Equal destruction of all - cried lady freedom

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This is inspired but the nuclear arms race occurring around the world

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



A small drip fell from the rusty roof top onto Tom's head. It must be raining again he thought as he narrowed his eyes to catch a glimpse of the stars through the small hole above him. It was the only source of light they've seen since being captured. How long has been? Weeks? Months? Years? No one had the slightest clue but they did know they had been there for more then 6 days because that was the day Kary's cell phone died. It didn't have any signal out here in the moutain range but they were using it to gadge how much time had past. But that was when they thought rescue was coming. They had no such hope now. 
"The boy shouldn't get that much bread, I need more then him. The little twearp should just starve." the man in the corner said. The sudden break from ere silence was both startling and relieving. They must have remain in a sureal silence for at least hours. We don't know his name, we tried but all he did was swear at us. For simplicity sake we refered to him hobo king because he wore a fury coat with leapord stripes, diamond ring, and earings. Hobo king had chubby cheeks and long brown hair that went all the way to his shoulders. 
"We've already agreed to split the rations evenly - plus it might even do you some good to loose some fat while your here" snapped Robert. I'm gratful that Roberts here, he's a logical man build like a boxer who has far maintained order in our little cell. He was quick to take lead when we first arrived and told us that if we were going to survive out of this hell hole we needed to work together. He convinced us, well everyone except hobo king who prefers his own corner across from ours. 
Almost as worst as Hobo king was the little 10 year old named Jack who whines and kicks whenever he's hungry. He's a scrawny little boy but when he's angry he can be annoying like a small rat nibbling on your ear when you least expect it. Even though we all agreed to deficate in one corner farthest away from us, the little boy and Hobo king pisses wherever they please. The entire cell smelled like defication and piss.
The door creeked open and a guard stood with today's rations. He placed the tray down, turned and closed the fortified wall behind him. 
On our tray today were surprisingly large loaths of bread - 5 of them. Robert gave each person one and we happily chewed down what appaers to be the first full meal we've gotten before our capture. Plain bread never tasted so sweet. The fluffy heaven was like a orgasmic explosion to my taste buds. The room was silent other then sounds of our vicious biting and chewing.
-CLUNK- "Oww what the hell is -" Hobo king exclaimed. He had bit onto something hard. He brought the bread to the small ray of light that's emulated by the moon. Inside his bread was a heavy green matalic object. He reached his hand his and pulled out the circular shape. It was an unpulled gernade.
Everyone else reached into their own bread and pulled out their own gernade. Silence filled the room as everyone recovered from the slight shock and were poundering what to do. 
"Someone's come to help us!" exclaimed Robert. 
"How the hell are gernades going to help us?" asked the Hobo king. 
"Well when they ope" Robert began explaining
The plan was set in place, Robert sat down in front of the door with the gernade hidden behind his back. When the guard began opening the door, he would pull the gernade, as the door opened Robert planned to throw the explosive then shut the metal door halveway to shield everyone inside. That was the plan, and now they waited.
The sun rose and it was now midday. No guard had come. Everyone was too anxious to sleep, each stroking their own gernade softly in their hands. 
Night came, then morning, then night again. No guards came, and this was strange because they used to recieve rations everyday.
"We should take shifts waiting for the guards to come while the others rest" I said my weary eyes barely able to stay open.
"Their not coming. They left us here, in the middle of the moutains locked inside locked cells. They must have wanted us to kill ourselves." Karry said staring sadly at the gernade. 
"How much food do we have?" Robert asked.
The boy began crying Kary put her arm around to comfort him.
"Those loafes of bead could keep us fed for at least a couple of days." I said. But it was our water supply that worried me - we were down to our last bottle. But before I could say anything about that the Hobo king interupped me.
"Alright I want all the rations or I'm blowing all of us to shreds" he said quietly.
"What?" Robert asked.
None of us understood for a second, but it became clear the Hobo king was no longer afraid of the muscular potential of Robert. He had a wepon, and pin to pull that would kill us all in a instant.
"That's right fuckers, I'm in control now. Give all the food. I want a blowjob from Karry and I want her to leave her gernade in your corner." Hobo king said.
The cell filled with silence, no one moved - I held my breath. 
"You wouldn't kill yourself - your nothing but a coward" Robert said.
"That's right I'm a coward, and I'm taking control of the situation before it comes down to us starving. You act like a man of morals and pride, but face it. You'll eat all of us one by one to survive. I"m no different. I want to survive, and I'd rather die now then be eaten by you later" Hobo king said.
Another silent pause. 
"Do the right thing, do it for the boy" Robert said pointing at terrifed little boy by Kary. "Give me the gernade"
"Everyone deserves equal rations! YOU SAID THAT" said the Hobo king. He hands placed around the pin. "Your going to kill me when we run out of food. Me first then the boy". 

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Equal destruction of all - cried lady freedom

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