How can we use science for future development of nation

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This is an essay on nation's development by science.How science and technology can contribute to nation's development.

Submitted: November 07, 2014

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Submitted: November 07, 2014




How can we use Science for the future development of the nation?

The role of science and technology in future design is very vital one. Science is the study of knowledge which can be made into a system and usually depends on seeing and testing facts and stating general laws. Technology on the other hand is the practical application of scientific knowledge or inventions to the solving of everyday problems or facilitating tedious human activities. Science and technology are inter-related. There is no science without technology as it cannot be exhibited and no technology without science as the basic knowledge would be missing.

The product of co-existence of science and technology has contributed to the development of countries such as, America, Japan, and china and to an extent in some African countries. Why can’t this vast nation of ours get included in this list? Science and Technology are contributing in most of the areas like transport, medicine, etc.

It is a known fact that no nation can develop without science and technology. A virile nation is a nation with adequate technology to make its people comfortable. A nation without science and technology cannot feed its people because agriculture requires the application of science and technology. So if a nation improves technologically, it will improve in all ways for sure. India accounts for 10% of all expenditure on research and development in Asia and the number of scientific publications grew by 45% over the past five years.  However, according to India’s past science and technology minister, Kapil Sibal, India is lagging in Science and Technology compared to develop countries. India has only 140 researchers per 1,000,000 populations, comparing to 4651 in United States India invested us$3.7 billion in Science and Technology in 2002-2003. For comparison, China invested 4 times more, while United States invest5ed approximately 75 times more than India. So it shows clearly that India has improved much more.

It is a commonly held belief that science has reached its perfect stage and that everybody can learn, conduct, research, and benefit from science in the same way and at the same level. This view is particularly popular since it has an ethical element. That is, science is a value, and everyone can and should benefit from it. But I believe we have a lot more to explore. So let’s improve the no of researchers in our country which is possible only by science education. A solid science education is essential for students of all backgrounds, talents, interests, and abilities. All kids need the knowledge and skills that make up what is called "science literacy” the ability to make sense of the world around them. By helping kids learn how to observe, collect evidence, and draw conclusions, science helps students sharpen their thinking about the ideas and events they encounter in everyday life. So that they get fame and develop the nation.

With the introduction of modern gadgets in every walk of life, life has become simple and this is possible only because of implementing science and technology together. Without having modern equipment’s in all sectors, be it in medicines, infrastructure, aviation, electricity, information technology or any other field, the advancement and benefits that we face today would not have been possible.

Without proper implementation of science and technology, no nation could grow and all those nations that were labeled as low in growth have proved where they stand today and all that has happened only because of science and technology. A strong and virile nation is a nation with adequate technology to make its people comfortable. A nation without science and technology cannot feed its people because agriculture requires the application of science and technology.

Let’s see what can be done. We could advance technologies to avoid road accidents with the help of satellites .We must improve agriculture by increasing the crop yield within the area available. We shall use technologies to improve the environment such as keeping roads clean and tidy, and now a days, people damage public properties for things to happen on their wish on the name of strike, bunk. This could be avoided with the help of science which would assist the police department to control the loss of public properties and also the loss of time spent on it. We can also use science and technologies for the development of industries which would contribute to nation's economy.

 Instead of depending mainly on thermal electricity, development can be made by exploiting other renewable and cheap or costless resources like tidal energy, ocean thermal energy, geothermal energy, wave energy etc. It actually reduces the expenditure of mining, transportation of coal. It also reduces pollution. Researchers are trying to find a supercharged battery, so that a single one can replace a large no of ones. This reduces the toxic effects of it.

India’s progress in space has been very systematic starting with experimental satellites like Aryabhatta, Bhaskara, Apple and Rohini. It performed satellite application experiments like SITE, STEP and Apple application programme. The operational space services consist of INSAT system and Indian Remote Sensing Satellites (IRS). The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) made a modest beginning in launch vehicles like SLV-3, and ASLV. The first development flight of the indigenous Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) was carried out in 1992 which could put 1,000 kg class remote sensing satellite into 900 km polar sun-synchronous orbit. If these inventions continue in our nation, we will for sure get to the list of develop countries.

These are not possible without Science and Technology. It is clear that no nation can survive without science as each and every activity of the nation involves the knowledge of science. It is the pivot of nation’s development. Nation without science and technology is considered as a backward nation. They are also called under developed. Thus we should be united and we should put in our effort to improve science and make our nation developed!!



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