The Crimson Face

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Andy who had a terrifying childhood experience is having a Christmas Eve party. What he doesn't know is that someone opened a door to evil inside his home. His house became a feasting ground and a battle between evil has his guest and himself fighting for their lives.

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013




by Justin Santos

1: Today was a cold day on December 23. 25 year old Andy Lautner. He works at a factory loading and unloading boxes. He was excited to see his cousin Jerry who came to visit from South Dakota. He was a year younger than Andy. Andy was planning on having a Christmas Eve party. His parent’s Jane and Phillip Lautner were away on vacation. As Andy was working, he was focusing on getting his job done. He didn't want to seem sluggish waiting till work was over. "l hope I don't pass out again" he thought to himself. Andy would always try and make sure people would have fun at his parties. He also passes out before the party even ends. As his hours were finally over, Andy drove straight home. He showered and got ready to pick up his three only close friends that he viewed as his brothers to go shopping. It’s 5:09pm. Jeremy, Ashton and Gopal were already outside waiting. As Andy got there, he pulled up into the driveway. "What up my amigos! My homies! My brothers! My bitches! Vámonos!" Andy yelled. Jeremy re-entered the house to get his sweater, and slowly walked out due to sore legs. “Hurry up!” Andy said loudly has he laughed. "Bitch! I only have two legs!" Jeremy responded. "Fine, I'll give you a third one for Christmas. So hurry up!" Andy said with a big smile. “Make sure it’s the right length” Jeremy joked.

2: So they took off. 2 long hours of looking and shopping, they finally headed out and dropped everything off at Andy’s place. From there, they went straight to Jerry's mother's house. Andy hasn't seen him in five years. They headed towards the backyard. "Jerry!" Andy yelled. Jerry was sitting down drinking a cup of hot chocolate and having a conversation with his mother Pamela. Andy and Jerry got a long very well and used to do a lot together. They're both like brothers. Jerry was always the one that got him into trouble and was the one encouraging him to do a lot of things. "Jerry, I'm going to have a party tomorrow and I was hoping you'll spend the night and join us. It's my own Christmas party. I want you come and help me make this party. We’re going to have food, drinks, games and karaoke." Andy explained. "Sure! Why would I miss it." Jerry answered. They sat there and talked about his life over in South Dakota. It’s 10:45pm, and Andy dropped his friends off and headed home. While on his way home, a strange feeling came upon Andy. It was a bad feeling. He felt something was lurking around the streets. He couldn't see anything wrong. Just some people walking on by. While some hanging out in their own yards, and stray dogs running around.

3: There was something bringing fear. He turned on the radio to block out the feeling. It worked until he got home. The fear came back. When he was younger, he used to be scared of being alone at night. He conquered that fear during his early high school years. His reasons of fear came about at the age of 6. He claims to have seen ghost walking around the hallway at night when his parents were asleep. He feared the ghost would take him away into the darkness at the age of 10. He would also hear a man mumbling something inside of his closet. At the age of 14, his fear got a bit worse. He ended up thinking that the ghost probably wanted to feast on his flesh if they take him into the darkness. As he entered the 10th grade, he realized the ghosts had never harmed him. That was the start of him conquering his fears. He would see at least 10 ghosts within a year. It wasn’t every year he saw them. As the years would pass, the number of ghost had decreased. Suddenly the same fear of ghosts came back but he knows that can't be the reason because he hasn’t seen any ghost since then. He senses something that's not supposed to be there is there. He continued to ignore it and went on to bed.

