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Who do you call mother? This one or that one?

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011



I call to you—do you please hearken

You men of heart and reasoning wit

A choice there is I must make

A choice

For there is come one, seeking

And there, another.

O Lord Above, I fear my take!


There is one who brought to life by birth myself

And let me be till later years

Till when I’m grown and wouldn’t cry.


And there, there is

She who kissed my phlegm and smiled in peace

Who quilt me warm from many frosts

Till when my bones are strong as fit.


Who of them should you prescribe?

Who of these is fit to be?

The one who cried ‘you are my son!’?

‘You are my flesh and blood, my son’?

And wish to woo my heart by thrills?

With many gifts but when I’m grown?

Or she who served me salted pap?

With many pleas and needed force?

That taught me love and truth and tales?

The art of life and honest gains?


Tell to me you men of wit

And let the one become the one.

© Copyright 2018 Justice Erhiawarien. All rights reserved.

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