I don’t think Jesus died for me,

For I’ve done real well, as you already see."

Billy was old, to tired to fight,

Yes, a two-time loser, but he did one thing right,

He cast all his faith, in Jesus that night.

Two men died to a different tune,

Billy saw Heaven, and Johnny saw doom.




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