I Don't Want To Be a Rock Star: Season 1 Episode 4

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Lisa gets detention! And the only way to spare her from enduring the punishment is by Brian getting detention to spend time with her (according to Brian of course). However Detention is not a picnic! Enjoy!


Episode 4 – Detention




Modern tech high – Hallways – Brian Danvers, Gregz Mitchell and Alex are standing by the lockers

Alex: Guys, I finally have an easy way to pick up chicks!

Brian: For the last time, I am not coming to school without a pair of pants!

Alex: Listen up; we should start our own blog!

Gregz: Seriously? A blog

Alex: Girls love blogs!

Brian: And where have you picked up this piece of information?

Alex: From that new show “Blog masters” it shows you how much girls love blogs!

Gregz: “Blog masters”?

Alex: Yeah! Chicks love to write blogs, comment on blogs, make blogs and blog on blogs

Brian: And what should our blog be about?

Alex: I don’t know, we can blog about anything and get super popular from that

Gregz: Take care of that

Alex: Yeah, you know I will

Gregz: I’m talking about your brain

(Keith White runs up to the boys)

Keith: (breathless) guys! Have you heard what happened!?

Brian: What is it?

Keith: Its…its (huffing) Lisa!

Brian: (worried) what about Lisa!? Tell me (clutches Keith’s shirt) tell me now!

Keith: (Brian releases) she got over an argument with Mr. Jay last period, he gave her detention!

Brian: (gasps) no! m-m-my Lisa!?

Gregz: You mean Brandon’s Lisa

Brian: (snaps Gregz a look) this is not good, poor Lisa

Keith: Yeah I know that sucks, how is she going to edit our website tonight?

Brian: (upset) how dare you think of that now!? Is the website really important?

Alex: Um, yeah dude

Brian: We need to break her out of there! She can not be in detention!

Keith: Are you crazy? It’s too late. She has to go to the dean’s room at 3:00. There’s no other choice

Brian: (sad) but poor Lisa will be there by herself (thinking then) unless!

Keith: Unless what?

Brian: What If I attend detention with her!?

Alex: You can’t go to detention; you have to get in trouble

Gregz: Plus, you’re a nerd

Brian: Hear my words my friends! I will get in trouble and attend detention! I SWEAR IT!

Alex: Dude, this is totally going to be in my blog!




Scene 1


Modern tech high – The Cafeteria – Keith, Brian, Gregz and Alex are sitting in their table. The boys are talking to Lisa Small who is standing holding her plate

Lisa: Mr. Tex assigned my class a project that is due tomorrow! I’m not done with it, I didn’t even start it. So I thought it would be cool to work on it during Mr. Jay’s class. But then he caught me…

Keith: Oh no, then what happened?

Lisa: He told me stuff about focusing more in his class if I want to pass. He got me upset and I (pause) called him a name

Brian: A name?

Keith: What name?

Lisa: Let’s just say the name had to involve the word “mother”

Brian: (gasp loudly) my lord!

Keith: (chuckles) no way!

Lisa: Long story short… I have detention today!

Keith: Damn!

Lisa: Totally worth it though (smiles)

Alex: (giggling and typing in his phone, for a second he stops and looks at Lisa) hey Lisa! What’s up? I heard you got detention

Lisa: Yeah Alex. I just told you guys the whole story, you weren’t listening?

Alex: Ummmmm

Gregz: He was on his phone the whole time

Brian: (to Alex; upset) How can you be so vile?

Alex: Guys sorry, I was creating my blog! This is awesome

Keith: You have a blog now? Why?

Gregz: (sighs) let’s not get into this again

Lisa: What’s your blog about?

Alex: My thoughts in the way of life

Brian: You have thoughts?

Keith: Dude, seriously? “Thoughts”?

Alex: Yeah guys! Chicks dig thoughts

Lisa: (Brandon shows up behind Lisa, she looks back) oh hey Brandon!

