A lost Girl

 A lost Girl

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Rosathena wakes up as a vampire and can't remember anything but her name. The scary part is that she wakes up in a house full of werewolves. Thankfully one of them is nice. Rose has to try to find her way home dodging vampires, werewolves,and Binders.
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Rosathena wakes up as a vampire and can't remember anything but her name. The scary part is that she wakes up in a house full of werewolves. Thankfully one of them is nice. Rose has to try to find her way home dodging vampires, werewolves,and Binders.

Chapter1 (v.1) - A lost Girl- Chapter 1

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Rosathena wakes up as a vampire and can't remember anything but her name. The scary part is that she wakes up in a house full of werewolves. Thankfully one of them is nice. Rose has to try to find her way home dodging vampires, werewolves,and Binders.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 30, 2013





I opened my eyes. Where was I? I looked around the empty room. No one was around. I had no idea where I was and how I got in here. Maybe I was dreaming.

  I sat up. I was on a big piece of metal. Why was I on metal?! I jumped off the floor. My legs were weak and I could barely stay standing. I made my way towards the door. I didn’t hear anyone on the other side. I slowly opened the door.

 “Hello? Is anybody here?” I asked. My voice echoed through the empty building. This whole scene was like a scary movie only….I wasn’t scared. I was confused. I couldn’t remember anything.

  “Hello?!” I called again. Then I heard footsteps. “Hello?” The footsteps became faster as if they were running. They were getting closer and closer. Then a boy appeared. He looked almost my age and he looked wild. His hair was everywhere and his clothes were ripped up. His eyes were golden like a dog.

 “Uh…hi. Do you know where we are?” I asked. The boy didn’t answer. He just stared at me with huge eyes. What’s his problem? His body began to tremble and before I knew it his body turned into a huge wolf! About the size of a horse! And he was running straight towards me. Oh no! What do I do? I turned to run but it was too late. The big wolf knocked me to the ground, pinning me there.  He growled and snapped in my face.

  He was going to kill me! For a moment everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. I got a chance to really study over his body.  He was huge! Could wolves get this big? With fur the color of black, brown, and white. Even though he was snapping and growling there was something else in his eyes. Something that wasn’t hatred…

  “Nathan! Get off of her!” someone demanded. It was a girl’s voice. The wolf slowly got off of me. Still shocked, I stayed lying on the ground. The girl snatched me on my feet anyway.

“Who are you and how did you find us?” she asked. The wolf stood close by her side. I took a deep breath and introduced myself.

  “I’m Rosathena and I didn’t find anyone. I just woke up in that room and I can’t remember anything,” I explained. That's when I noticed her eyes were golden too. I instantly became scared of her.

  "Well who ever brought you here must not want you alive. You're in our territory, bloodsucker," she spat. What did she just call me?!

  "Bloodsucker?!" I repeated. She smiled and not in a good way.

"You must not know what you are," she started. I frowned. "You're a vampire now , kid. I don't know why your creator would bring you here. Vampires and werewolves don't get along." I'm a ...vampire? A bloodsucking vampire!?

  "So...you're going to kill me," I said. I didn't ask because I knew that it was what she was going to do. The girl laughed.

  "No, I wouldn't do that to you. I'm going to let you stay for awhile until you learn about being a vampire then I'll let you go," she said. The wolf boy beside her began to growl. “Shut up!" she yelled. I took a deep breath.

  "What about him? He won’t kill me...right?" I asked. He stared up at me with angry golden eyes.

  "Don't worry, kid. You're a vampire and you're three times stronger than us. So if he messes with you just slap him one good time."  My legs felt weak again and I was worried that I might fall over.

 "I don't feel three times stronger," I whimpered with my shoulders slumped.

 "You just need someone to sink your tooth in, that’s all," she said. Then I started to feel something. It was like fire in my throat. Piercing everything it touched. My whole body trembled and I wanted to rip everything apart so I could get whatever would make the fir stop. The wolf started to growl and something strange escaped through my lips. It was a hiss!

  "Hey, calm down before you something. I'll go find you someone to feed on," said the girl. I took a deep breath and tried to control myself. "Nathan...don't try to do anything stupid while I'm gone." She began to walk away.

  "Wait!" I called out. She stopped and looked back at me. "What's your name?''

  "Me? Oh, I'm Natalie," she answered. Then she pointed to the big wolf. “That’s my twin brother Nathan." He stared at me with angry eyes and I knew instantly that he hated me. Natalie left and Nathan stared. I wonder if I could take him on if he attacked me again. Probably not. After a while, I headed back to the room I started in and Nathan followed. He's going to watch my every move until I'm dead.

  I sat on the piece of metal and Nathan finally left but he wasn't gone for long. He came back in his human form.  He was wearing a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. In his hand was something I recognized...a mirror.

 "So I heard that vampires kind of change in appearance when they become a vampire...so do you want to see yourself or not?" he asked. It was a very sweet thing to do and all but the way he said it was pure hatred.

 "Uh...sure," I said. He walked over and handed me the little mirror. I held my breath as I took it and looked at myself. He was right! I didn't look like myself at all! I was beautiful! My face was just too perfect. My skin looked smooth and it was very pale. My eyes were silver! I had silver eyes! I opened my mouth and I saw the long delicate fangs. I was a vampire...

  I handed the mirror back to Nathan.

  "You don't have to be nice to me if you hate me," I murmured.  He sat away from me out of arms reach.

  “I hate all vampires,” he answered.

  “But not all vampires are alike,” I objected.

