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I am currently in love with someone and require help

Submitted: September 01, 2012

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Submitted: September 01, 2012



Hello everyone, I am currently in 9th grade and 15 years old. When i started high school i was hoping for a really good experience, but of course there are people who ruin it for you. There is this guy who always every day will physically and mentally abuse me in any way possible, it was quite clear that he hated me, but I had to put up with him cause the friend group that I hang with has him in it. This went on for two years until this new girl came in. Her name was Crystal. It was quite clear that he liked her as he really didn't touch me after she came, and to be honest I fell in love with her too. It took me about 3 months to get the courage to finally ask her out. And then one hour before I do. He does, and she accepts. I couldn't feel pain after that day, my heart had been shattered, I didn't have one left, I couldn't be hurt or have any emotional change after that horrific event. It wasn't until a few months later that I ended up telling her that I liked her. Unfortunately she doesn't and never did like me in return. It was only until recently though that she told her boyfriend that I liked her too. I can tell because he started rubbing it in by changing his FaceBook profile picture and cover photo to a picture of him and her as well as completely consuming all of her attention so that I either have to sit there and endure the pain of seeing my only love with one of my worst enemies or I could just leave, completely, as in... Suicide. Luckily I didn't, too many people were going off at me for attempting to. Everyone but her, although I forgive her entirely, not just because she never had the chance to due to her boyfriend's hypnotism. But because I well and truly loved her, and I still do and never won't, no matter what happens this love is made of solid stone and the forgiveness of steel. Seeing as though I can't be with her all I can do is pretend. I would go places and fantasize in my mind that she is there with me and happy, although the reality is that I'm actually just sitting there alone with no one to sit and eat lunch with, no one with a shoulder to cry on, no one to enjoy the good times with, no one to talk to. I've always wanted to get a girlfriend, I've never had one before, mainly because no one appealed to me like this angel carving happiness into my eyes and warmth into my heart.

What should I do?

I'm in the friend zone and have no way out?

How can I make her love me more than that asshole?

Please help.

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