There are in this world leaders, and politicians

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Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011



"Real leadership does something the challenges you inside, it dosen't confirm positions that you already hold." - Rex Murphy on Canadian Politics

As I come to view politics, it is a cobweb of cooperate interests, drizzled with the pursuit of positive opinion from the populas. If this were the case, then politicians serve their purpose well. They literally are our representatives. The decisions they make are purely based on current opinion, some pulled by greed, but aside from that the power rests within the hand of the masses. The way then to improve society is to promote more education. The trouble occurs when those elected in power conceal their movements behind close doors. They manipulate the truth to create a misinformed population. They will use fear tactics, campaign smearing, and political power play.

To rise up against corruption and the deception of government takes a leader. Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Jack Layton, Martin Lurther King these are all examples of leaders. They are not politicians for they did not rely on satisfying public opinion, they instead educated the masses on their cause. They had ideas which they thought were noble and ideal and encouraged the masses to follow.

This was the ideal for Plato's soceity. For the country not to be dictated but political power plays and deception but rather on charisma and good intention of a powerful figure. One who knows what his/her state demands, but chooses instead what the state needs. To be a leader to is be forced to imitated, not vice versa.

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