7th August 2011

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a continuation of my last writing thingy. has slight humor at parts.

Submitted: August 11, 2011

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Submitted: August 11, 2011



7th August 2011 (not everything i wrote that day because there isnt enough room, i could do a 2nd part but it just gets weirder :))


I woke up just before 12pm today with a huge headache. I usually get headaches on a regular basis, but they arent normally this bad, I really hate the fact that I cant swallow pills propelly, I guess its better then how it used to be, except now I have to get another drink because I can feel (and taste) the pill lodged in my throat (this has happened once before) a few drinks later and It's still there, meh well, it'll dissapear sooner or later, i hope, which brings me to my first thought of the day. I dont think much of my family likes me, it seems that everytime my dad's on the phone to a relative and he asks if they want to speak to me, theres a pause before i hear dad saing something along the lines of 'oh, its not that bad' which gives me the impression that that particular relative doesnt like me too much, granted this is only the 2nd time its ever happened, but i know it was a different relative, because first it was my grandad (who is either always in a grump or never wants to speak to me unless 1. he has no choice in the matter 2. to bother me about stuff he knows i dont like talking about) and today it was my aunty, I know it was her because dad started telling her about mr grades (which im very happy about :) ) and because of my aunties nosey nature, I spoke to her on the phone about my grades, which was followed by the usual, why dont you have a job yet? and what do you plan to do with the rest of your life?, anyway I'm now off to eat a bacon baguette thingy, bye for now :)

So I got post yesterday (recieved it today) I got A5 sized post it notes, no idea what im going to do with them, but I amgoing online now to see what else there is on the freebie sites :) I wonder if george ever got his post it notes? I mean I now have two lots now, even though i only oredered one lot which was normal sized. Sock monkeys are creepy (pg advert was just shown on TV) how is 'join the magic freebies UK facebook fan club' count as a freebie? and how is a phone that is a android, Iphone and Blackberry all in one, a benifit to anyone? So, I can no longer type, I went to type my email address and missed half the letters :/ freebieUK kinda fails at the whole 'log in' thing, after signing up it gives you a username and password that it probably gives to everyone, if that is the case, then whats the point of even having a log in thingy? Now I'm back on facebook and my cousin who i've known for a few months now, says that he wants words with george, wayne (my cousin) is one of these people who's heart is in the right place, but doesnt always think things through, he also has it in his head that he is go'ds gift, I swear if anyone says anything to scare george off, I will not be happy, and I will say something, I love george so much, and if anyone tries to jeopordize our happiness, or trys to stand in our way, I will do something, and that includes Daniel, who really needs to get it in his head that i dont like him, daniel is one of these guys who has tried and has succeeded in splitting couples up just so he can shag the girl, his recent target is me, I dont know why, But I do know that he's adimint to break us up, but he wont succeed. I'm not dumb, i wont fall for his games.

for some reason I find myself looking at a picture of a female bodybuilder with the caption 'is she sexy?' well, no. and bare in mind im thinking like a guy here, these are my reasons for why i dont find her in the slightest apealing:

1. she would crush me if she went on top.
2. she would crush me in general.
3. Her boobs look rock hard, arent boobs supposed to be squishy?
4. She's wearing a bikini, and she hasnt shaved for a while, if ever, she's too revealing.
5. she's fitter then i would be.
6. It would look very strange.

maybe i should look at something else?


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