Social Networking, You've Been Warned

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Had to write this for journalism class and just figured I'd share my thoughts with you peoples

Submitted: October 06, 2012

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Submitted: October 06, 2012




Is social networking over-taking the world? Are people of the 21st century becoming too attached to their computers? Think of this scenario that my English teacher, Danny Hollweg, gave to his class while going over Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Six hundred years ago we lived off the land. Dirt roads, communication made only by pen and paper in the form of a letter and technology? Not even. And now, 600 years later, look how far we've come. We have paved roads, super computers and smart phones. We have new ways of communication such as: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, IM, so on. So what will it be like 600 years into the future?

My question is what do others think social networking will be like in the future? Thousands of people are on Facebook everyday and it's always growing and changing. For example, Facebook recently replaced walls with timelines. So what do you think will happen in the future? Sophomore, Christi Wiggins, has her opinions in order, “I think it will change as people change. Certain sites are probably going to go out of style and be replaced by others,like how MySpace isnt really used anymore; Facebook is. I think it might change depending on how we do.” then as a quick afterthought, she adds, “Or social networking itself might go out and be replaced by something better.”

Maybe she's right. As more people are born into this era, the better technology will be created when they're older because they grew up around it. Teens today seem to be attached to their phones and social networking sites – I'll admit, I'm one of them – whereas our parents and grandparents are sitting there going “huh?”. Just the other day, I texted my grandma asking if I could borrow some money for lunch, and it took her about five to ten minutes to text back “Sure, pick it up whenever”. But when I message her on Facebook, it takes her about two seconds to respond because when she was in school, typing was a required class every year she was in high school.

But, is social networking a good or bad thing? Maybe both? Are we loosing connections with old, timless things like writing a letter or picking up the phone and calling someone? Even books are digital now! Sophomore Aileen Withers says, “I guess social networking can be a good and bad thing; it can get obsessive and can overcome you, but it is also a way to communicate with others without using a phone. It can also provide some great entertainment.”

So there it is, social networking. It may never go away and it may improve with time but whether it's a good or bad thing, well, that's for you to decide for yourself.

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