4: The next day, his friends came early and started banging on the door. The knocking startled him. He jumped out of bed and ran to the door. "Fuckers! You scared me! Anyways, I’m glad you’re early. Let's do this." He said while being relieve. They started cleaning while Ashton was cooking the food. Andy had forgotten about the strange feeling that came upon him yesterday night. Jeremy went to the restroom and noticed all the windows were open. "Whoa! It's cold in here. Andy's tripping on some ecstasy or something" he joked to himself. Jeremy was expecting to black out tonight. He only drinks during parties. And when he does, he's drinks until he blacks out. Andy's always recording everybody drunk. Jeremy was a comical drunk to Andy. While Jeremy finished, he walked up to Andy and threw a cup of water in his face just to mess around. "That's for leaving the windows open. It's cold!" he yelled. Andy poured a bit of soda on Jeremy's head. Andy didn’t think much about the opened windows because he hasn’t gone up there. Hours were passing by and everything was set. Jerry arrived before the other guest came. Now that It’s 6:00pm, people started showing up. Andy started remembering the feeling he had last night. He started reminiscing about his fears. He poured himself a cup of rum into his drink to forget about those days. Everybody started settling in. They were drinking and having conversations. Around 8:00pm, the real fun began. More people showed up. It's twenty people in total. Jeremy was already drunk walking around socializing. Ashton was gambling while Gopal was playing drinking games with Jerry, Andy and some others. "Hey guys, I'll be right back. I have to piss." Andy said.

5: While in the restroom, Andy started talking to himself. "Fuck, I'm too old for this shit" he said to himself. He knew he wasn't alone in the house. As he was washing his hands, he saw what looked like a shadow behind the shower curtains. He checked it out and nothing was in there. It looked as though someone was in there. He turned off the running water. He saw the shadow again. "What? That's not right..." he questioned himself. Checked again and found nothing. He paused for a bit and walked back. He started blaming it on the alcohol. He sat down looking confused. "Hey bro. Is everything alright?" Gopal said. "I don't know. I'm seeing things" Andy replied. He wasn't afraid to admit things around them. "(laughs) Oh man, you are getting fucked up tonight!" Gopal yelled.

6: "Andy, I really need to crap. So pause the game you guys." A female named Sherry said. She was one of Andy’s new friends he met at a movie theater. Sherry was texting while on the toilet and about 5 minutes later, she saw a shadow move behind the curtains. "Who's there?" She said. She got up and checked. Nothing was there. She sat back down, cleaned herself up and flushed. Then she saw something move again. She checked and saw nothing. A breeze came in. "(shivers) It's cold." She said to herself. The windows were closed. Then the door knob was shaking as if someone was trying to force themselves in. She ignored it and washed her hands. She was a believer in the supernatural and the paranormal. She began to freak out and washed her hands quick. She ran out. "Andy, I got to talk to you" she said. They went inside his bedroom. "I don't know if you guys drugged the drinks or if I'm going crazy or if your house is haunted." she asked. "What do you mean?" He answered. "Well, while I was taking a crap, I saw something moving behind your curtains twice. Now that I realize this but your restroom got cold and your windows were closed. Then your doorknob was shaking like crazy." she explained. "It’s funny that you mentioned that because I saw something behind there staying still. Kind of looked like a human figure between the curtain and wall. I checked and nothing was behind there could of made that shadow. It didn't go away. So I just left it as it was." he explained. "Well, I think your house is haunted." She said. "Now that you mentioned that, I think your right. You know what. I never told you this but I used to have a fear of night time. I went through something terrifying as a kid. I saw ghosts. I would hear voices in my closet as well. I don't remember what was said. Now this, I don't know if they're connected but now I'm concerned." he explained fully. Jeremy, Gopal, Ashton and Jerry were the only ones that knew this. "I'm sorry to hear" she said. "It's okay. Jeremy thinks I was traumatized because I was too scared. I agree. Kids get scared all too easily. I gave up those fears around the 10th grade I believe. I realized they never harmed me so…yeah" he explained again. Jeremy and Jerry were always the ones who helped him through his tough times. Sherry and Andy went back to the party and tried to forget the situation.

7: Ashton was dancing around the sofa while Gopal did karaoke. Jerry's mother called saying his parents were in town and going to stay at her house due to the party. While Gopal was singing, the tv turned on. "(drunk) Yo bitches! Turn that box off! I'm singing beautifully." he yelled. Some woman turned it off. "Thank you ladies and gentlemen!!" he yelled louder. While Gopal was singing, he saw something through the windows. To him it appeared to be red glowing eyes. He continued to sing happily. He saw them again which was in the reflection of the television set. No one seemed to noticed. He wasn't wasted but he knew he wasn't hallucinating. The eyes blinked twice. He slowly saw a blurry facial figure through the television set. He looked away and put the microphone down and walked towards the television set. The image disappeared. "Did you guys see that?" he said to those who looked at him. "See what?" some guy said. "I saw red eyes blinking and a face." he answered. "Wait! I believe you. I saw something in the restroom" Sherry yelled. "What you saw was probably your shit" a drunk guy said. Others laughed with him. Andy was trying to put the pieces together.

