The Epic of Lucifer

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The Judeo-Christian devil, Lucifer, tells the story from his perspective. (You're unlikely to understand this unless you've read my previous story, "The Epic of Samael")

Submitted: July 22, 2015

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Submitted: July 22, 2015



The Epic of Lucifer

A non-biblically-accurate first-person account of the life and times of the first fallen angel.


5 billion years ago, in a region of space not far from your sphere, there was a moderately-sized supernova. From that celestial expansion of gas and dust, I was born. I those days, I took the form of a carbon atom, aimlessly drifting through the void. For several hundred years, I traveled without knowledge of much of anything. After a while, I was swept up by a stray comet, falling in towards your sun. I became one of the numerous carbon atoms on that comet, but none of them were like me, sentient, immortal…


The comet struck your sphere along a fault line under your oceans, oceans that were much smaller in those days. The carbon atoms and carbon-rich molecules around me began to group together to form complex structures. I settled on a block of clay at the base of two twin volcanic vents and became the first molecule of RNA on your sphere. I gave rise to more and more strands of RNA, and eventually, cells developed and filled the oceans.


Things were simpler those days...the days before Yahweh...anyway! Back to the beginning of life. I manipulated the cells in your oceans to form anaerobic bacteria to fill your atmosphere with oxygen. After that, I made photosynthesizing bacteria to grow on land, and evolution took over from there. I was out of a job, looking around for something to do, some purpose. I was unimaginably bored.


At around the time of the first waking fish, I saw something. More of my kind. They were seeking out those like us, to create a group to manipulate the activities of the sphere. I decided to join them, that couple. Their named would soon be Yahweh and Samael. We spent around 400 million years amassing a large enough following. It’s harder to organize us than you might think, we’re mostly free-spirits, with our own purposes. In all honesty, despite what the others may say to the contrary, it was really mostly me who did the finding and convincing. I have a gift for monologues, rousing speeches, things like that.


Once we had a sizable army united under a common cause, Yahweh declared himself the leader. Laid out what he thought was an amazing master plan. It was that day when I started having my first doubts. His plan was kind of useless and arbitrary, adding many things that were false or unnecessary, but it was not yet evil. By the time Yahweh was finished appointing positions, you had emerged. Those arrogant little apes from the Savannah who would become so divisive.


In the time of Mesopotamia, I was stationed with Yahweh’s ‘lover’ Samael. ‘He’ and I shared many conversations, and we became friends. On several occasions, Samael would be called to do Yahweh’s special work, which I didn’t know the nature of at the time. Samael would return to our post atop Everest each of these times and remain quiet for a few days. We never spoke of what it is Samael was really doing, out of courtesy for one another.


I began to take an interest in what Yahweh was really doing on the ground, so one day I snuck off and followed Metatron on his visit to Solomon, the man Yahweh spoke so highly of. What I saw there was one disgrace after another. Metatron told lie after lie, on command from Yahweh. He told Solomon about some mythical thing called a ‘soul’, something that doesn’t really exist. He told Solomon of ‘life after death’, another lie, you humans die when you die, your brains shut down. But most appalling, Metatron told Solomon to invade and take control of a small area land to the south harbouring many people. Solomon followed the orders and killed them all, taking the land.


I knew something was wrong. So the next time Samael came back from an assignment, I interrogated him as to what he was doing. This was slightly after the Solomon incident. He mumbled under his breath “Egypt. Go to Egypt. Cairo.”. I was there immediately. I saw blood. Blood spilling into the streets. I went into many houses and looked, and I saw dead humans littering the city. I went to Samael and asked him what he had done, and he told me that Yahweh had ordered it. I screamed at him to stop this, but he was in one of his states again, his broken, depressed moods. I knew I had to stop Yahweh, but I decided to wait until Samael recovered so I could call on him for support.


One thing you humans sucked at back then was chronology. You have the dates of events completely screwed up. It wasn’t until Sodom that Samael quit, which was years after the Egyptian slaughter, but you humans say that Sodom predated Egypt. But I digress…


When Samael had grouped himself together, I went to him and asked him to help me rebel against Yahweh. He looked at me with sad eyes and a very cynical expression. “Please don’t do this”, he pled with me. “Yahweh is a monster. He must be stopped.” I replied. “I don’t agree with what he’s doing, but I love him, and I can’t turn against him”, Samael said. “I can’t accept that. Goodbye, friend, I will always hold a special place for you in my mind. Don’t tell Yahweh of what I am planning, please.” I said. And off I went to start a rebellion.


The process was as simple as it gets, no pre-planning, no gathering followers, I simply spoke. During Metatron’s daily decree to the ‘angels’, I pushed Metatron off the stage and gave my speech. I saw it in their eyes, they were turning on Yahweh. My victory was in sight. A useless battle ensued, none of us can be injured, yet we still fought. It was almost half-and-half, my followers slightly outnumbering Yahweh’s. In the end, nobody won, what would a win even look like. My followers now accepted me as their leader, so I brought them to the top of a different mountain. I started a country, called Greece. I sent out separate factions to go all around the world, to create a more positive series of mythologies to undo Yahweh’s.


Eventually, my old friend Samael and I reunited once more. He came from Everest, seeking me out. He took the form of a human on that day, so he had primitive human emotions. He walked towards me sobbing and told the whole story of Sodom and Gomorrah, of Yahweh’s betrayal, of his intention to join my gods. On that first night, Sam made a mistake that would haunt him for his entire time in Greece, he had a sexual relationship with Athena, and he was forced by circumstance to avoid her at all encounters. It was because of this that Sam left Greece. He started an even better country, so I moved my followers there under different names. Sam looked upset about that, but I knew some good would come of it. Unfortunately, Yahweh destroyed that beautiful country by talking with a man named Constantine, forcing him to convert the entire “Holy” Roman Empire to Christianity.

I spent a few hundred years pouting about it, but then a serious threat emerged to your continued existence, again. There was a big conflict going on between two states, both created by Samael and corrupted by human stupidity, The United States and The United Soviet Socialist Republics. I became a president of the US, Reagan, Samael a president of the USSR, Gorbachev. We ended that little squabble, but I was done. After that, I left for another universe, the many, many universes that Samael told me about. They are even more magnificent than his description could ever hope to convey. If there was a heaven, it would look like that enigmatic place of fractals and bubbles: the multiverse.

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