A poem about an Autumn day

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A short poem about autumn.

Submitted: June 15, 2014

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Submitted: June 15, 2014



~I watched as the dark yellow crescent made its slow way across the sky, burning brighter than the crisp feeling of snow on your fingertips

Dark shadows were cast along the shore, and slowly began to shrink along with the sun, leaving nothing behind except the creepy feeling of being watched

A slight breeze turned on my senses, and I felt a smile creep upon my face as the leaves began to fall
Leaves of bright shades of red and yellow spiral down in a ballet, eventually making their way on the cold earth bellow

Each one carefully crafted with nine points and three sides and their own unique color of nature

They descend down from the heavens, each one a gift from the Father above

They create a thick blanket of leafs over mother nature, shielding her from anything from the outside world

Crrnnnchhh! I hear a leaf whisper to me in its final breath as I crush it with my foot, leaving behind nothing but fractions of what the leaf once was

The horizon is dark like leather, the sun has already went to sleep

Instead, the moon takes its place, smiling down on the world as it reflects what little light it can

A meteorite runs across the dark sky, leaving a path of light behind for others to follow

I seem to stay there for a million years, inhaling the sweet smells of nature, watching the leaves gently sway down to the ground

The first signs of Autumn were finally found

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