Modelling, boys and reckless drivers

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Erin just moved from her hometown of Sydney to the big and bold New York with her mum but how will she fit in? When she meets an amazing boy she thinks she will love this school, but with every rose...comes a thorn.

Submitted: November 01, 2009

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Submitted: November 01, 2009



Modelling, boys &reckless drivers

“Are you sure you’re ok for your first day Erin?”

“Yes mum! I’m sure I’m fine!”

“Ok baby, tell me how it goes when you get back though, I want to hear.” I slid down the banister of the stairs in our new house.

“Of course mummy, course.” I had just moved from my home town, Sydney, to the big city, New York. My mum was a model and got hired by a model agency out here. She’s beautiful. She had me when she was 13 and she kept me. I admire her for that; it was the bravest thing a girl could do. She had stylishly messy dark brown hair, dark green eyes (almost brown) and dark skin. Her name’s Lexi. Sexy name, I know. I guess you could say I inherited most of her looks. I did, I had dark skin & brown hair that went just below my shoulders but I had one thing my mother envied, blue eyes. I did a bit of modelling myself but I was a smart girl and focussed a lot on my school work too. When I got to the bottom I grabbed an apple and ran out the door, my backpack slung over one shoulder. I was wearing a white singlet with a black pattern on it and denim shorts.

I walked to school, I had spent a while that holiday learning the way and walked in to be greeted by a hallway filled with too many students to count. I looked around trying to find someone who looked about my age. My eyes stopped on the most amazing boy ever. He had shaggy brown hair and mesmerizing green eyes. They looked like they had a glaze over them. His hair was long and messy, it was brown. He was laughing with his friends and so I got to see his beautiful smile and his perfectly straight and white teeth. He seemed to notice me and he gawked a bit, his friends turned to look and their jaws dropped. I smiled immediately at this response and walked over to them.

“Ummm, can you boys maybe help me out, I’m a bit lost.”

“Of course hottie, my names Josh.” One of the boys said while standing up. He had black hair styled into a fo-hawk, cute freckles and brown eyes but he was way too conceited for me, I mean calling me a hottie? No.

Another one stood up and said “Count on us babe, I’m Justin.” He was also pretty cute, he had long light brown hair, he had ‘flick’ hair, green eyes and the cutest little button nose. If it weren’t for him saying ‘babe’ I’d like him. Then the one I had been waiting for stood up. He was blushing like mad, a beetroot red and if it weren’t for me being so tanned they would’ve seen it on me too.

“Well” he paused as if thinking “beautiful, time to start showing you around isn’t it?” Perfect answer mate. He put his hand out and I took it. I felt something, I don’t know what but....something. I’m sure they could tell I was blushing now, even behind my tanned skin. We started walking and at one point he leant in and whispered

“For the record, my names Jake.” I looked at him and he was smiling.

I leant in and whispered “Erin.” As he pulled me through the dense crowd I got death stares from other girls who looked about my age. He pulled me into what must have been the reception and the young receptionist looked up from the computer to reveal WAY too much makeup but a face resembling Jake’s a little bit except she had dyed blonde hair.

“Oh you little player Jake!” She teased. He ran over and pinched her in the arm. “OOOWWWWIIIIEEEE!” She yelped.

“That’s what you get sis.” He retorted. So they were siblings that explained a lot. I hadn’t realised until now but we had lost the other boys. They must have left while we were walking. The young receptionist gestured for me to come over so I walked over to her.

“So honey, what’s your name?”

“Erin.” Jake answered for me. Wasn’t he perfect?

“Well ok Erin, let Jake show you to your locker, Jakieeee I’ll tell your teacher that you get a bit of time off to help her.” The girl whispered something in Jake’s ear and he punched her in the arm. She gave out a little giggle and just passed him a pink sticky note. He looked at it and nodded. I feel like they were sharing something to do with their family. When Jake started to walk over to me my heart trembled, not jumped, not skipped a beat but trembled. He took me to my locker and then opened it for me.

