Psycho basics.

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The difference between the two basic psychotic personalities.

Submitted: April 26, 2015

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Submitted: April 26, 2015



Most psychopaths tend to have one of two complexes, superior, or inferiority complexes. These are supported by influences of a childhood trauma, or early adulthood revelations.

  Things such as physical and mental abuse during early years cause an inferiority complex since it makes the specimen feel as though he/she is below the world, and so must rise up to make themselves feel whole.
  These will usually result in violent or aggressive crimes, such as murder or rape. The reason being that these two actions give a feeling of being above another individual, namely the victim. 

Superiority complexes are almost the opposite, where the specimen inflicts bodily or mental harm on people or animals whilst a child. This results in a 'I am God, or I am above God' type of thought process. Under this influential thought process, they believe all they do is perfect, and above natural human ability.
 These individuals will likely commit brazen acts of violence, or obvious acts of defiance against the police. This includes bombing, murder, robbery, bank robbing, and even high jacking. They think that they have constructed the perfect plan to complete their crime, and successfully get away with it. 

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