Wonder? land

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A little "an fic" song about Alice in wonderland. WHOOSH!

Submitted: April 12, 2007

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Submitted: April 12, 2007



I'm tired of wiping salty water from my chin after all is said and done.

I hear somone calling me, it must be the wind

Because I'm all by myself, my pride consumes me to hell

What is an ending if not a forgotten start?

Whenit ends withlight

It must continue with thedark

Like the after-life of my story, you recognized the lines

But lines crossed afterthat were not defined

Every wall closes in, every clock says past ten and keep ticking

The bitter taste of hope to escape keeps me sipping

Till I'm tripping over what I don't know and what I didn't know was real,

I was killed but I can still feel

Off with her head rolling down dead What did I do to deserve the after life of I never knew

Off with her head! this is no dream conceived in my bed

This is concealed but reaches further than my thoughts

A ghost of little Alice for wonderland it haunts.

When the lights of the ampitheater got dark the queen of hearts broke just one more for her collection

A scrapbook of paramedic tragedy to entertain

She can capture and coneal pain with the simple beat of a drum

set four they counted down my life was no more

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