For just one night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

This writing is about loneliness and longing for truth. True love, true warmth, and true comfort of that love and warmth even if it is for just one night.

It's ok breathe me in, let me breathe you in...

I loved watching him and the way he would look at me

he was a thought, another dimension, I was watching a movie

I felt like shivering when he wrapped his arm around me

once I smelled him couldn't get away to easily

His eyes brown as can be, so illustrated in showing so much

and never saying a thing

For just one night...

My emptyness could disappear

as he wraps both arms around me tight with warmth and love

holding me steady like it was my heart he could hear

For just one night...

I could have a friend and we could laugh until we fell to the floor,

just like kids with such innocense that was spreaded with realism that equals true

No defenses, no hesitations, no games, no win no lose

Telling our secrets as we lay next to each other, never even think to consider to wonder

what we'd do

For just one night....

I can look into his eyes and find something I could swear I once knew

Something soft, clear and tangible, something so amazingly warm and not blue

Moments like these I remember how fun it used to be

to just connect without bull-shit, to feel something, to feel free

As we lay here wrapped up in this blanket of pure giving, he moves closer as my head sinks

into his chest, I see his arm never left me

I sigh...for tomorrow doesn't excist and I shall not see light

For now for this moment he is my lullaby, my melody

Feeling almost home...I close my eyes

It's ok breathe me in, let me breathe you in...

When I awake I will see you right next to me, as the sun begins to rise

I know it's ok, it's all leave now that there is light

I move to his face and he reaches his hand to my cheek

As I part my lips to kiss goodbye

I get up making my way out walking in stride with my air of thankfulness 

I have no need to turn back

With the warmth of his smell breezing off of me, would now

Be a thought that I lacked

It was just this that could ever possibly be,

No escape, no capture, but just to let it be

I surrendered to my body as it left me with this......

For just one night...

There was a place like home

For just one night

Submitted: March 21, 2011

© Copyright 2021 JusticeJames. All rights reserved.

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