8: Gopal sat down while fear was building up inside of him. Jerry was laughing at Gopal. "You’re hallucinating bro. Here drink some rum. It is medicine for those who hallucinate." he joked. Gopal was taking this seriously while others were having a good time. The house was getting too warm while the restroom was a bit cold. The windows got foggy. Fog started coming through an opening in the restroom windows. No one was in there. Ashton walked to the kitchen. He saw something shiny through the kitchen window. It moved away from the window. Jeremy walked to Andy's room. He passed by the restroom. He heard scratching and voices behind the door. "Someone must be wasted" he said to himself laughing. There were about three people passed out on the sofa.

9: Jeremy went into the room looking for a pencil sharpener. "Woah! Andy your room is cold! Oh man! You really must be on Ecstasy or something. You’d be loving the cold" he yelled while laughing. The restroom was filled with fog. Fog started coming out through the bottom of the door. Jeremy noticed it. "What the fuck?" he thought to himself. He opened it. "Oh what! Who's in there!" he yelled in amazement. He was assuming someone was weird enough to put a fog machine in the restroom. He walked in and saw nobody. He felt something touch his shoulders. He turned back around and saw a 6 foot tall shadowy figure. Some woman walked by and saw the fog. The fog ended up filling up Andy's room. All the lights went out. The woman wasn't frightened. She thought someone was using a fog machine too. Jeremy walked out the restroom and something grabbing his legs pulling him in the restroom. Terror struck him. "(grunts) Dude you are strong, cut that shit out!" he screamed in anger. "Oh what now." Andy answered and checked. "Ok guys, who brought a fog machine and who turned off the lights" he yelled so everyone could hear. Jeremy was struggling and got lose. Andy went to go get his flashlight. Then the pulling began again. Jeremy grabbed unto Andy's shoulders. Andy turned the flash light on. He didn't see anything but fog. Both Jeremy's legs were being pulled as he fell. Andy kept the flashlight on. He saw a faint figure appearing. “Andy! This fucker.. Grab my arms!” Jeremy yelled. Andy grabbed his arms and pulled him out. The flash light rolled to the room. "Shit. (taking in deep breaths) Okay, okay….(taking in more deep breaths) I’m gonna kick his ass” Jeremy said.

10: Jeremy decided to back inside the restroom and found no one. Andy and Jeremy went to get the flash light from the room. The door shut closed. Andy panicked. The flash light turned off. "Why is it foggy and cold?" Andy asked Jeremy. "I don't know, but something tells me it came from the restroom" Jeremy said. Andy backed up and fell into his closet. He turned and saw red glowing eyes. They looked human but bright and dark red. It looked right at Andy. Andy freaked and screamed. He got up and ran into his bed. "What.. What!" Jeremy yelled. "There's something in the room. I saw it! It's what Gopal saw!" he answered. Andy ran to the door. Jeremy had the flash light and it turned back on.  "Gopal! Gopal!! Oh man you’re so freaken right! I saw what you saw. It's in my room." Andy yelled. Gopal felt as if Andy was making fun of him. Sherry got up and walked to the house door. Gopal stood on the sofa. Everyone was laughing. "Why is it getting foggy?" Sherry said. Everyone started feeling a tug on their feet. They all thought it was part of the party.

