when you come seeking fulfillment

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i will no longer be just that girl...

Submitted: October 18, 2012

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Submitted: October 18, 2012




i will no longer be that girl.
that girl who you come to when you're feeling lonely. 
that girl who comforts you in your times of need.
that girl who you text at 2 in the morning.
that girl who is your warm body on those endless, cold, lonely nights.
i will no longer be just that girl.
no one knows that you come here late at night seeking some sort of "innocent satisfaction". what we both know could easily escalate with the help of a little alcohol, loneliness, and dim lighting. little does she know what you do when the clock strikes 2 and the once lively streets are dead silent, with only the sound of the cold rain hitting the cement walkways. i am no longer willing to be just that girl that you call when your inebriated self desires a warm body to cuddle with.
when the other side of your bed is cold and empty...you call me. why me? we both know how easy it would be to be together. you don't talk about her to me. you don't bring her up. i'm not saying that you should break up with her and that i want to be with you. all that im saying is take a step back and think about the reasons why you're really with her in the first place when you come crawling to me time after time. if you're unhappy, just leave.
i want you so bad. yet i know i cant have you...and yet i don't want you. 
its not love. its lust. 
stop coming here late at night seeking to fill that void within you, seeking only...
my warm body to cuddle with.
my hands to hold.
my ears that will listen.
and most of all my mouth that will keep a secret.
stay true to the one you love.
because i will no longer be that girl for you. 
it is finished.


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