Brandon: Is it true babe? You have detention?

Lisa: Yeah

Brandon : Come here (hugs Lisa, Brian gets uncomfortable)

Brian: (stops eating; jealous) there goes my appetite

Alex: Hey Brandon! I have a blog now!

Brandon: Cool, but why?

Alex: (amused) c’mon like you don’t know

Brandon: Yeah, I don’t know (walks away with Lisa)

Brian: It’s decided! I’m going to get myself in trouble next period!

Keith: No your not! Dude, listen to me; we have rehearsal today remember? We can’t have you in detention

Brian: Forget about your “rehearsals”! The girl of my dreams will be kept in the further depths of the horrific dungeons called detention! I can’t let her suffer by herself!

Keith: No Bri! NO! Don’t do it! We need you later!

Brian: The die has been cast!

Keith: No! No die has been cast! You have to listen to me, she is not worth it. I know how much you love Lisa and all but it’s not worth it!

Gregz: Just let him go, Keith. Let the nerd “be with his love”

Brian: Why thank you, Gregz

Gregz: I really don’t want to see your face in the afternoon

Alex: (interrupting) hey! I got a comment! (excited then reads it) “this blog is stupid” Hmm who’s Grgzx97?

Gregz: That’s me you idiot!

Alex: Oh (pause) hey!


Scene 2


Mr. Jay’s classroom – Mr. Jay is teaching the class; the students are doing their work and coping down notes. Brian and Keith are sitting in the same table – Brian is sweating with anticipation

Mr. Jay: (frustrated) if someone in this class room would have done the homework assignment last night; you would have understood the equations that I’m now using. Fortunately only Brian Danvers did the assignment!

Keith: (whispers to Brian) you see? You can’t get in trouble you’re the star in his class

Brian: No!

(Vicky Green and her friends; Shelly and Debby are sitting in the front of the class room. The girls are texting on their phones)

Vicky: Of course Brian did the assignment, he has nothing else to do in life (the class giggles)

Shelly: Totally

Debby: He’s such a loser

Mr. Jay: Alright that’s enough from you Ms. Green!

Brian: (defeated looking down at his desk) Lisa…all alone…detention

Keith: Dude c’mon! Trust me it’s not a big deal! Detention is not the end of the world! Lisa is a big girl now; she knows how to handle herself. Plus detention goes by fast (snaps his fingers) just like that! Like hell; I wouldn’t mind having detention!

Mr. Jay: (Furious) Mr. White! Your behavior in my class is incredibly intolerable!

Keith: What!? What did I do!?

Mr. Jay: Today was the last straw! I’m giving you detention!

Keith: (shocked) WHAT!?

Brian: (gasp) no! It was supposed to be me!

Keith: This blows man! (every student are whispering and witnessing the events) 

Mr. Jay: Now class, simmer down…

Brian: I have to get detention! I must! (gets up from his seat) NO! (picks up his desk and flips it, everyone in the class is shocked and speechless)

Mr. Jay: (angry) Mr. Danvers! DETENTION!!!

Brian: (at Keith) I did it!

Keith: (sarcastic) congratulations…


Scene 3


After school – The detention room. The entire room is barred and only four rows of tables are located in the middle. The dean is sitting on his own desk in the front of the room; reading a magazine – Lisa, Keith and Brian are sitting in the table quietly.

Lisa: (whispers) I can’t believe you guys are here

Keith: (mad; whispers) I know

Brian: (happy; whispers) I know

Dean: (a knock from the door, the dean gets up) hmm, I guess we have another one (opens the door to reveal Vicky Green) Vicky Green?

Vicky: Hi dean! (looks at Keith; seductively) hi handsome

Lisa: You have got to be kidding!

Brian: But how?

Dean: What are you doing here?

