I Don't Want To Be a Rock Star: Season 1 Episode 2

Script by: justinjay


Brian is helping Lisa study; however Brandon suspects Brian has a crush on his girlfriend. Alex musters up the courage to ask Vicky Green out without heeding the warnings from Keith and Gregz about "The Vicky Green Rejection". Enjoy!


Submitted: January 18, 2013

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Submitted: January 18, 2013




Episode 2 – Now You See Me…



Modern tech high – lunch period in the cafeteria – Students are sitting in booths or tables eating breakfast – In the middle of the cafeteria Keith White, Brian Danvers, Gregz Mitchell and Alex are sitting in the table

Keith:Alright guys, first thing first. I know that it’s bothering us but I have to say it

Brian: I know what you’re talking about

Keith: You do?

Brian: Absolutely! The school really needs to appoint a hallway monitor. I don’t feel protected when I take my bathroom breaks when class is in session

Gregz: (upset, staring Brian coldly) why don’t you just die?

Keith: Um, that was a good point Bri, but not what I wanted to talk about. I’m worried that there hasn’t been any gigs open for us. Like come on we are so ready, we have the instruments…

Alex: We have the skills

Gregz: We have the members

Alex: And the looks (smiles)

Brian: I’ve always seemed to forget to ask, what is the name of our group?

Keith: Ummm

Alex: Ummmm (trying to answer the question) its’ uh..ummmm

Keith: …ummmm (Vicky Green and two of her friends; Shelly and Debby. Who are carbon copies of Vicky. Shelly has orange hair and Debby has black hair. The girls pass by the table where the boys are sitting)

Vicky: (waves at Keith) Hiiiii handsome (the other girls giggle)

Keith: Oh hey Vicky!

Alex: (stares at Vicky) hi Vicky! (Vicky ignores him, the girls walk on by to their table)

Gregz: That was pathetic, Keith

Keith: What was pathetic?

Brian: What Gregz is referring to is how Vicky is madly in love with you and you don’t seem to be picking up the obvious signals

Keith: In love with me? No way you guys are crazy. Vicky Green is not a girl who falls in love

Alex: (defensive) you don’t know that!

Brian: Keith, half the school knows her admiration of you. But you don’t give her the time of day

Keith: (chuckles) Well look what we have here, never knew you’re such a little gossip queen there, Bri

Brian: Oh please! I have no time for any gossips, Alex told me that!

Alex: I know how to smolder that fire you guys, I’m going to ask Vicky out (everyone in the table gasps)

Keith: You’re kidding right?

Gregz: Get ready for the rejection

Keith: And not just any rejection, we’re talking about the “Vicky Green rejection” a rejection that will leave a stamp on your heart! Remember Peter the senior?

Brian: Ah, yes that poor soul

Alex: I don’t care you guys I’m going for it, she’s a human being like every one of us and she has a heart, she has feelings. And of course she’s the hottest girl in school

Brian: I object to that

Keith: (looks over at Vicky’s table) look you guys! It’s Ned Smansky!

(The boys look where Keith is pointing, witnessing the scene. Ned; who is an average teen with a big thick eye glasses is talking to Vicky while she’s sitting down and texting, the girls around her are doing the same. Ignoring him)

Keith: Ned has waited weeks to ask Vicky out, got prepared for this moment. Alex, in 3 seconds you’re going to see what’ll happen if you ask her out. Bri, start the countdown!

Brian: (looks at his wrist watch) Three…two…one (Ned passes by the table where the boys are sitting, heartbroken and close to tears)

Ned: (mutters) there’s no point in living!

Gregz: (yells out) welcome to my world!




Scene 1


Modern tech high – hallways- Brian and Keith are walking down - Lisa Small catches up to them

Lisa: (exhausted from running) oh thank god I found you guys!

Keith: Whoa! You alright Lisa?

Lisa: No! I was looking for you guys everywhere; I need your help Brian

Brian: (stutters) m-m-my help?

Lisa: Yeah! Mr. Tex is giving my class a test this Friday; I totally forgot to study this week

Brian: Hm. It’s in two days, what do you want me to do?