  “Soon you’ll be like the other vampires. You won’t care about anyone…just heartless. All you’ll care about is blood and nothing else,” he explained. “You’ll start hating us werewolves. I won’t be surprised if you hate us at the end. We don’t get along and that’s how it’s suppose to be.” The word blood brought fire to my throat.

  “Well your sister doesn’t think that. She saved me from you and she’s letting me stay here,” I said. A growling sound came his way.

“If I had it my way I would’ve tore you apart with my teeth and then burn you until all that was left of you were ashes,” he said through clenched teeth. I gasped.

  “Why? I did nothing to you! I mean, you were the one who attacked me!” I said. Nathan got up and began to walk out. I stood up to but was too weak. I wobbled on my feet until my knees hit the floor. Nathan looked down at me with hating eyes. They didn’t look golden anymore but red with fire.

  “You’re pathetic,” he spat. I winced at the words and sulked into the side of the bed. Nathan left me on the floor beside the bed. I wanted to cry but I knew that that would do no help.  Why can’t I just go home and get in bed and go to sleep? Oh yeah that’s right, I don’t even know where my home is!

  I moaned softly against the side of the bed. All this vampire and werewolf stuff is confusing me and it’s making my throat burn ever more. It gives me a new look on the world. It makes me wonder if I have ever vampire or werewolf as a friend or even a family member. I could’ve had a crush on one of these people and would’ve never known! It scares me now…

  I’m stuck like this for the rest of my life. A vampire and once I learn everything I’m going to be all alone…forever.

I curled myself up, wrapping my arms around my legs and resting my head on my knees. Who ever created me wants me dead. Apparently, I had no use to them…helpless. Unless, they wanted me to live here because they knew the werewolves wouldn’t kill me. What if my creator was someone I knew? Someone I knew and cared for and…and loved?!

  Why would they do this to me? Is it revenge? Were they saving me from something and if they were from what? I can’t even remember. Everything that I have ever known is all gone. My parent’s names are gone. I can’t even remember if I was the only sibling or not. If my life was good or bad. If I had friends that loved and cared for me and a boyfriend… It’s all gone. Every last memory…gone. Maybe my life just isn’t meant to have a happy ending.

I wish Nathan would’ve killed me when he had the chance.

“Oh Rose? Are you still alive?” called Natalie. I must’ve fallen asleep. I picked myself off the floor. Natalie threw a limb figure in front of me. I rubbed my eyes for a second to let them adjust. When I opened my eyes again I saw that the figure was a girl.  Her eyes were closed but she was breathing softly. A sweet smell filled my nose and my throat seemed like it was on fire.

“I didn’t want to kill her because I don’t know if vampires drink them when they’re dead or alive,” said Natalie. My mouth was watering and my whole body ached for her.

  “I can’t…I’m scared,” I whispered.

  “Of what?! Just sink your teeth in her and get it over with. You’ll feel better,” she said. I frowned at her.

  “How is killing someone going to make me feel better?” I asked. She smiled and bent down beside me. I looked over at her into her golden eyes. She had eyes of a wild animal but the face of a caring friend. 

  “It’s part of being a vampire, Rose. You kill and you live, it’s as simple as that,” She said, in a soothing voice. I took a deep breath. Kill or…die. She does smell delicious. Okay…just get it over with.

  I gently laid my hand on the girls shoulder. My fingertips brushed over her bare skin.  Something shot up my arm like electricity. It scared me so I grabbed on to Natalie’s arm. Images flashed in my mind like a slideshow. It was the memories of the human girl. The first image was her rubbing her pregnant belly. Another was her holding a tiny baby in her arms crying tears of joy. Another image was her running around in a yard with her little boy. The last was her hugging her boy that now looked about 7 or 8.

 I blinked and the slideshow was over. I hadn’t noticed but I was holding my breath the whole time. I gasped for air and my hands retreated. This woman’s life just flashed before my eyes!

  “Whoa…what did you do?” asked Natalie, who was gasping too.

  "I didn't do anything,'' I confessed, still gasping. Natalie's eyes were huge. full of wonder and alittle bit of fear.

  "You touched her and her memories projected in front of you. I geuss, since you were touching me too the memories came to me also," she explained. She smiled really big. "Do you know what this means?!"

  "I'm a freak."

  "No. You have a talent!" she squealed. I frowned. Maybe it's not me who's the freak.

  "A...talent?" I asked, with a tone of disbelief.

  "yeah! A talent! Some vampires get these really cool talents. I once met a vampire who could see the future but no, you- you see the past! Not alot of vampires get talents. Like the possiblities are like 2 out of 10," she explained.

 "I am a freak! A vampire freak!" I whined. Natalie shook my body.

 "Rose! If you have a talen that's good! All the other non-talented vampires look up to you," she said. I found myself smiling. Now she makes me sound like I'm popular. I wonder if I was popular in my human life.

I slowly bent down and bit into her neck. She jumped out her sleep to scream but I had cut off her air supply. She choked as the bittersweet blood rushed into my mouth and slowly washed down my throat. The burning in my throat went away too. I could fell every bone in my body getting stronger. Now I did feel three times stronger. Soon, the last of her blood tickled down my throat. I dropped her dead body to the floor and wiped of my mouth with the back of my hand.

"Do you feel beter?" asked Natalie in a low whisper. I nodded my head softly.

"How come vampires and werewolves don't get along?" I asked. Natalie stiffened up.

"Just some old Maria-Lisa story but it's not important," she mumbled. I looked up at her.

"Tell me!" I almost screamed. Natalie shook her head.

  "It's nothing really," she said. I rolled my eyes.

  "But she needs to know." The voice wasn't Natalie's...It was Nathan's.

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