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Ok, this is a poem for my departed friend, she moved away and now i miss her very mucho. (She has an account on here and she's really good, check out "Just Dead.") I wrote it on the spot in like half a minute so, i know it sucks but i just really wanted to write something for her. I MISS AND LOVE YOU LOMO!!

Submitted: June 08, 2007

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Submitted: June 08, 2007



My window was closed and locked I never looked outside. My door was closing on me like when they'd close thier eyes, but still I managed to breath.  The days got shorter it seemed. Stuffed with no fufillment, I just wasn't me. Still I got out with hearts and wrists in tact. Yet unhappiness always followed me around like a cloud above me. It never rains on me I can't wash the pains live brings. But still I see some kind of sun though I'm not yet home. 

Maybe one day we'll all fall apart. Maybe one day perfect will exist and I'll be open, Until then I know I have Logan.

Like the shell you pick up as a kid and throw back into the water, She was perfect, I took her for granted and now I'm sorry. It feels like she'll never be back. The tide is getting high and I can't swim without her.

Maybe one day we'll all be in the dark. Maybe one day it'll be perfect and I won't be choking. Until that day, I have Logan.

Just the thing to untie my ropes that hurt my hands. She'd start the engine if I said the word, she'd follow my demands. We're a tight knot that gave away. I haven't stopped fighting.

But I'm still open and I miss you Logan. 

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