Lisa: I was hoping you could tutor me after school in the library

Keith: (leans over to Brian and whispers) dude, this is your chance

Brian: (elbows Keith) Um, s-s-sure Lisa, I’ll be glad to help out

Lisa: (excited) Yay! Meet me in the library 3:30! Don’t be late! (leaves)

Brian: (to himself) I wouldn’t miss it for the world my love

Keith: Well, well look who’s moving up in Lisa’s ladder?

Brian: I am a little concerned if her athletic boyfriend will be a thorn

Keith: Oh don’t worry about it you’re just helping Lisa out with her history. It’s not like a date or anything

Brian: Yes, you’re right

Keith: Well if he did find out that something is going on he will destroy your face

Brian: (sarcastically) thank you, for the optimistic reassuring news


Scene 2


Hallways – the other side – Vicky and her friends; Shelly and Debby are talking while Alex and Gregz are standing in a distance; observing them

Gregz: Look at them, a pack of wild animals ready to be unleashed in this school

Alex: (looks at Gregz, confused) dude, what are you talking about?

Gregz: You’re willing to risk your life to ask her out?

Alex: It’s not a big deal! How can she me turn me down? I could sing, I have the looks (thinking) Ummm and I have ummm

Gregz: Obviously not the brains

Vicky: (texting on her phone while talking to Shelly and Debby) Marsha’s party was so boring!

Debby: Totally

Vicky: She just texted me that she’s going to have another party this Saturday, she obviously doesn’t know how it feels to be blocked (clicks a button on her phone) Blocked!

Shelly: Totally! (both Shelly and Debby click buttons at the same time)

Debby: Oh no, don’t look now Vicky, here comes Randy Groover

Vicky: (shaking her head) oh no

Randy: (A lean and tall teen with a skin problem. Very shaky .Walks over to Vicky) so Vicky, I have no plans this Saturday so I was wondering if you…

Vicky: (while Randy is talking, Vicky is texting on her phone. A second later Debby gets a text message)

Debby: (reading the text out loud) Vicky says get out of her face Randy, you’re sucking all of her air

Randy: (defeated) alright fine! (storms off upset, the girls are laughing)

Gregz: A pack of wild beasts! Killing any pure soul that passes their circle!

Alex: I have to work on my pick up line tonight


Scene 3


Mr. Jay’s math class – Keith, Brian, Alex and Gregz are sitting in the same table talking quietly while Mr. Jay is teaching. Brian is trying to do his work and pay attention

Alex: Wow, so Brian has a date with Lisa later? (smiling)

Brian: (still looking at his notebook) it’s not a date

Keith: But what are you going to do Bri? What’s going to be your “move”?

Brian: “Move” what move?

Alex: You know “moves”, how are you going to get her to kiss you?

Brian: (stops working and faces Alex) I am not going to do that, I promised her that I would her help with her history and that is all. I am not going to use education and knowledge to seduce Lisa, I’ll have you know she really needs my help and I’m not about to fail her

Keith: Alright take it easy

Mr. Jay: (hears Keith’s voice; annoyed) for the love of god! Mr. White will you ever be quite in my class!?

Keith: What!? What did I do? I didn’t say anything!

Mr. Jay: Tell me Mr. White, what is your motivation in this class? What are you gaining in life by disrupting this class? Just tell me?

Keith: (chuckles) man, I know you haven’t gotten any “action” at home (the whole class laughs) what’s going on? The wife is making you sleep at the couch?

Mr. Jay: (furious) alright, that’s it! To the principals office! NOW!

Keith: (getting up from his chair, whispering to the guys in the table) oh thank god I wouldn’t survive in here for another minute!


Scene 4


After school – outside the library room – Brian and Lisa step in the hallways

Lisa: Wow that was fun!

Brian: We covered a lot of grounds, like I’ve told you before we read the passages; we have to view global history as if we’re viewing the news. Dissect every detail for detail

Lisa: I just know I can ace that test on Friday

Brian: I’ve never doubted you

Lisa: Aww thanks buddy (hugs Brian; Brian closes his eye with enjoyment) I have to go, continue tomorrow same time same place?