“Here Erin, now Erin, what do we call you for short?” I thought about this, we never really had nicknames at my old school and Erin was pretty short.

“Well I guess you could call me ErBear, my mum calls me that.” I giggled and blushed at my stupid remark. He also laughed. That was the stupidest thing I could have possibly said. Jake took out the books that were in my locker already. What a gentleman.

He placed them lightly in my hands and knelt down to the locker beside mine and said “Well aren’t you lucky, every girl in the school wants that locker, next to mine.” Wait what? Jake wasn’t stuck up like this? Oh well, sure it’s just a joke. I laughed and he stood up, closed his locker and gestured for me to follow him. We showed up and the gym and Jake went up and talked to the teacher. All was good until these other pretty girls came up to him and started flirting and he threw me away like an old banana. Great, now I knew no one. I got death stares from all those sluts who had their hands all over Jake. At this age? Just weird. I was standing there a bit confused until an outgoing, pretty girl came up to me.

“HEY GIRL! I heard you’re new here, Erin, right? I’m Megan!” Wow, news travels fast round here. She was a pretty one, she had piercing blue eyes lined a bit with eyeliner, only a bit just to emphasise them, pretty very pink lips, blonde hair with natural brown in it that reached her shoulders and was layered. When she smiled she revealed her blue and pink braces.

“Yeh I’m Erin, news travels fast around here doesn’t it?” I tried to sound cool calm and collected but on the inside I was screaming my little lungs out. This was scarier than I thought it would be. I felt as if a bombshell had hit me. Megan gestured to her friends to join us. They all walked over and introduced themselves. There were 3 boys and 1 more girl. One of the boys introduced himself as Brent. He had long, messy black hair, grey eyes and was just I bit taller than me. A pretty girl came up and interlocked her fingers with Brent’s. So I guess they were like ‘a thing’. She took her free hand and held it out, I think for me to shake so I shook it. She had a tight but friendly grip.

“Hiya, I’m Allie, you’re pretty so stay away from this one right here.” She said while pointing to Brent with a childish grin. He leant over and pecked her on the cheek. These two were adorable. She had light brown hair that was straight and down to her waist and a side fringe. She had very pretty brown eyes that really popped against her tan complexion.

Megan broke in to my train of thoughts by saying “Don’t mind the lovebirds lets introduce you to the rest of us.” She then gestured to another one of the boys whose name was apparently Nick and had curly, short brown hair and dark blue eyes. The last boy in their group was Adam, or as he told us to call him, Adz. He had curly, medium length blonde and brown hair and deep brown eyes. He was pretty cute, but nothing compared to Jake. Me, Megan, Brent, Adz, Allie and Nick soon starting hanging together most of the time. I would pass Jake in the hallway and give him my dazzling smile and he would just nod, acknowledging me and walk on to kiss a new girl each time. He was just as dazzling and when I saw him my stomach felt twisted. The next day was normal until my mum texted me telling me she had a surprise for me and wanted to show me something so she would pick me up after school. Well actually this is what the text really said “Babeyy u gav b ruqqpge 4 t il pgj u tp adta pkl” I made sense of it by seeing which letter she meant to press on which key. Was she...drunk? Oh well, we’ll see I’m sure it’s good. By the end of the day I was restless and ready for bed but mum was picking me up so I went outside and waited. She skidded in and stopped just in front of me. Yep she was drunk and I had no intentions of getting in the car with her.

“Mum” I said calmly “get out of the car.”

“NO ERIN GET IN!” She was being abusive, what was going on? I jumped in the car scared of what she was going to do. She started the car and drove off way too quickly. We were driving until suddenly a truck started coming towards us at high speed. I shrieked my lungs out and my mum tried to stop but the breaks faltered and I braced for impact. I felt a sharp pain around my eyes and head. Then everything went black put the pain lingered. Soon enough I was out, deep in sleep.

