Young thoughts put into it

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I really didn't have a tittle for this so please forgive me for it n I'm going to continue to add to this

Submitted: June 19, 2012

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Submitted: June 19, 2012



YOUNG LOVE, YOUNG LOVE YOUNG LOVE.......................... We all sacrifice so much for the people we fall in love with right?... But parents don't seem to get it. We are young ad growing up our hormones and things of that nature iz developing so what's so bad about falling in love? Besides hurt you want them to be there every minute to hold you close to make you smile and bring joy to your heart right? But I noticed that I am to drenched in my past to let anyone love me the things I witnessed and remember 7 years ago I remember every detail, sound, every motion, every expression could I possibly let it all go? How can I let go? I pray every morning and night to my father up above watching over me I say \"GOD PLEASE HEAL MY HEART MY EVERY PAIN I HAVE EVEN KNOWN MY TIERING LEGS N ARMS EVERYTHIG TO LET SOMEONE LOVE ME TRULY FOR ME TO NOT BE SCARED TO FALL IN LOVE N BE HAPPY N NOT WORRY ABOUT IF THERE GOING TO HURT ME OR DO ME WRONG PLEASE LORD BRING ME SOMEONE SPECIAL TO UNDERSTAND ME N NOT JUDGE ME BUT TO STAND BESIDE ME THROUGH THICK N THIN, SICK OR N HEALTH LORD I PRAY AMEN

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