11: Then the Christmas tree was violently shaking. "Hey cut that out" a guy yelled. He was next to the tree. The kitchen lights popped. The Christmas lights outside turned on. They felt tugging again. The guy next to the tree suddenly fell. Jeremy shined the flash light on him. The guy had his hands on his own neck. Nose and mouth were bleeding. The face Gopal saw appeared on the television set. It was looking at everyone. Scratching noises were heard on the ceiling. The face got clearer and clearer. It looked demonic. Not your normal ghost face. It was black in color. It disappeared and appeared in person in the kitchen. It walked out with it's full body reveled. Only this time, it’s whole body and face were crimson red. It’s eyes were bright red and was shedding some light. It appeared similar to the stereotypical appearance of Satan. Although it didn’t’ possess a tail, beard, hooves or a forked stick. It was bulky. It had five fingers and five toes. Both with sharp claws and possessing small sharp teeth. It’s horns were thick as a bull and sharp as a bulls. Both horns weren’t placed on top of the head, but rather leaning towards it’s human shaped ears. It wasn’t pointy either. It had a stubby nose and smelled like death. It was 6 foot in height. The television set flashed for a few seconds. Everyone paused and the demon was looking around. Terrible fear entered the hearts of those that knew this was real. As it looked around, Andy’s fears became worse than of those as a child. His body froze. He couldn’t speak. The ones that thought it was all part of the party, took pictures. The flash caused the demon to roar and made his eyes turn brighter than it already was. It’s roar cause the house to shake.

12: The ones who were passed out had disappeared. Everyone panicked and four were able run out the door before the door couldn’t open anymore. Priscilla, Jonathan, Gabriel and Arnold were the ones that escaped. The demon grabbed a guy and threw him. He landed on the floor by the hall way. It grabbed another guy and tore his throat open. Blood splattered on Sherry and Andy. He couldn’t scream. He fell immediately. The guy laid there dying. He stared at the demon. His eyes widen like if he was surprised to see something that he always wanted. The guy that was holding his neck by the Christmas tree disappeared. All was left was his blood stains on the carpet. Sherry ran to the kitchen and got a knife. The remaining eleven were running around the house. The fridge light turned on. The Christmas tree lights turned on. The backyard lights turned on. Andy knew it wasn't a ghost. He feared it was something worse. Jerry, Jeremy and Andy were inside the closet in Andy’s room. Ashton was behind the sofa crawling to the hall way trying to get to Andy's room. Gopal and three others were in the restroom.  The demon went after the dead body and started slicing his face and eating what’s left of it. It threw his body towards the kitchen. The man that was thrown crawled to the kitchen. The demon jumped on him and started mutilating his back. Sherry heard his scream for about five minutes. She ran out towards the kitchen. She grabbed as many knives and ran around the demon. She saw the guy’s dead mutilated corpse and let out a horrible scream. His whole body was mutilated. The demon was feasting. Since there were too many people, the demon couldn’t choose which one to eat. That was the reason why it throws the bodies. The demon started climbing on wall and chased Sherry.

13: She was trying to run towards Andy's room. She safely got there. Sherry shut the door.  The demon left scratch marks on the door. "Here defend yourselves." She said. Jeremy had the flash light on her. She gave the knives to everyone in the room. Meanwhile, the restroom light turned black. "What the fuck?" Gopal said to himself. The windows wouldn't open. A friend named Carolina tried to break it but it only cracked. "The creature must have some kind of power" a guy named Marcos said. She used the lid of the toilet. She kept hitting the window. The more she hit the window, the more success she got. The Fog was decreasing. Three more hits and the window broke. They got out. The demon felt their presence leaving the house. The Demon started sniffing around. The fridge light turned black. Gopal and the others were in the backyard looking for useful objects to be used as weapons. Carolina started banging on Andy's bedroom window. "Hey guys, guys were out here!" she yelled. Andy got up. Sherry attempted to break the window with a wooden baseball bat but failed. Only cracks appeared. "Keep breaking the window! Trust me, that is how we got out!" Carolina said. Sherry made more attempts. "Ashton, here you do it." she said. Sherry secretly decided to plan an escape for herself.

14: She slowly walked to the door and slowly opened it. She snuck out while Ashton was trying to break the window open. She got out and closed the door. She slowly walked to the restroom. Chills were running down her spine. She was terrified to run. She's got closer. The demon turned around and saw her moving. She screamed in horror and ran to the restroom. She saw the open window and rushed to it. She got out and ran to the gate. She was only thinking of herself and took off. One guy named Tony did the same thing and took off. Carolina, Marcos and Gopal stood behind. The demon did in fact had power over the house. The window finally broke open and they all got out except for Ashton. The Demon caught him and pulled him away. Ashton fought back with the bat knocking out the demon and running to the restroom. As he tried crawling out, three figures walked through a wall and caressed his back and ended up petting him. Ashton was terrified. The figured appeared as rotting corpses. They were ghosts. They were the reason why the restroom was cold. The demon was the reason why the house was warming up. The demon was entering this earth through the fog. The ghosts didn’t harm him. The demon rushed inside the restroom and pulled Ashton and threw him to the wall. The ghosts attacked the demon and nearly knocked it out but wasn’t able to. The Demon was strong. It started pressing it’s sharp nails inside Ashton’s shoulders. The demon started tearing off flesh from his body. Ashton screams can be heard throughout the house. The demon started throwing his flesh around the hallway. It started eating him alive.

