My Good Old Friend

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We all want her, we all need her, at least once we all almost fell for her.

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012



But what a beautiful face She has!

She’s always smiling at me.

Sometimes when I see HIM and I start getting scare,

She holds my hand.


What a beautiful hand She has!

As soon as She touches mine

I feel better.



Sometimes She hands me the cooking knife

and wispers in my ear with Her rusty yet calming voice of Hers

-the sooner the better- She says.

And, I hold it,

I can feel the difference between the softness of Her hand

and the toughness of the knife.


Mama used to talk about Her all the time

-Bitch!- she used to say.

That tempted her every night but

that she couldn’t leave my sister and I.


Sometimes I don’t believe her,

She’s so beautiful and sexy at the same time,

-Why wouldn’t you want to go with Her?- I asked

her reply was -Because She’s a bitch!-

and when I looked over her shoulder there She was,

with that beautiful smile.


And now, She visits me,

everynight She wakes me up when She  hugs me,

Her touch is so cold it’s hard to ignore,

but at the same time so soft

it makes me feel alive.


HE tells me I’m stupid

HE says I’m making that up,

that She’s not real that soon She will be gone.

I’m not going to lie, I have said good bye to Her a few times

but everytime She comes back.

Right when I "needed" Her the most.

The day she convinces me [about the knife],

I get to feel Her lips, touching mine.

I fell Her caress me like no one ever has,

She breaths into me Her soul

[if She even has some left, I heard She’s always lurking around for other like me]

and when She does,

I swear I get to see beyond my life.



every memorie flashes through my eyes.

Every image of HIM,

images of my mom talking to Her,

and images of Her, when I had no one left.

Everything is there!

Everything makes sense!

She is always going to be my only and true friend.


Oh! what beautiful thighs She has!

sometimes She’s mean! She make fun of my scars.

She know how perfect She is and how perfect I am not.

And I don’t understand.

She’s the one that talks me into that,

She has marked me like a nasty cow.


Her long dress, the beautiful dress She has, long and black.

She says it has to be long, for when She dances around,

and black so not a lot of people get to see Her,

She says -I can only take so much at the same time-

-Oh! what a beautiful dress!- I say -I want one just like that!-

She tells me, -Take the knife and you can have whatever you want-

and I look into Her eyes,

have a mentioned what beautiful eyes she has?

Her eyes, I never get to see them well,

She tries to cover them all the time.


My love for Her is too complicated,

She’s always asking me to run away with Her,

and She’s always running away from me.


I think She’s mad at me for being a coward sometimes,

but She’s selfish! I can’t just go without saying goodbye to my love ones.

But I have made my decision,

Tonight we will be reunited

My Good Old  Friend Death and I.

~Natalia A. Dominguez

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