I woke up to severe pain in my left eye, aching ribs and one horrible, stabbing pain in my leg. A doctor came over to me and said “Erin, Erin, you’re safe, would you like to see your mother?” I agreed to this, even though it was her who got me into all of this. My mum walked into the room with a bandage around her head and a muffin in hand. When she saw me with my eyes open she stopped mid bite of her muffin, dropped it as well as her jaw and came running to me. When she got to me she hugged me tight and I screamed in pain, everywhere hurt. She jumped up immediately with a sorry look in her eyes and I just said “I understand, you can someone please tell me what happened?” The doctor spoke now

“Well Erin, you have a fractured rib, a damaged eye and a break in your leg. We had to perform surgery on your leg and eye because glass was lodged in your eye and your leg was dislocated and needed surgery.” I gasped by this news, my head filled with questions.

“Will I be using crutches? How will I use them with my broken rib?”

“Well Erin, we’re not sure, we think the rib is not the worst but the leg is so it should be ok, if you just leave it for about 3 days.”

“What happened to....everyone else?”

“Well the truck driver, he hit his head and his truck was old so a pole came out and well, it went straight through his stomach and unfortunately we couldn’t get to him fast enough so he didn’t make it. Your mother, on the other hand came out with a few bruises and a concussion and should be back to modelling in a few weeks.” I exhaled, not realising I was holding a breath and was happy about the news about my mother, I shed a small tear for the truck driver, it wasn’t really his fault.

“Mummy, what was the surprise you had to tell me?”

“Well I got hired by the biggest agency out here, and they said they wanted to meet you too!”

“Oh.” I was disappointed with this answer, I surely couldn’t model now.

“They still want to meet you even after all this.” I almost jumped at this, I’ve never been asked to be met by a major agency and this was like my second dream come true! My first dream, of course being that me and Jake go out and stay together for a really long time, like forever. After fantasising for a while about me and Jake a man in a professional looking, suit walked in and introduced himself as Max, a recruiter in elite modelling agency. This made me ecstatic; he really did want to meet me!

“Wow Lex, she is as pretty as you said she was.” He paused, looking me over and scribbling notes down.

“NO! Please don’t judge me in this state!” I screamed panicky. He laughed a little and replied

“Oh honey, don’t worry, I’m writing down good things, I’m looking behind all the casts and bandages.” I exhaled in relief, I wanted this so badly. I couldn’t imagine if I was accepted into elite modelling agency. He then took up a seat next to me and asked me questions.

“How old are you?” “12”

“How old will you be at the end of this year?” “13”

“What grade are you in?” “Year 7”

“What’s your full name?” “Erin Eloise Jones”

“What school do you go to?” “Manhattan public.”

He smirked at this “Fancy any boys?” he said smiling wildly.

“Is this on the list of questions you have to ask me?”

“Ahem, yes.”

“Ok, why yes I do.”

“And what would this lucky boy’s name be?”

“Jake.” I said clearly. He seemed to be amused by this.

“And why would you be laughing mister?” I said sternly.

“OH nothing” he said straightening up.

“Well you’ve asked me many questions; I think it’s my turn to ask you some.” He nodded and giggled at my request.

“How old are you?” “23.”

“What’s your full name?” “Maxwell silver hammer.” He laughed I laughed at his lame joke

“LAMENESS!!” I shouted

“I know, it’s Maxwell Seth Brown.” Funny, I thought to myself, same last name as Jake, it’s a common surname, I’m sure they don’t even know each other. He looked at his watch and jumped. “So sorry but I must leave. It was WONDERFUL to meet you. We’ll get in touch.” He said slowly walking out. He was getting in touch with me, HE WAS GETTING IN TOUCH WITH ME!!!

“Thank you, it was nice to meet you too, I look forward to your call.” I said keeping my cool.

“Oh and Erin, was that Jake boy’s last name brown by any chance?”

“Why yes it is.”

“Mhm, so she’s the girl.” he mumbled to himself as he stepped out the door. What in the world was he on about? I lay down thinking about what had just happened and I slowly drifted to sleep.

*The dream*

“NO PLEASE ERIN!! I LOVE YOU!!” Jake was shouting in-between sobs to me.

