2011 Year of People

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Protests, demonstrations, actions

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011



2011 is really the year of  the people, there are protests everywhere in the Middle East, in China, and the west. People are no longer willing to let things sit as they are, they are out there daily demanding chance, demanding a difference. Sure it can be argued that every generation has rose to try to change things but it does not mean we should not celebreate the young lives out there doing their part. 


Such is the true beauty of civilization, as time passes ideas change, as ideas change so do the people that hold power. Are we searching for perfection or just change? Do we really have a direction or do we yearn to play our part in society?


It's like if you put a castle made out of play dough in front of child. At first the child admires it's beauty, and complexity; however it's not long before the child tears down it's walls to replace it with the work of his/her own. This causes the constant struggle between the old castle and the new one that has yet emerged. There isn't a time when the castle is done and remains there. For it's life is a continous building by the current generation and the tearing of a sligthly younger one. Society will never just be. It will always be adapting and changing. 


What happens when the old generation prevents the castle from changing? Well the child is outraged, protests, and now seek not only to build his/her own society but to always end the control of the older generations it's own creation.

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