My Adventure: A Pokemon Story

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A short story on the first adventure of a young trainer just now starting out in the Kanto Region of Pokemon.

Zane was late. Very late I might add. 30 minutes past the deadline late. He had just woken up and was already shocked. He had looked over at his clock and it read 9:30 a.m.. And to think, today he would get to go on a bus and head to Helpom Town. Helpom Town was a small town about 45 minutes outside of his small country cottage. He was going to pick his starter Pokemon, but we can throw that idea out of the window. His home consisted of three bedrooms, two baths, and a fairly nice kitchen. Zane was tired of his everyday routine. Get up, get dressed, feed the tauros, and the job he hated most, clean out the ponyta stalls. Yuck! Let's get back to the subject at hand. Zane had a plan. He would get dressed extremely fast, pack all his things, and head out on his bike. He didn't even eat breakfast. He told his mom he was going out and that he would be back. He pulled his bike onto the road and zoomed off. Zane was a pretty good biker, so he got their in about thirty minutes instead of the forty-five minute bus ride. Once he had gotten to Helpom Town he went straight to Prof. Cherry's lab. Zane burst through the doors saying, " I'm Here!". Prof. Cherry looked up at him and shook his head in disappointment. " I've been waiting for way too long on you, you know." "Why did you wait? How come none of the Pokemon are here?" " Other trainers have been here and I assumed I would still let you have a Pokemon anyway." " Thanks," Zane responded, relieved. " Which ones do you have? '' " Since it took you so long, I only have a Metapod. But, this is still a very strong pokemon once you have trained it well." Zane was very disappointed that he would only have a small Metapod. This is what he got for being late though. Still, Zane was happy that he had at least gotten a Pokemon. He had another plan. Catch a bunch of Pokemon, collect all the Gym Badges, and become a pokemon master. He thought he could even beat the best in the region, Ash! He would have to train hard though. Zane said a quick, "Thanks", and then proceeded out of the door. Zane once again got on his bike and headed to the next city where the first of the eight gym badges were. Zane went on to accomplish great things. He traveled the regions, got all the gym badges, and even became the Champion of the entire world. Zane's mom was happy for him but he never succeeded to do one thing. Come Home. Ironic isn't it?

Submitted: October 12, 2013

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