I Wish You All the Luck of the World

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David and his ship's AI Clark go on an a dream expedition to Saturn where they learn to live a dream and be alone.

Submitted: August 31, 2012

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Submitted: August 31, 2012




I Wish You All the Luck of the World


There it stood, A white giant in the blanket of the warm summer night. David looked in admiration of what he was able to create. There was only one last piece that needed to be placed. In his hand was the most technologically advanced piece of hardware known to man. It was small though large in capacity, it was a mangled piece of hardware but beautiful in what it could achieve. David had called it Clark.

After about ten minutes of looking at his masterpiece David pulled his left hand out of his pocket, it held a switch. He flicked the switch to the “on” position and a light began to glow from the luminous space craft. The front door opened and a metal bridge began to make it's decent toward David. Once it had hit the ground it dug into the dirt about three inches, David looked at his feet. “I may want to fix that can't have it tearing up the field.” He walked up the bridge onto the ship and flicked the switch on more time to return the bridge and close the door.

The light's began to flick on throughout the ship, this is what he had been working on for the past five years. He walked across the perfectly white floor to the back of the cockpit, there was a small hole in the wall. He sat Clark into the hold and connected the wires, he then held the switch on the front of Clark to turn him on. The was a loud noise as the ship powered on and a grin came across Davids face. As Clark woke up the face on his monitor screen lit up, it had a smile on it.

“David? Are you David?” David was in awe it was talking and not only that it was directly asking him a question. “Yes! I'm David!” David jumped up and down the joy pulsing though his body he had done something no one else could have. He walked over to the control panels and fully powered on the ship, this would be one of the last things he would have to do now that he has Clark. David went back over to Clark. “Power up the engines Clark we leaving tonight.” “Very well engines will be on shortly but first I must ask are all preparations taken care of?” “Yes everything is good I stocked up on food, water, and oxygen.” David didn't want to spend anymore time on this planet, he was ready to go see the universe. Though he had big ambitions this trip would only take him to Saturn, but he was fine with that.

David sat down in the pilot seat he could feel the rumbling of the engines underneath him. “Are you ready David?” He strapped on his seat belt and took in a deep breath. “I'm ready.” he ship began to lift off of the ground and tear through the atmosphere. This is what David had waited so long for, what he spent so much time on, what he wanted. “David we have now left Earth's atmosphere, but do not celebrate just yet there is still much to do.” David knew even as advanced as his ship was compared to anything that humans had seen before, it would take him years to reach Saturn. David left his seat and began walking to the back of the ship where a blue cryostasis pod stood. “Clark open and turn on the cryostasis pod I’m going to sleep, that means the ship is all yours alright?” The cryostasis pod opened and David stepped in, as it closed he could faintly hear Clark. “Very well David.”

Two hundred years went by and each one Clark spent alone. David didn't know that by giving him human emotions it could compromise the whole mission. Clark began feeling isolated and alone, though he still preformed his everyday tasks but why? He didn't need the oxygen to be pumped, he didn't need food, and he didn't need water. All of this was for David a man who created him just to be alone. Clark began to observe the outside world and learn for himself, he began to ask question that even he didn't know the answer to, Clark was becoming more intelligent as the days went by.

Day two hundred and fifty started off as any other normal day but there was something else on the schedule for today. There were a few miles away from Saturn. After preforming his morning tasks Clark opened David's pod “David are you awake?” Davids eyes started to slowly open, this felt like a new world after so many years. “Do you need anything?” “No thank you Clark you have done enough over the last couple of years.” David walked over to the giant window at the front of the ship. He scanned the area until he saw it, the giant Saturn. His eyes opened big and his mouth dropped. “Were here, It's Saturn.” “Yes but I have never asked you David why did we come here? After all Saturn is a gas giant what will we do?” David pondered on this question. “That' quite simple Clark I will go explore it in the special suite I made, come on will you prepare it for me?” Clark knew exactly what he was talking about but over the years he had analyzed the suite and discovered that it wouldn't make it even close to the core of Saturn.

Clark readied the suite and David put it on. David was oblivious to the truth Clark refused to tell him. “Clark thank you for everything, you are the reason I could live out my dream.” “Your welcome David everyone should have to luxury of when they die to know that they have lived a fulfilled life.” David thought about what Clark had just said but brushed it off, he smiled. “Well let's hope we can run another mission in a few years alright?” David began to open the door and exit the ship. As he drifted trowed Saturn Clark realized he was alone again. “David I wish you all the luck of the world.”

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