“No Jake, we’ve had fun, and you’re a great kisser but I just don’t think we should go out anymore.” I said with an icy, stern, sure look on my face. I was watching this unfold as if I were passing by and stopped to watch this.

“But Rin! How could you leave me like this?!”

“Because Adz and I share something really special.” Why was I doing this, Jake was my dream! And Adz, just no! I didn’t like Adz!

“Baby, honey, beautiful...please, I want you more than anything in this world.” He was so sincere, so sweet.

“No. It’s over.” His knees buckled underneath him and he fell into a wall as I turned around to Adam.

“Hey Adz, we can be together now.” He smiled and leaned in towards me. There was an inch gap between us now, and I was now having the dream in my perspective. He closed the distance and pushed his soft lips to mine, everything in the world faded away and I started teasing him by opening and closing my mouth. In the end when it was open he urgently pushed his tongue through, I smiled, my lips still on his and we made out until I broke away and gasped. It was amazing, but we were only 12! That’s what I thought until I realised that we were about 15. Slowly, Adz leaned in again and to tease him more I just turned my head so he kissed me on the cheek. He laughed and grabbed my hand, I felt butterflies in my stomach and he dragged me to his car. I didn’t protest. He drove all the way to the beach and took my hand and we started walking. Suddenly he stopped walking and spun to face me; instinctively I spun and faced him too. He pushed his lips to mine and we started kissing again. When I stopped he gave me a hug and sat me down on the sand and we watched the sunset. We just sat there silently; we didn’t need words until he leaned in and whispered in my ear

“I think I love you.” Just as I was about to reply I sat up rapidly. Searing pain rushed through my body as I remembered everything. I was in a hospital with fractured ribs, a hurt eye and a broken leg. I screeched in pain and a doctor came running in.

“I-I’m sorry” I breathed out “I s-sat up too f-fast.”

“It’s ok Erin, Here’s some more morphine.”

“T-thank y-you.” I stuttered out as I slipped into a dreamless rest.

I woke up to a hand holding mine. I slowly opened my droopy eyes to see Adz, I’d gotten close friends with him but I expected it to be Megan. Megan, Brent, Nick & Allie were standing around too. When they saw my eyes partly open they all gasped and leaned in. Allie gave me a peck on the forehead, Megan squeezed me, then Nick and Brent both hugged me and Adz kissed me on the cheek, I blushed and then he blushed. They instantly asked what happened and so I went through everything slowly tearing up sometimes until I got to Max. I explained about him and everyone gasped. This was...questioning so I asked “Guys, guys, who is Max?”

They all replied in unison after taking a gulp “Jake’s step brother.” I almost screamed and jumped at this response but my harsh breath made my ribs hurt and I winced. I was thinking about my feelings for Jake and about how that dream had opened my eyes and really, he was just hot, not really sweet, kind or caring. Adz on the other hand he was...well he was everything, except it would be awkward to go out with him I think, even though I wouldn’t mind it so much. My train of thought was interrupted by giggling from the girls and smirking from the guys. This, confused me so I just had to ask

“Guys.....should I be worried?”

“Ummm no” the girls giggled and the guys replied “Man, now” Everyone had this response except Adz, he just sat there, holding my hand blushing until he finally leaned in and whispered in my ear

“It’s fine if you say no, but will you go out with me, I mean I know about Jake and everything but umm well...yeh.” I remembered back to that dream while he sat there anxiously. After a bit of thinking I smiled, and in response whoops and hoots filled the room until I responded