15: Five more ghosts appeared and surrounded the house. “Noooo!” Andy cried for the loss of Ashton. They were all mourning expect for Carolina and Marcos. Since they were terrified, they didn’t care about the loss of a stranger. They were Gopal’s friends. The neighbors couldn’t hear anything because the demon’s power allowed outsiders to hear nothing but silence from inside Andy’s house. Carolina and Marcos were running toward houses but no one answered. Apparently since they were inside the house when the demon came, outsiders in a one mile radius from north, east, west and south weren’t able to hear anything inside the house and anybody who came from the house. They had no clue. As much as they were banging, the fear overwhelmed them. Not because they didn’t know, but because to them, they felt ignored. However, anybody who were outside were able to see everything. During this time, no one was outside but them. Andy didn't want to run to the neighbors. He decided to head to his Aunt Pamela’s house. It was only about ten minutes away by driving. The demon peeked out the window and saw everybody heading to the car. Carolina and Marcos were nowhere to be seen. The demon punched the house window and tried to get out but it was too late. Everybody drove off to Jerry's aunt's house. The demon ran amok and found Marcos two blocks away.  The Demon got more aggravated as the lights turned black. It was a sign that the ghost were following. Marcos heard a horrible roaring sound. He looked back and saw the demon running towards him.  It was running like it didn’t want to be there. Terror stroked him like the time he was lost as sea with his family. His eyes widen. His heart was pounding. He started shivering. He ran like a wild animal running from a lion. The demon sensed Carolina’s presence. She was a block south from where Marcos was. Dogs began to bark. Animals were able to sense the demon’s presence. Marcos ran as far as he could. The demon felt Carolina was closer so he ran towards her direction. She was banging on peoples doors. Her cell phone was working. However, no one believed her. She called the cops. The cops thought she was a drunk. So they went to go check it out. The demon found Carolina. She heard it’s roars and jump on top of a truck. She kept thinking of her nightmares of how she would fall inside a pit of sharp bones burning with fire. She felt this was it. That her nightmare came true. She wanted to turn the other direction to get off. So she can run towards someone’s back yard. She did as she planned and it was in front of her as she turned. She didn’t want to jump because she knew she would hurt herself to the point she can’t run as fast. She slowly backed away and climbed down. The Demon jumped on the trunk. She was backing up towards the edge of the trunk. She turned as fast as she can and it pulled her hair.

16: No one heard her screams. No one heard the demon. No one bothered to look out from the sound of barking. It pulled her down and she was able kicked it in the face with both her feet. When she got back up, it back hand slapped her. She fell off the truck. She landed on her left shoulder on the sidewalk. The demon jumped down and landed on her back. It’s heavy body pressed her to the ground. She let out a loud grunt. She screamed as loud as she can but no one heard. It ended up sniffing her and licking her. It kept pulling her hair like if she was holding on to something. Ten more pulls and it yanked a good patch of bloody hair. She grabbed her cell phone and dialed 911 again. She screamed as they answered. It knew what cops where and how phones work. It didn’t matter to it. The demon started stomping her. After three stomps, it grabbed her left arm and pulled her up. It threw her against the light pole. She got up with courage. Her body filled with pain. She forced herself up. She couldn’t run. The Demon ran towards her and sliced her back. It got tired and just started biting. It began feasting on her. Her sweet blood hits it’s tongue. Blood is dripping on the edge of the sidewalk towards the wheels of the truck. It ripped out her tongue so her screams wouldn’t bother it. The demon felt stronger after each meal. The moonlight is bright tonight. Cats were staring at Carolina being eaten. She started breathing her last breath as the demon rips open her rip cage.