Vicky: My daddy is on the board of ED, so I have detention (takes her seat next to Keith)




Scene 1


Detention – Keith is upset sitting quietly, Lisa is working on her project, Vicky is staring at Keith trying to get his attention and Brian is happy writing equations on his notebook. The dean is still sitting on his desk reading a magazine

Keith: (whispers to Brian) I can’t believe I’m in here…

Brian: (whispers) think of it as moral support for a fellow friend

Keith: (whispers) I want to go home!

Brian: (whispers) Didn’t you state before you wouldn’t mind having detention?

Keith: (whispers) Dude…I want to go home!

Vicky: (whispers to Keith) Aw, don’t worry after this we’re going to hang out in the mall

Keith: (whispers) I don’t want to, Vicky

Vicky: (whispers) I’ll buy you anything

Brian: (whispers to Vicky) it doesn’t seem he’s interested in your offer

Vicky: (whispers to Brian; upset) excuse me, who the hell was talking to you?

Brian: (back to his work) never mind then

Lisa: Um, sir. What time can we go home?

Dean: (reading the magazine) 4:30

Lisa: (sarcastically) great

Brian: (whispers to Lisa) we have 64 minutes left

Lisa: (whispers) I know, I know. But in detention time 64 minutes is actually 5 years

Brian: (smiles; Whispers) I suppose

Lisa: (whispers) actually I don’t mind anymore. I thought I would be here all alone but now it’s alright. I have friends in here with me

Brian: (whispers) your welcome

Lisa: (whispers) for what?

Brian: (whispers) oh nothing (looks over at Keith; whispers) My plan worked

Keith: (sarcastically; whispers) Yay, I want to go home

Brian: (whispers) we have 62 minutes left

Keith: (moans then puts his head down)


Scene 2


Detention – 30 minutes later – Keith is sleeping, Lisa is still working on her project, Brian is writing on his notebook and Vicky is texting on her phone chewing gum

Dean: (gets up from his seat) kids, I have to go to the rest room but I’ll be right back. While I’m away I don’t want to hear any talking or any funny business. Okay?

Keith; (wakes up instantly) Go do your thing (the dean leaves the room, after a second Keith gets up from his seat) Finally!

Brian: W-w -what are you doing!?

Keith: Stretching

Brian: Sit back down! You heard what the dean said

Vicky: Oh lighten up! He’s not here

Brian: He specifically left us some rules before he left and I believe we have to obey them before he returns

Vicky: (laughs) seriously!? (gets up from her seat) look at me, I’m following the rules, my rules!

Brian: (nervous) please sit down!

Lisa: I think Brian is right, what if the dean catches you guys?

Keith: Don’t worry about a thing guys (walks over to the table and picks up the magazine that the dean was reading) “Posters weekly” man this is lame! Where’s the “playboy’s”?

Vicky: (laughing, walks over to the door) I’m out of here

Brian: (barks) HALT! Don’t touch that knob!

Vicky: And who do you think you are?

Brian: (begs) please I beg you not to touch that knob

Vicky: I’m out of here; I just remembered I have a life

Keith: (starts walking to the door) I’m with you on that

Brian: (gets up from his seat) Keith! You wouldn’t dare! You of all people

Keith: What?

Brian: You can’t leave!

Lisa: If you guys leave now, we’ll get into more trouble. Why don’t you just sit down and wait? We have 30 minutes left till’ it’s over

Vicky: (to Lisa) so Lisa Small it’s pretty smart, is that it? Let me tell you something, you’re nothing! I will never listen to you! Never!