“HEY guys...I didn’t say I say yes.” This was retorted with lots of unhappy faces until I responded “I didn’t say I said no either.” They took this as a yes and the room filled with whoops and hoots once more as Adam sat there blushing and still holding my hand. The doctor came in to check my stats and told me I’m free to leave whenever I’m ready. This was then followed by more whoops.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a week later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It’s been a while since the “accident” *shivers*. It’s been hard but I'm going back to school today. I haven’t seen any of my friends lately, they haven’t had time. I’m excited to go back to school today. In this week, Max has visited me and my mum a few times and we’re meeting the whole crew today after school. I get up from my bed and hop helplessly to my crutches. My eye had fixed itself after 2 days and my ribs had also fixed themselves, but only after 4 days. I crutched to the bathroom and washed my face, brushed my teeth and did my hair into half up half down. As I put my crutches under one arm and slid down the stairs on my butt the excitement bubbled inside me. I missed my friends and I needed to catch up on the last few days. When I got to the bottom I pulled up my crutches and limped to the fruit bowl where I grabbed an apple and went outside to catch the bus. I know I shouldn’t be taking the bus with a broken leg but my mum isn’t so content on driving since the accident. She also doesn’t really have a license for six months. Just mentioning it sent shivers down my back so I decided to not mention it, not think about it, although that big white thing attached to my leg is a constant reminder.

As I climbed onto the school bus I was welcomed by some giggles, some staring and some looks of pity. I crutched my way to the back of the bus but there were no seats. I was surprised how selfish the kids at Manhattan public were, the correct manners were to stand up and let the disabled have a seat. I remembered back to Sydney, they would always do that. I started to tear up at my memory until a girl who had dark skin, chocolate brown eyes and dark hair that was layered and with a side fringe stood up and gestured to her old seat. I smiled sweetly at her and took the seat; she held on to the bar above the seat and put her hand out for me to shake.

“Hi I’m Elle, I’m new here, well I came here about a week ago, I haven’t seen you around, are you new?” This girl was sweet.

“Well, I guess I’m kind of new. I came here at the beginning of term from Australia but I got into an accident and missed out a bit of school.” I said with a bit of remorse when talking about the accident.

“Oh um, is it ok if I ask about the accident?” she said slowly with uncertainty in her voice.

“Oh, um, well my mum’s a model and she got accepted into a major modelling agency-”

I got cut off by Elle piping in “WELL THAT’S GREAT!”

“Let me finish, she went out, got drunk and then drove, with me in the car...”

“OH, I’m so sorry, not so great.”

“Mmm, no.”

“So, are you a model? You are gorgeous.”

I blushed at her response and replied “Well it’s kind of on down low I guess but I also got accepted into elite modelling agency.”

“OH MY GAWDS!” she shouted while getting stares from everyone around us.

“Shhhhh, people are staring!” I scream-whispered back.

“Oh, sorry.” She whispered as well.

“Oh, you could totally get Josh.” She said blushing

“Someone has a little crush eh?”

“Maybe....” she said swaying on the balls and heels of her toes. I started thinking, I know I’m going out with Adz, but maybe if I get close to this girl and get her and Josh together...then maybe, just maybe I would be able to live out my dream, hurt him for hurting so many girls. I started daydreaming until the bus driver broke my trance.

“EVERYONE OFF THE BUS!” he shouted, I then realised we were outside the school. When I got inside I was greeted by questioning faces, questions and hug and lots of kisses. Last in line was Adz. He carefully gave me a long, tight hug and I enjoyed it, the kind of hugs you really want to experience. It must’ve been longer than we thought because people started to stare. I looked away and blushed. THIS was embarrassing.

As I was looking around I noticed a very pretty, blonde haired, slightly tanned girl hanging onto Jake’s arm. I walked over; I thought maybe I would just befriend him. When I got a closer look I saw that this girl looked like a complete Barbie, but she seemed different. Behind her eyes was kindness instead of plasticness and she had no makeup on. I hoped Jake wouldn’t hurt her, maybe they could work out together and he’d stop hurting every girl in his path. When I got to them he looked me up and down and smiled. What the hell was that? He immediately said hi as well as Josh and Justin. We started chatting until out of the corner of my eye I saw Elle double take and see I'm talking to the boys. I winked at her subtly and signalled for her to come over to where I was. She grinned from ear to ear and walked over to us.

“Hey Rin!” she said excitedly, I could tell she was nervous.

“Hey Elle!” I replied back.

