Sunrise Dream

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A sunrise dream.

Submitted: August 24, 2013

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Submitted: August 24, 2013



Something warm touched my bare shoulders. It woke up out of my sleep.

"Honey, wake up it's 6 o' clock." The voice made me open my eyes. It was still dark in the room but I could still see his face. I could still see the beauty in his face. The excitement in his gray eyes that looked silver right now. I could see his lips spread apart in a wide smile that my heart neat fast. I could still see his messy brown hair that always had this cute look to it. That hair that always makes me want to run my fingers through it.

 "Why are you waking me up?" I asked, in confusion.

 "Just get up and I'll show you," he said, with even more excitement. I blinked a couple times. Based on his eyes and their excitement, I finally got out of the bed. As I slipped on my house shoes, I checked my finger to see if my ring was still there. Sure enough, it was.

 He took me by my hand and started walking towards the door. Basically, dragging still-asleep me with him. I kept yawing and every time I would he would chuckle softly, His laughter made my knees weak. Finally, we made it to the back door.

 "Babe, what are we doing?" I asked, a little cranky. "I want to go back to bed."

 "You can go back to bed once I show you this," he promised. I sighed heavily and he chuckled. He opened the door and I stepped outside into the cool morning air. Everything was so quiet and peaceful...which only made me want to go to sleep even more. "Good! We came just in time."

 I blinked again.

 "Look over there across the sky. On the house tops." I did his exact instructions.

 Slowly, rising up from behind the houses, was the reddish-orange sun. Instantly, the sky turned from purple to orange. The birds seemed to all come out at once, flying swiftly across the sky. It seemed as if everything was waking up, Flowers spreading out their petals to show off their beautiful colors. Squirrels were running up and down trees and across telephone poles.

 "It's so pretty," I whispered, softly.

 "Just like you. Happy anniversary," he whispered. Then he gently kissed my cheek.


I Jumped out my sleep. I turned in the bed looking over to the other side, There was no one there. I looked over my ring. I looked at the clock. 5:58 AM. 

  I'm going outside.

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