Ways You Can Help Curb Poverty and Promote Better Living: Nigeria

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the unbridled desire to procreate has plunged and is plunging many in nigeria into yet deeper mire of impoverishment. newlyweds are urged by well-meaning friends and relatives to have sizeable number of kids and soonest irrespective of their capabilities and well being. thus, children are born with poverty as their inheritance; only to continue the unending cycle of poverty.


1. Stop encouraging people or couples to have children or have more children.

2. Practice and promote responsible parenting

To put it rather bluntly, it is not in the interest of the children born that we have them; it's just a selfish thing done to fill our individual craving or those of others (e. g. mothers itching either to become grandmothers or longing to enlarge their entourage of grandchildren). It is likewise no longer in obedience to the divine command to multiply that we now seek to procreate beyond prevailing reasonable limits.

This is especially true of the many couples in this overpopulated part of the world who are yet grappling with many worrisome and worsening economic cripplings.

We hear such well-exclaimed yet misplaced concerns of well-wishing friends and relatives "Ah, nooo! One? That means you never wanted a child in the first place. At least, if you don't want to have them much, two or three is OK." Yes, two or three is naturally not too much. But the reality is that even one may be too much! Yes, one is too much for a couple who cannot afford to raise a child. And children are not to be had in hardship with the uncertain hope that things will only get better. By the time condition improves, if at all there comes improvement, the child may have been subjected to many life-altering deprivations.

Ironically, it is mostly failing parents who encourage, cajole, and blackmail others into having children and more children.

Irresponsible parenting is a sure way of feeding and ensuring continuing and 'sustainable' poverty.

We erroneously conclude that he who deliberately has the fewest love children the least. But the fact is that he who loves them most have them fewest; because such one knows and appreciate that these beautiful creatures require adequate means and time to be properly shown love and care and be equipped for the uncertain future. And children must be seen and put in the right perspective. They are beautiful burdens. Burdens you must be prepared to bear before you engage them. Burdens that are sure to slow you down in your endeavours throughout their years of dependence.

Children are not trophies nor are they decorative emblems with which we are to embellish our homes or wreath our necks. Though the process of having them is relatively cheap and free, it does not mean that a child is cheap and should be treated cheaply.

Come to think of it, if all intending parents are required to have a minimum balance in assets and cash before they are qualified to have a child, how many parents would be parents by now. You complain always about how bad things have gotten; how bad the world and its economy has gotten. You feel bad about how bad the world is treating you. Yet into this same world you force some innocent and unsoliciting 'victims' whom you are not prepared to care for and prepare for the even more daunting days ahead. Which do you invite those you care about to share in, your hunger or your feast? And when they come will they make you richer or draw from whatever wealth you may have store up and require you keep working and toiling to keep them and yourself afloat?

The bottom line, thus, is, stop encouraging people or couples to have children or have more children; you will not be there to help them foot the bills of proper child rearing.

And to you parents or intending parents, count the cost before you leap in. Do you have what it takes to adequately feed and house a child or two? Do you have the time to really tend to their needs or are you too busy to spare some time for a child's nagging needs? If it is allowed and possible that your child or children to dare you, will he or they question why you had him or them when you know you cannot feed, house, clothe or school him or them well? If you really value the gift of a child you will not abuse it by having them ill-prepared. Don't make a child suffer what you have suffered or are suffering if you can avoid it.


Submitted: February 11, 2017

© Copyright 2023 Justice Akpesiri-Adams Erhiawarien. All rights reserved.

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