All She Ever Wanted

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Just a short story about a man and a woman.

Submitted: August 09, 2013

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Submitted: August 09, 2013



Their eyes continued to meet every couple of seconds. Her cheeks were flushed from the alcohol and embarrassment. Charlotte’s mind continued to spin as she thought about this man. They’d met a few months back and he was driving her insane. All the girls claimed that he had the reputation of being a player, but she didn’t care. Once you get to know someone as well as she had gotten to know him, it was impossible to care about stupid things like that.


She tied her brunette waves up into a tight ponytail with the red hairband she kept on her wrist. They were watching her and she knew it. Those eyes were difficult to ignore even if someone tried their hardest. It was no wonder he had been able to make it as a player. The way that he had wormed into her brain was insane. If Marcus could do that with anyone he would have the world at his feet.


Licking her lips, she smoothed down her tight black dress. It fit her body like a second skin the way it showed off the best parts of her. If only he knew that she had worn it just for him. Charlotte’s eyes flickered back towards him and felt surprised to see that he was coming her way. Her heart thundered in his chest harder and harder with every step he took. Once he reached her it stopped altogether.


“Hello Char.” His husky voice greeted her.


Heat rushed throughout her body at just the sound of his voice. She opened her mouth to greet him as well but nothing came out. Her lungs had stopped working just as her heart had. If she didn’t calm down she feared that she would faint. Toppling over on him wouldn’t be the best way to confess her attraction for him.


Marcus’s dark blonde hair was messy; just the way she liked it. His lips formed a smirk that drove her deeper into madness. It was way too obvious that she love him. Women nearby were watching the whole scene with smug looks on their faces. If it were them, they wouldn’t have hesitated to attack him. Little did they know, that was his pet peeve.


“Are you having some difficulties in this drunken state you’re in?” His green eyes sparkled with amusement.


All she could manage was a curt nod.


“Loosen up.” His hand cupped her cheek in such a way that she felt she would collapse.


“O-okay. I’m t-trying.” She flushed even more because she had stuttered.


When they had first met, she had been so shy that he could barely understand what she was saying. He was the first man that had ever told her that her stuttering was adorable.


Marcus threw his head back in laughter. “Honestly, Char, you are driving me insane.”




All of a sudden his lips were on hers. Never in a million years had she imagined that this sort of thing could happen to her. Charlotte leaned into him because if she didn’t her knees would have caved. Shock filled the atmosphere of the party. She only noticed it for a few seconds before the world completely disappeared around them. Her body began to function again and she actually felt at ease. This was the best thing that had ever happened to her. 

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