Why dont you love me the same way you love her?

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How I feel half the time about my parents.

Submitted: March 17, 2007

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Submitted: March 17, 2007



Part 1: A poem of Rage

"Will the blood stain my face?"

I asked of you, defeating undying grace

An acid tear, my unburnt skin

my shining eyes, the dark within

I'm tired of feeling cold and numb

and because of me, I see you run

A disappointment, I fail your test

Because all you care is who's the best.


Part two: Not me

 To me it seems that I disappoint all

I'm not perfect so you watch me fall

Reckless, a whore, oh I'm such a shame.

It's too bad I'm not into playing your game.

There's something about me you dont seem to grasp

I cant even tell you how long I will last

But you think I am dumb, I cant learn a thing

I only wish daily that I could sprout wings

To fly away from this mess, to fly away from you

Maybe then I wouldn't think that I'm numb to you.


Part 3: Hate is the new love

And my eyes turn bright

She shies

Away from this world, not her place

To call home.

A disgrace.

Her only friend was the poem.

She held it dear.

It unlocked everything

even fears.

It made up for the lies, even shook her bones

Could she die?

A wonder of love or hate.


Part 4: All my feelings end in WHY?

Can you tell me why

my girl, everday that I cry

why my tears burn my eyes?

I'm just sick of your lies.

Please, won't you die???


Part 5: Drip away


My life it will bleed

Away, away.

On this cold october day.

Why does my heart continue to tear?

It rips, it rips.

But I dont care.

My love, your love, does it matter anymore?

Does it, does it?

It eats at my core.

I'm dead, but no one sheds a tear.

You cry, you cry.

My life is fear.

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