17: Marcos ran home. He lived three blocks away. Sherry went home. She parked a block away due to no parking spots. She lives two miles away. Tony hitched a ride with her. Even if they are out of the radius zone, they were not safe. Anyone out the radius zone can hear all the commotion. However, the demon’s feasting area is within a one mile radius. It only goes after those it was meant to feast on.  During all this horror, Andy and the others were able to relax. They got to Jerry’s house mourning after the death of Ashton. They needed to relax so they can tell their story. They didn't know how to explain it to Pamela.  As they all settled in, Jerry stood up and hugged his mother with tears. Andy explained the situation to his parents. “Mom…. Dad…. I don’t know how to say this…. Ashton is dead. He was murdered by some demon from hell….” Phillip interrupted laughing. “(laughing) Oh son, you are drunk! Honey,… I want to hear his story.” They figured it was drunk talk. They were glad he drove here safely. As they were trying to explain, the kitchen light turned black. No one noticed. More lights turned black. It was the sign of the ghost’s presence. The demon was near. Jerry noticed a blood dripping from Gopal. He walked towards him and noticed the blood was coming from his right rib cage. Gopal had gotten scratched. It wasn’t from the glass window. He doesn’t remember the demon scratching him. He didn’t feel pain.

18: Jane was paranoid that Andy drove there drunk. His dad Phillip was amused only because his son got their safe and ended up telling a ridiculous story. The electricity went out. The Demon silently entered the house and was behind everyone. It roared. Everybody turned around. It brought horrible fear towards everybody except Pamela. The Demon being more stronger was able to rip Phillip’s face off. His mom knew this wasn’t fake so she scream in terror. The Demon threw Sherry, Marcos, Gabriel and Jonathan’s head at Andy. One by one he threw the heads. It wasn’t able to get Tony and the other two. His mother ran outside thinking Andy was behind her. During this time cops were all over Andy’s place when they discovered mutilated, gutted, half eaten bodies. They were also at Sherry and Marcos house. The demon heated up all the windows and doors. Andy’s mother was locked out the house. She tried getting in. The door knob burned her hand. She tried breaking in the window but that too burned her hands. Jerry got his mother and ran towards the dining room. The house began to get warmer and warmer. Finally the ghost appeared and attacked the demon. Jeremy got a butcher knife and helped the ghost. The demon punched Jeremy’s stomach and it’s fist went through it. The demon got his intestines and ate them while being attacked. The ghost somehow got stronger and stronger. The demon was becoming weak. Andy and Gopal screamed in horror as Jeremy fell to the ground breathing his last breath. Andy’s father was still alive crawling up the sofa next to Andy. The ghost grabbed Andy, his father, and Gopal and took them to safety. Jerry was protecting his mother. The Demon managed to escape.

19: It started climbing the walls and looking for Jerry. Pamela started chanting in a strange language. Jerry was confused and stood beside her. The demon responded to her chants. “Master, oh master! I brought you to earth to feast and bring destruction over the rich!” She yelled. Pamela summoned the demon over Andy’s place. Andy wasn’t rich, but the party was enough to get the demon strong to do what he had to do to stay alive on earth. Pamela wanted to be the demon’s queen. After her husband died when Andy was only 4, she went crazy and started messing with witchcraft and black magic. However, Pamela asked for her son to be safe, but what she didn’t know would bring her consequences if the demon wasn’t able to feast on all it’s victims. The Demon roared at Jerry and snapped his neck. “My baby!!!” she screamed. The ghosts knew she summoned the beast. The ghost attacked again and this time weakened the demon completely. The house caught on fire and Pamela burned inside the house. Andy’s mother was safe outside. The ghosts saved them. During this time, they were taken to safety. Andy, his father and Gopal were in pitch darkness for a while due to the battle. A light started to appear. Andy was relieved. “All this time, I thought ghost were after me. Turns out they were protecting me all these years.” Andy told Gopal. He however didn’t know his Aunt Pamela was behind this. It was true, she was after him for a long time. She needed to sacrifice a family member to bring in the demon. The ghost that haunted him where protecting him. The voices he heard were ghosts warning him of his Aunt Pamela. Andy found out the truth when a woman appeared. She was beautiful. She appeared with long brown curly hair. She was wearing a long white dress. She looked like a wood nymph but without the wings.  She spoke in an Irish accent. She looked as though she lived in the forest. She looked clean. She had white teeth and didn’t smell. Her voice was happy and soothing. She was around her mid-thirties. She was padding Andy and Gopal with a damp towel. She calmed them down. As the light grew brighter, their location got more clearer. Andy was more aware of his surroundings. He couldn’t move. He was laying down on a table that had wheels. Him and Gopal were tied down on the table. As they stopped moving, the rotting corpses who appeared as ghost were waiting to feast on them. They were already feasting on Andy’s father. They were also feasting on the friends that disappeared. During the party the ghost took them while the demon was distracted. The woman appeared in her true rotting form.  

