She'll Never Dance Again

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
about a ballerina who became depressed and used drugs, while using drugs she falls and becomes unable to dance again.

Submitted: August 21, 2007

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Submitted: August 21, 2007



They called her an addict but that isn't quite true
She stopped using drugs long before she met you
One day she woke up, and threw out her shit
just up and decided she was done with it

It had been quite a while, she didn't have the urge
she didn't want to drink and had to nothing to purge
she couldn't even recall what the fuss what for
she didn't remember why she had come to need more

She didn't need drugs, her life wasn't that bad
She wasn't homeless or hungry, not even that sad
But still she was an addict cause she used those days
She stole and she lied to get drugs every day

She went a long while without even a hit
But then a friend showed up and with him brought shit
She tried to say no, and then backed far away
But before her friend left – he'd gotten his way

She couldn’t control it, she had to have more
She ending up naked drunk on the floor
For days she didn’t sleep, chasing the high
Wishing and praying that she soon would die

She had had sobriety in the palm of her hand
She was angry with herself when she tied that band
She tightened the tourniquet, readied the syringe
She set up the needle then went for the binge

She partied all night, had sex for hours
Thought she was invincible and had special powers
LSD and acid does that to you - makes you believe
that there is nothing that you can’t achieve

She was up on the roof had got really high
she was gonna show you that she too could fly
Next thing she knew she was flat on ground
She couldn’t move, she was paralyzed from the waist down

Her drug days were over, she's just lies in a bed
wishing and praying that soon she'll be dead
they give her sleeping pills, when she can't sleep
but her lower body is worthless, and for that she weeps

If only she'd said NO, and meant it to that friend
maybe she'd still be dancing, instead of waiting for the end
She still loved to sing, but her body won't groove
She really missed her life, as this story will prove

That drugs are to die for, not to party and scheme
One day you realize you've lost all your dreams
then you'll be thinking back, remembering before
wishing you could turn the clock back and walk out the door

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