To Hold Her Hand

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A warm, light-hearted love story of a boy and a girl. This poem is basically about what true love should be. If you're tired of those rather depressing love poems/songs that people put out all the time, you may find this refreshing.

Submitted: August 25, 2010

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Submitted: August 25, 2010



As he holds her hand,

And walks her home

On a dark December night,

The feeling is unstoppable, devouring his entire being

As he holds her hand,

As she swings back and forth,

He feels a passion he’s never felt before,

A passion that could never be defined by words

As he holds her hand,

All he can think of is her beauty;

Eyes bluer than the beautiful afternoon sky,

Hair more bright and shiny than gold

As he holds her hand,

All he can feel is her passionate inner self

Pouring out all she is,

Holding on to who they are together

When he holds her hand

He discovers just who he really is

She allows him to be more than he thought he was;

She helps him become more than he ever could have been

And as he kisses her goodnight—

Such a delightful moment, only to last what feels like a second—

He regrets the seconds more it hadn’t lasted,

For he longs to be with her all that much longer

All beauty she could gain,

All youth she could lose,

Nothing matters to him anymore,

For her loveliness transcends all her flaws

To hold her hand is

To enter a fantastic world of miracles;

To know her intimately is

To live an unending dream


"To love is to live an unending dream, where a new miracle happens at every moment."

J. Farnsworth

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