“So Erin, I forgot about introductions” Jake piped in

“Erin, this is Kayla, Kayla, Erin.” She put her hand out to shake and so I shook it.

“You can call me Kayls.” She said in a sweet voice.

“You can call me Rin.” I said back trying to equal her sweet voice with a smile on my face.

“, can I talk to you...over there?” Josh said pointing to a deserted corner of the school. Elle grinned even more wildly then before and blushed. She quickly took my hand and squeezed it as Josh started walking away and she followed.

“So Josh likes Elle then?” I asked the two boys.

“DEFINETELY!” they both shouted then cracked up laughing. Kayls was smiling too. I laughed at their immaturity. “He hasn’t stopped talking about her since they met!” Justin said after he stopped laughing. Just then Adz came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I blushed wildly and fumbled for his hand. Josh, Justin and Kayla gave me questioning looks. I explained that Adz and I were now an ‘item’ and he blushed the whole way through. At the end I gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered in his ear

“You’re amazing”

“You’re amazinger” he whispered back Just then Elle came back almost jumping out of her skin and pulled me and Adz away from the group.

“OH MY GAWD!!!!” she screamed. Me and Adz both guessed what happened. She was blushing crazily and her words blurted out quickly “So he asked me and I grinned so wide that he took it as a yes and I blushed because his face was so close to mine until he closed the gap between us and pushed his lips on mine. It was a really sweet kiss and like he didn’t try anything, I know it was REALLY quick but I don’t know, I think I was ready for it and it was really sweet like he was really sweet and he was like really good and it made my head spin and it was like my first kiss and I’m happy it was with him and I’m really happy he likes me back because I really like him and I’ll probably go home tonight and....wait guys...what are you laughing at?” My face was in Adz’s comfy chest as we laughed our heads off. She was passive, it was HILARIOUS. I’ve never seen someone so excited in my entire life. It was crazy. Young love. The bell suddenly rang and I rushed off to class. I had English first period, one of my favourite subjects. I was top of my year back in Australia. I walked in and took my seat, in the middle but on the left. One of the boys in my grade, Dylan was on one side of me while no one was on the other. Someone who was unfamiliar to me came and sat next to me. Big school, I'm sure I just didn’t notice him around before. The teacher called the roll and then announced that we had a new student.

“Please come up the front young man.” She said in her stern voice. The boy who was originally next to me shyly stood up and walked to the front of the class. The teacher introduced him as Blake Woods. My head started to spin. No, it couldn’t be, no I'm sure not, it’s a common name.

***start of flashback***

He stood at my door waving goodbye. I fumbled with the envelope I held. I wasn’t allowed to open it until I was on the plane. A goodbye letter, I guessed. I knew he didn’t want me to see him cry, but when he thought I wasn’t looking he turned into his mother’s chest and I saw his chest go up and down rapidly, sobbing, I guess yet again. I started crying silently in the back seat. Sobbing silently really. I didn’t want my mum to see, she was overprotective I guess. I looked back once more; Blake was only just in view watching me go from his window. He put his hands in a heart shape and put them up to his chest, our sign. I did the same until he pulled his hands apart, so it was a broken heart. I sobbed at this gesture, as he did too. We were best friends since...ever and now I was leaving him, with no contact, maybe to never see him again. I cried all the way to the airport and on that long plane trip, I'm not sure I stopped crying.

***end of flashback***

Someone tapping me on the shoulder broke me away from my horrible memory. Dylan was waking me back up.

“Erin, you were, um, whimpering”

“OH, um I'm fine, don’t worry.” He turned back to the front to watch this new kid.

“So, Blake, tell us about you.” The teacher’s voice sounded like scraping nails across a chalkboard. At least this would help me understand who this boy was, and if he was who I thought he was. He started talking, starting off shy but getting louder.

“Well, as you know I'm Blake Woods. I'm new here, obviously and had to move here because my dad got work. I came here from Australia, hence the accent -” My world started spinning as it felt as if my brain was pounding against my ears.

“OH, we have another girl who came from Australia at the beginning of term.” The teacher said cutting him off.