Keith: Whoa

Vicky: While you and the geek wait here and rot, Keith and I are going to leave here and enjoy life hanging out in the mall

Keith: Yeah! Well that last part I’m not doing

Lisa: Alright fine, leave. Prove me wrong, open that door and ditch detention

Brian: (gasp) no, don’t encourage them Lisa

Keith: (thinking about it) Hmm

Vicky: Let’s get out of here “hun”

Keith: I don’t know. We do have 30 minutes left

Vicky: No! Don’t tell me she got to you

Keith: (walks over to his seat) she got me, Vicky. Let’s just get this over with

Brian: (smiles) I’m proud of you Keith

Keith: Whatever

Vicky: I-I can’t believe this, your quitting! Because of her!? (pointing at Lisa) I thought you were somebody Keith, a real man. Someone who doesn’t take crap from anyone! But I guess I was wrong (sigh) now I know the real Keith White. A quitter, I had such high hopes for us

Keith: You done?

Vicky: Oh! Who am I kidding!? You’re so freakin’ hot! I’m sorry I said all that you know I was joking around!

Brian: Are you going to sit down Vicky?

Vicky: Of course not (opens the door)

Brian: But…

Vicky: All of you forgot already? My daddy is in the board of ED (leaves the room and closes the door behind her)




The next day – Modern tech high – hallways – Keith, Brian and Lisa are talking to Gregz and Alex

Keith: …and that was detention

Alex: Whoa! It was epic!

Gregz: Did nerd over here wet himself?

Brian: (upset) I’ll have you know! I am fourteen years old! Not ten!

Lisa: (laughs) well detention wasn’t all that bad, I did get to finish Mr. Tex’s project

Keith: Cool! I just want to say yesterday will be a detention I will always remember

Brian: Unfortunately so. I am going to make sure it was my first and ONLY detention!

Lisa: Better not count on that Brian, we have 3 more years of school to go; anything can happen

Brian: (sighs) I know, I know

Keith: Hey Alex, how’s your blog coming along?

Alex: (gets serious) I don’t want to talk about it!

Lisa: Chicks don’t dig blogs?

Alex: I want to go home!




Submitted: February 03, 2013

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Matthew Zabala

Justin, I love that you have a prologue. You have seriously came a long way in just the past 2 months. I can't even believe it sometimes.

You are developing your characters quite nicely. I like Brian, he's funny. I love the line, "...kept in the dungeon that is detention." Classic!

Another fine addition, my friend!

Wed, February 6th, 2013 9:13pm


Oh wow it's been 2 months already? where has the time gone? LOL Thank you so much Matthew. I learn sometime new each time I publish new material.And LOL yeah I love that line; I like writing for Brian. Once again thanks for the read my friend!

Sat, February 9th, 2013 10:46am


Haha. This is too funny! I enjoyed reading this episode though I wish it was longer. The "blog" thing with Alex was really funny, and I couldn't believe he actually made one. Haha. Gregz' comment was hilarious. Hmm. I noticed that he was the "impatient" one of the group. :) Brian was too funny and cute! I couldn't believe he would go through all that trouble just to accompany Lisa in detention. That was just so sweet— and crazy too. Keith and Vicky were surprisingly cute together. Haha. Oh wow, I can't wait to read the next episode. I love how you described everything so well and you introduced your scenes in a very smooth way. Kmu, Justin!

Fri, February 8th, 2013 3:35am


Your comments always inspire me to write more! I'm so happy you enjoyed this episode. I admit it was a little hard to write this one; I'm relieved it came out pretty good. And yes you nailed it, Gregz is the impatient one hahaha. Thank you so much for reading and your encouraging comment!!!

Sat, February 9th, 2013 10:52am


I really wonder where the idea that Chicks dig blogs came from? Haha from my experience, most girls at my school wouldn't read unless they have to, or it's a magazine. Anyway, hilarious as usual (: kmu! Love it!!

-Jess ?

Sun, February 10th, 2013 2:32am


LOL XD That's what I would like to know too! Thank you so much Jess for reading and enjoying all the episodes! You don't know how happy I am to find a new fan of this "show" I'll definitely keep you updated (I hope that's what "kmu" means lol) on any new episodes! :D

Tue, February 12th, 2013 9:23am


nicely written..!

Thu, July 11th, 2013 12:36pm

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