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I wrote this a few years ago,a little naive still in the midst of really learning about people.

Submitted: June 12, 2010

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Submitted: June 12, 2010



2007 in June, yet again another blue moon

New beginings and masks revealed

He's telling me lies but his lips are sealed.

My last straw of everything I can't believe this coward did this to me

He claimed to represent openness honesty

But that was his weapon, that was his key

People actually looked up to him

believing he is actually such a person.

He acted as though he knew

Making sure his good words were heard so people think they were true

But yet there was this beauty about him that of course at first you would think is good

Something that was only seen, but never heard

Something lingering in his eyes for a moment when he would look at me

Something he would try to hide as if he was so good at not letting anyone see

Such a person he claims.

He would tell me about letting go of things and accepting anything for what it is

He would say, "I care about my friends", he would always give

I loved seeing him his presence helped teach me to live.

I loved talking to him he gave me butterflys

He could really make me laugh we had good times.

A certain extent of intimacy

The deep enjoyment of sharing certain things

And yet such a person he claims to be.

This person lied to me

Tryed to push me up under a rug so he could leave

Alot of people in my life have hurt me

But this was something, yet again I couldn't even begin to believe.

Such a coward

He doesn't aim to be

Such a liar

It's all about honesty

Such love and caring

That bastard couldn't give a crap about me.

Oh, but tish, tosh

Because this is all nonsense you see

Because these very things this person would never claim to be.

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