Brian: Absolutely

Lisa: Bye (exits)

Brian: (sighs, packs up his book bag and starts walking. Takes a corner and runs into Brandon. Who looks upset) oh! (scared)

Brandon: What were you doing with my girl? Uh?

Brian: (starts walking backward, stuttering) w-w-w-we were studying!

Brandon: What you think I am? Stupid? I know you like her. Every time she’s around you, you light up like a Christmas tree. You sweat bullets every time she calls your name. I know the signs, and I know what you were doing just now! Trying to make time with her (cracks his knuckles)

Brian: (scared to death) n-n-no you got it all wrong! You don’t understand…

Brandon: (yells) WHAT I DON’T UNDERSTAND!?

Brian: (thinking) I, I don’t like Lisa, I Uh… I don’t like girls!

Brandon: (confused) what? What you mean?

Brian: I, I never did like Lisa or any girl in the school

Brandon: Wait hold on (regains his composure) you’re telling me that you don’t like girls? That means (pauses then face lights up with astonishment) you’re gay?

Brian: (playing along)  yeeeah, sure. That’s right! I’m gay!

Brandon: (chuckles) dude! Wow I feel so bad now for attacking you like that. I’m so sorry. Man I never knew! That explains everything!

Brian: It does?

Brandon: Oh yeah!

Brian: Yes, however I am still in the closet. This whole conversation just stays between us, okay?

Brandon: Yeah, sure, sure! WOW what a day! Brian Danvers: gay guy! That has a ring to it! Right?

Brian: Um, yes (regretting) so can you keep the secret?

Brandon: Sure bro! Or should I call you sis? What you prefer?

Brian: (sighs) “Bro”

Brandon: Secrets saved with me, see ya later (exits)

Brian: (covers his face) what in Darwin’s name have I done?




Scene 1


Modern tech high – cafeteria – Keith, Brian, Alex and Gregz are sitting in their table eating breakfast

Keith: You’re gay!?

Brian: Apparently so

Alex: (dying of laughter) oh man! Did he fall for it?

Brian: Yes, it was the only excuse I can come up with at the moment

Keith: I guess we have a gay member in our band (looks at Alex laughing, starts to smile)

Brian: This is humiliating! Why did I have to be involved in the spoils of romance? If only I had the finesse to stand up to Brandon!

Alex: (laughing) stand up and kiss him, right? (laughs out loud)

Gregz: Your “little lie” is not going to work

Brian: Excuse me?

Gregz: What makes you think he’s going to believe that? You can never pull it off!

Brian: (gets upset) I beg to differ!

Gregz: Sooner or later; Brandon is going to find out. You’re too much of a nerd to even hold on to this lie!

Brian: Now you listen to me…

Keith: (interrupts) Okay, that’s enough. It was the right thing to do Bri, now you can stare and drool over Lisa all you want without having Brandon going berserker mode

Brian: Yes, unfortunately I am not proud of my deceit

Gregz: (everyone continues eating normally) gay nerd

Alex: (burst out laughing) oh god! (Brian gets upset)


Scene 2


Modern tech high – hallways – Keith, Alex and Gregz walk out of class after the bell rings and spots Vicky with Debby and Shelly

Keith: Oh, there’s Vicky

Alex: Yep

Gregz: Are you ready, Alex?

Alex: I’ve spent the whole night practicing my pick up line. And I know for sure it has to work!

Keith: How sure are you?

Alex: Like very, very sure

Keith: You do know if it fails, Vicky will destroy your reputation so fast your head will spin

Alex: (thinking) Hmmm, I know I’m ready

Gregz: Forget approaching her, here she comes now

Vicky: (walks up to the boys) Hiiii handsome

Keith: Hey Vicky, what’s up?

Vicky: There’s this lame party this Saturday in Marsha’s place, you can save me from boring death if you go with me

Keith: Sorry Vicky, I have rehearsal

Alex: I could go!

Vicky: (ignoring Alex) you sure you can’t come?

Keith: Very sure, need to keep practicing if any gigs come up

Alex: I could go!

Vicky: (ignoring Alex) come on, it’s going to be real quick. I have no one else to go with

Alex: I could go!

Keith: Sorry can’t do it

Alex: I could go!