20: It turns out Andy’s childhood fears were true. They wanted to take him into the darkness and feast on him. What they didn’t know is that the ghosts were telling the truth. They rescued them. However, the evil spirits and the demon had a battle with their food. Throughout history, these kind of spirits and the demon that came upon Andy’s home never got along. Throughout millions of years, these battles occurred on earth. Out of millions of people, hundreds were caught in between the battle as Andy was. What Andy didn’t’ know is that his old house as a child was on a burial ground. Coincidently, his recent house was also on a burial ground. The only reason why the ghosts followed him to Pamela’s house was because Andy has a few skeletal teeth he found under the house on his keychain. He got it made. Those teeth belonged to one of the spirits. Out of hundreds of victims, the evil spirits were able to enter earth and haunt whoevers living on their burial ground. They would take them as food. These particular burials grounds are haunted by certain spirits that feast to get a higher ranking. There is a ranking in hell.

21: These ghosts feast on the flesh of humans. They don’t get stronger and they don’t invade earth like this particular Demon wanted to do. They need to feast in order to get into a higher rank. Pamela had no clue. The Demon had no clue. The demon isn’t aware of the burial grounds.  However, these spirits are not allowed to eat children. Andy tried to escape. These spirits were in their physical bodies. The ghosts don’t check in their food’s pockets when stripping them of their clothes. Gopal’s mysterious cut came from one of the ghosts. Gopal had a knife in his pocket that he was able to reach. He cut himself loose from the ropes . He cut Andy free. From the right side where they were standing is the east side. That is where they escaped. “Andy! Look! It seems to be a cave where we can climb up.” Gopal yelled. They ran like a scared cat. The ghosts surrounding the feasting ground weren’t able to move. The cave led them to a sewer. The sewer was a burial ground as well. It was 25 miles from their home. The cave didn’t take as long as they thought. They thought they were down in the center of the earth. However, since they were dealing with the supernatural, they made it out in twenty minutes. Each time they were getting closer and closer, the ground shook. The ghosts couldn’t do anything. They had to feast on the bodies they had.  They finally got out of the sewer. Hours passed and Andy got a hold of his mother. She picked them up. The Demon was now trapped back in hell. The cops found Carolina’s body, and half the bodies of Gabriel and Jonathan. According to Sherry’s neighbors and Marcos parents, a demon attack.

22: What the cops think was that a crazy cannibal went lose on the streets dressed up as a demon on Christmas eve and on Christmas day. It’s now 11:00 am Christmas day, the surviving friends Arnold and Priscilla got a hold of Andy and mourned with him. The news cast interviewed them. “……… Surviving members of this brutal attack, Andy Lautner, his mother Jane Lautner, Gopal Dubashi, Arnold Sotelo, Tony Moreno and Priscilla Masterson were victims of a cannibalistic man who ran the streets of Los Angeles…..”… As the night was almost over, Andy didn’t become traumatized. He felt the need to do some spiritual healing. Gopal and Andy helped each other through every step of the way. Gopal’s family is in india while he’s staying with his Aunt. His parenets moved back to India when he entered college. Arnold was traumatized. The demon found him at a gas station and terrorized the place. Arnold escaped with his vehicle and took off as far as he could towards the west side. He left California and moved to Arizona. Priscilla accidently ran into the demon. She was at a friend’s house.  She left the house and drove in front of the demon. It was bloody from Sherry’s and Jonathan’s body. It was holding Jonathan’s and Sherry’s head. She took off as though she was drifting. Priscilla grew closer with her family. Jane is in therapy.  


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