Fairytale Revenge

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This is a short fairytale i am working in please comment if you like or have any suggestions! P.S part two is coming soon :)

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



A long time ago, on a dark and stormy night, in a quite kingdom, there was a castle that housed the king and queen. In the castle the King and Queen were whispering about a dilemma. The queen was pregnant with a girl, or so thought the old medicine woman. “My king, what would be wrong with having a girl?” asked the queen in a gentle voice. “A mere girl could not rule this kingdom, the most she could ever be would be a princess.” the King said in an equally gentle voice. “Well, what will we do?” Asked the queen wanting to find a way, any way ,to help. I don’t know.” replied the King in a old, tired voice. The Queen gave birth to a baby girl two months later. In a worried frenzy the Queen sent the baby with an old house maid off in a carriage to a cottage it the woods. The baby girl grew to be a beautiful child named Kassandra. In the meantime the Queen had given birth to twins, one boy, one girl. Having not known that one would be a girl they made no previous arrangements to have her brought to the cottage, however the queen had missed her baby girl that she had given away, so she was eager to keep this one, and the king allowed it knowing that there was a son to take the thrown when he passed. The two children grew to be bright good children and the queen had completely forgotten about her firstborn.

Kassandra grew to be a stunning maiden. She had hair black as night that tumbled down her back and eyes blue as gems. Her lips were red as the reddest rose and her skin was as white as new snow. Her body was long and lean yet soft in all the right places and her voice had a delightful musical quality about it, it was almost as if she was singing her words in the lightest most gentle soprano. She was charming and graceful, as a woman of that time was expected to be. But, deep down under her beauty a dark being simmered under the surface. She was very angry at her parents for getting rid of her and keeping her siblings. She had feelings of rejection and hurt that had welled up inside her for years and when she was sixteen she had started to plan revenge on the family that had left her with nothing but a maid to keep her sane.

Meanwhile the twins, Fawn and Peter had also grown, being only two years younger then Kassandra. Peter had grown to be a handsome Prince with shoulder length blond hair and chiseled features. Fawn was a soft beauty, with fine blond hair and childlike jade colored eyes. Her voice sounded like a child’s, it was very whimsical, almost naïve. Her skin was that of a china doll, flawless. Her body was short and thin in a good way. When the twins reached age seventeen the King came down with a terrible illness. In a panic the Queen scheduled a masquerade ball for everyone in the kingdom with the intent to find suitors for her two children. Without realizing it the Queen forgot to mention something about her first born to the servant in charge of invitations and Kassandra was invited. It was going to be an interesting masquerade ball indeed.

One day Kassandra was sitting in the cottage eating a stew of chicken liver, when there was a knock on the door. Assuming that it was just the maid back with the freshly washed skirts and under garments, Kassandra went to the door in just a thin slip. When she opened the door it was a small man carrying a elegant scroll. He blushed as his eyes traveled the length of her body. Kassandra just stared boldly at him, making no move to cover up her thinly veiled curves “ Did you have something for me?” questioned Kassandra in a voice as light as honey. “I….um...Yes Madam Kassandra” He mumbled as he averted his eyes. He held out the scroll with a small grimace at his stuttering. Kassandra glanced at it and soon forgot that the man was standing there. It was an invitation to the castle for a masquerade ball. Kassandra jumped with excitement at her good luck, slamming the door on the little man, humming some mindless tune that was beautiful just the same. Kassandra practically ran to the seamstress room where she made all of her skirts and veils. She started working on a beautiful gown. It was to be a lovely shade of blue/ black that was the exact shade of the sky on the stroke of midnight. It had diamonds, amethysts and aquamarine stones embezzled in it so when she spun around it would make her sparkle and shine and make her the center of attention. It had a full skirt and a tight corset with a shoulder bearing neckline. She then commenced work on the mask. She had a plan, and it was fueled by three things, the keys to any crime, Envy, Hate, and Hurt.

Fawn was getting fitted for her gown. Peter was tasting the food for the ball. The Queen was choosing new tapestries for the walls. The King was getting his daily acupuncture done. The castle was in a frenzy. What they didn’t know was that they were doing all this work for nothing, the ball wouldn’t last past midnight. They should have paid attention to the feeling of wrongness in the air, it was the calm before the storm, a storm by the name of Kassandra.

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