Vicky: (ignoring Alex) fine, talk to you later handsome (exits)

Gregz: (looking at Alex) nice going Alex

Alex: (frustrated) I was just, you know, melting the ice

Keith: “Melting the ice”? It looked to me she was setting you up in flames

Alex: Oh yeah sure, you saw that but she was really digging me. Guys you really need to pick up the signals! I don’t know why I hang out with you losers (walks away)


Scene 3


The library – Brian and Lisa are studying, quietly

Brian: …and remember each river was a major contribution to these early Egyptian civilizations

Lisa: (writing down notes) cool. Brian you are so smart

Brian: Thank you (flattered)

Lisa: I’m sorry but I have to ask. Why did you join Keith’s band? You don’t look like the person who plays rock music

Brian: (startled by the question) Um, well. Uh

Lisa: It’s just out of nowhere you play the bass and join this band. It’s really unexpected, coming from you

Brian: Well, I ah. I’m in love with (pauses) music. I’m madly in love with music. Ever since I was a child, my uncle taught me how to play the instrument and from then on I’ve never looked back

Lisa: Oh wow, I never knew

Brian: Yeah. Can I ask you something? I hope you won’t get offended by the content of the question

Lisa: (smiles) ask away

Brian: Why are you in a relationship with Brandon?

Lisa: (startled by the question) wow, what a question

Brian: My apologies

Lisa: Its ok, Um, Brandon makes me feel safe. It’s always reassuring to know that he’s there to protect me. And I just feel that he needs me in his life, before he met me he was considering joining a gang. If it wasn’t for me he would have been in prison or worse

Brian: (sarcastically) and we wouldn’t have that wont we?

Lisa: I just think that it was fate that placed us together, and we’ve been happy ever since. Plus do I have to say it? His body…

Brian: (interrupts) Yes, yes I understand

Lisa: (chuckles) sorry it was uncalled for. Wow look at us, we’re bonding

Brian: It seems so (Mrs. Gray; the old Liberian that has a reputation for being cranky walks over to them)

Mrs. Gray: (angry whisper) GET OUT

Brian: w-w-why?

Mrs. Gray: Both of you are too loud! Everyone here has been complaining because of you two! This is a library not a cafeteria! GET OUT!

Lisa: But…

Mrs. Gray: OUT!!!!


Scene 4


Outside the library – hallways – Lisa and Brian are laughing

Brian: That was humiliating

Lisa: Never thought I would be kicked out of a library

Brian: There’s always a first

Lisa: I hope that was the last (Brandon enters)

Brandon: (kisses Lisa on the cheek) hey babe, ready to go?

Lisa: Yeah

Brandon: (gives Brian a fist pump) hey sis-I mean Bro! What’s up?

Brian: (fake smile) everything is great

Lisa: See you tomorrow Brian and thank you for everything

Brandon: Yeah bro take it easy (wraps his arms around Lisa and walk away)

Brian: (alone and depressed) yeah, I’ll “take it easy” without the girl I love and without a library




Modern tech high – hallways – Keith and Gregz are walking until they see Alex talking to Vicky

Keith: Oh my god! This is it!

Gregz: It’s too late to save him now

Alex: Hey Vicky, can I ask you something?

Vicky: What!?

Alex: (pauses for a second) Um, where did you get that phone? (Pointing to her pink blackberry phone)

Vicky: My dad got it, it’s a limited customized edition, and only 30 have been made

Alex: Oh that’s cool

Vicky: That’s it?

Alex: Yep, that’s all (walks away towards Keith and Gregz)

Keith: That’s it? I thought you were going to ask her out?

Alex: Why should I? (smug face) there’s more fishes in the sea

Gregz: You have got to be kidding me

Alex: You “losers” should really learn from me (walks away with a strut)




© Copyright 2017 justinjay. All rights reserved.

I Don't Want To Be a Rock Star: Season 1 Episode 2 I Don't Want To Be a Rock Star: Season 1 Episode 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Humor



Status: Finished

Genre: Humor



Brian is helping Lisa study; however Brandon suspects Brian has a crush on his girlfriend. Alex musters up the courage to ask Vicky Green out without heeding the warnings from Keith and Gregz about "The Vicky Green Rejection". Enjoy!
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