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Anala is a very shy girl. Shy enpugh for her parents to asign her a personal counsoler. but there's a problem...she's fallen in love with her counselor's son ,Collin. She hopes that she will come out her shy stage and also get the boy of her dreams.

Submitted: April 02, 2013

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Submitted: April 02, 2013



My fingers flowed on the piano keys in a way i didn't know was possible. The song was right and whole. My song was finally complete! The sounds that were coming out the piano were so soft and calming. Then in the middle of the song it got intense and heart racing ended softly like a lullaby.

  "I never seen you smile before,'' a voice said from the door. The voice made me jump and my fingers hit notes that weren't suppose to be played. I looked up and saw Collin leaning against my doorframe. He scared me because I was home alone and i didn't know how he came in.

  "How did you get in here?" I asked, confused.  He propped his self off the door frame with his elbow.

  "The door was open so I just walked in. I thought you knew I was there,"  he said, with a smile that made my heart pound hard against my chest. I turned off my piano and looked up into his eyes.

  "I had the door open because it was're not suppose to be here while my parents or your mom isn't here," I said , standing to my feet. Collin took and automatic step backwards. " And I don't think you're here to bring me out my shy stage, either."

  "No, you're right I'm not," he started.

  "Well you can start leaving I have some chores to be-"

 " I came to see you," he finished. I froze and stared at him. Me? Why would he have come to see me? He took a step forward and took my face in his hands. Then before I could say anything else he kissed me. A kiss so gently and lovely that I felt like I was in a dream. I couldn't possibly be kissing Collin right now. It was untrue and not even likely to happen. He was kissing me! Me! I'm not some beautiful girl like Nita and there is absolutely nothing to like about me.

  Then I pushed him away. I didn't mean to it was just my reaction. He stared at me with wide confused eyes. I must have scared him.

  "I'm sorry, Collin," I started.

  "No...I shouldn't have kissed you. I was being stupid," he mumbled. I shook my head.

  "But...I wanted to kiss you...I just didn't expect it to happen right now. I didn't know you like me and it kind of scared me," I confessed. Then he did it again. He kissed me again and this time I knew it was coming. I was still scared. What will Magenta say if she knows I've been kissing her son? Will I have to change counselors and never see Collin again? His lips were soft and warm against mine. It made my heart pound hard in my chest. Then he pulled away and looked in my eyes.

  "You're an angel to me," he whispered. I smiled and I could feel my cheeks getting red.

  "But...angels aren't shy like I am," I objected. He softly kissed my forehead and when he was done I layed my head on his chest. His arms wrapped around me and he held on me tightly.

  "You're a shy angel."


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