Is it too late now ??

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David couldn't follow his heart and beleave it, and now he surely regrets it.

But is it too late for him to go back??

**All names in this story are named randomly.

Submitted: October 07, 2011

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Submitted: October 07, 2011



It all started the day he entered college, and started taking his first classes, when suddenly his eyes flowed into her eyes, and he was lucky enough to see her smile, that's where it all started.

David has felt a weird feeling he hasn't felt in a while, he felt like he was falling, he felt that he has finally found someone he can think about at night, and cuddle up to those thoughts to have sweet and lovely dreams, he felt that he could finally fall in love.

The light reflected off of Jane's eyes into David's eyes, it was one of the best sights he had ever seen, but suddenly he started thinking and analyzing and acting wise, and he had
to convince himself that she isn't the one, she doesn't have what he had in mind for the girl of his dreams.

He had to visualize a picture in his mind for what he girl of his dreams had to be, and suddenly met someone else, and fell for her, from the first time he saw Mary he knew she
was the one. 

Times went one, and both Jane and Mary took with him several classes a week, although Mary took one one class more than Jane did, so he was still in contact with Jane, but he was falling for Mary after convincing himself that Jane isn't what he wants and that Mary is.

Actually, from the outside, Mary was way closer to what David had in mind than Jane was, he would try to get more attention from Mary, but still would always be contacted with Jane, he knew he felt something for her, but he just couldn't realize himself and his feelings.

The first time he ever talked to Jane was in a lab when she asked for something to draw a circle with, so he had the tool they were drawing circles with s he said, "Jane, here you go.", he felt so happy to talk to her, and call out her name, but still, he was falling for Mary.

The first year finished, and then summer courses started, and Mary had no classes with him, although Jane was taking to classes with him, but the first day of the summer classes he saw Mary and she started talking to him and asking him about last year and marks and so, and they had a little conversation.

But he didn't see Mary everyday, but still kept on convincing himself that she is the one, and he took 2 classes a day with Jane, In one of them she sat next to him almost everyday, and they would keep on talking before, through, and after the class.

The friendship between David and Jane was getting stronger and stronger by the day, he was feeling something for her, but still had to keep on believing that she isn't the one, and that Mary is, until summer classes finished and he went off for a long summer vacation.

After that long vacation, he went back to college for his second year, and he didn't see Jane nor Mary on that day, second day he saw them both, but Mary just didn't even realize him, he said maybe she didn't see me.

Next day the same, more than once he would say hi to Mary and she wouldn't even reply with her eyes, for no reason at all, and he would see Jane and she would say hi and smile that cute little smile she had always had.

He then realized that Jane was the one, and wished he listened to his heart all along, and now has no idea how to talk to Jane or tell her anything he feels, Is is too late??


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