“Erin.” He finished her sentence. I gasped and I think I turned red. My head started spinning until I tried to get up but before I knew it; found my head on the cold tile floor. I woke up to find myself looking at my teacher, her face too close to mine.

“OH Erin! YOU WOKE UP! FINALLY!” she exclaimed.

“How...long...was...I....out?” I breathed out

“Only about 2 minutes. I knew we didn’t have to worry, I told them that when you’re put under pressure you faint.” Blake responded. I gasped at his voice. His angelic voice, and smiled at him remembering this small fact about me. He slowly and subtly pulled his hand to his chest in the shape of a heart. When he put his arms back down he offered his hand down to me. He pulled me up and to his chest.

“Nice to see you too Erin.” He whispered in to my ear. I fainted, once again, into my old best friends arms. I woke up to laughing. Obviously Blake’s laughter. “Sorry Erin, too much pressure again.”

“How long was I out this time?”

“Only seven seconds, no one realised.”

“Good.” I replied. His melodic laughter, oh how I missed it. Of course things wouldn’t go back to normal. We sat back down at our seats and I drifted off again.

***start of flashback***

I ripped the envelope as open quickly as possible. The pilot had just announced that we were drifting comfortably. I read the letter in such detail. It read:

“Er, Erin, Erbear You know I love you, of course as a friend but I think maybe just a bit more. Of course I couldn’t tell you this because it would ruin our friendship but I really do love you. You’re amazing. You made the biggest impact on my life possible. You changed me Erin, in a very good way. Whenever I said I like this girl, it was to make you jealous, hoping you would realise how right for you I am. That heart sign that we do, we made that up the same week I realised I loved you.

I’ll miss you know Erin; you know I will, or you should know, well you will know now. You meant the world to me and I was heartbroken when I heard the news. Of course I was ecstatic for you but it just left me shattered. I know you will never feel this way about me so I did this. So you couldn’t reply. You’re amazing Erin Eloise Jones. I wished I would never have to part from you, even if we were only ever friends, you were amazing, with everything. I love you. Not only you’re amazing personality but you.

You’re eyes, it’s like they tell the story of your life behind them and you can tell all your emotions behind it. Your smile could lighten up anyone’s day in less than a second. The way your hair swishes in the wind makes my head spin and your nose is just so....cute. I'm sorry, it just is. I'm sorry that this is the way I had to express my feelings for you my wonderful.

Forever and always beautiful Erin. Blake.”

The whole page was now stained with my tears and everything was smudged. I slowly patted the window and pressed my face up to the cold plastic.

“I love you too” I said towards the window, of course, now Blake would never know my feelings for him either. He was the most amazing boy. The way his brown eyes would linger in my head, the way they burned through your skin, the way his brown hair framed his face perfectly. I missed him already.

***end of flashback***

This time Blake brought me to reality. “Er, she said we have to pick partners for out next project, want to be with me?”

“Ok Blake, I guess it would be good to catch up.” I said back, even though I didn’t particularly want to. I'm not sure if I still loved him, I guess I like him in the back of my mind but well....Adz took over. I guess 15% of me liked Blake, 5% of me liked Jake (ooh it rhymes! Blake, Jake...get it?) And 80% of me like Adz. My mind is pretty messed up right now. Blake moved his chair closer to mine and helped explain the project we had to complete as I was....out of it when the teacher was explaining. We had to act out a scene from any Shakespeare play in which we please. I was happy to be with Blake really because I was comfortable around him. We chose the scene from a midsummer night’s dream where Lysander and Hermia are running away. Great scene I guess.

The bell rang and I rushed off quickly to science. Double science, but I was with Adam so all was good. When I got into class and saw Adz I didn’t get the butterflies I usually get when I see him. I got worried my feelings for him were going down and that maybe it was slowly declining. 83% liked Adz, 17% liked Blake. I was worried the 17% would increase but I really like Blake, so much! Blake had ruined everything by coming here! I don’t know what I'm going to do anymore! Of course, I'm happy to have Blake back and I missed him a lot but I just well he’s ruined everything! I knew I did love Blake before but I thought maybe I could get over him and live my life happily with Adz but of course not, no, Blake had to ruin it.

“HEY ER!” Adz exclaimed His voice didn’t give me shivers like usual. WHAT HAS BLAKE DONE!!

“Hey Adz!” I said back, trying to equal his excited tone. We took our seats next to each other up the back. The whole class I could tell that Adz wanted to hold my hand because he was subtly bumping his hand into mine every so often. I used to think that this was so cute but now it almost makes me gag, it seems...repulsive. But I like him so much! I knew I couldn’t break up with him because I didn’t want to break his sweet little heart. What had I gotten myself into?

When the bell rang I ran to my locker, I heard Adz’s voice calling my name but I gagged and kept running. When I got there Blake was leaning against it and I was, very, very, happy to see him. I collapsed into his well known chest and let a few tears fall before standing back up and recomposing myself. I opened my locker without a word and put all my stuff away. Blake took my hand and took me outside, around the kid’s playground to a patch of grass and we sat. He sat down cross legged and I put my head in his lap. This position was natural for us; we always used to sit like this. He slowly started stroking my hair and I was so comfy. I let everything fall out of my mouth in a jumbled mess. He nodded at the right moments and shook his head at the right moments. When I got to the percentage part I swallowed hard and told him.

He slowly lifted my head up with his thumb and forefinger. He leaned in and kissed me, a sweet, short, kiss. This boy was amazing. It just excelled to 60% Blake, 40% Adz in one, short, lunchtime.

The rest of the afternoon flew by in a blur. I kept thinking about that kiss. Then I started thinking about how I was going to dump Adz, I couldn’t like Blake and go out with Adz...or could I... After that I thought up ways, I couldn’t cheat, it would be wrong, but I couldn’t dump him either! I don’t think it is humanely possible to be more confused than this.

When I walked outside into the hallway I knew it was time I broke up with him. I couldn’t do this to him! I put everything away and took out my bag. I slung it over one shoulder. I started chewing on one of the straps and I must have started shivering because when I got to him he said “Hey, are you, um, cold?” I felt so bad, how could I do this to him. I didn’t even answer his question.

“I...don’t....think...we.....should.....go...out....anymore.” I said while trembling.

“Really?” he said back I just nodded and then ran off, I couldn’t watch him cry and I could tell he was about to. I ran straight to Blake and collapsed into his arms and a few tears escaped my eyes.

“I did it. I dumped him.” I mumbled out. He lifted up my head again and said clearly and straight out

“I love you Erin Eloise Jones, never leave me again.” This time I leant in and kissed him. It was the sweetest kiss now that I had no boundaries holding me back, like a stupid boyfriend. It must have lasted for a while and it was open mouth, but no tongue. Suddenly I heard a gasp come from behind me and then sobbing noises. I immediately broke away to turn around and saw Adz on his knees, sobbing. My breathing stopped. No, no, he wasn’t supposed to see that! I walked over to him and knelt down and started patting his back in comfort. He slowly got up and slapped me hard across the face.

“OWW!!” I screeched and Blake came straight over. Blake couldn’t fight, he wouldn’t hurt a fly but he would verbally abuse someone for me, he loved me. I loved it when I remembered that he loved me. I think I might still love him too.

“DO YOU HAVE PROBLEMS? YOU CAN’T HIT A GIRL! ESPECIALLY NOT SOMEONE AS AMAZING AS ERIN! UGH” he grunted and he came over to me and called my mum for me. He came home with me and sat with me the whole night. My mum also let him sleep in the room next to me.

When I woke up I found him standing in my doorway, he looked gorgeous, as always. His brown hair was all messy and his brown eyes were deeper than ever. When he saw that I was awake he walked over to me. “Will you be my girlfriend?” he nervously asked.

“Sweetie, I thought it was a taken, HELL TO THE YES!” I replied A beautiful smile lit up his perfect face and he leant down and quickly but sweetly kissed me.


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