I Don't Want To Be a Rock Star: Season 1 Episode 6

Script by: justinjay


Keith has a date for the school's Halloween dance, But a very jealous Vicky plans to ruin it. Meanwhile Brian goes trick or treating with Alex,Brandon and Lisa.Enjoy!


Submitted: February 22, 2013

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Submitted: February 22, 2013




Episode 6 – The Lover Boy




Night time – Northwood’s park – an event that is packed with screaming teenagers – a band finishes their set and walk down the patio; everyone is cheering

Announcer: (Overweight and talks real fast over the microphone) Now that’s what I call fire! And talking about “fire” my dealer-Oh! I mean my friend Krazy Kenny has some good “fire” he’s selling, trust me it’s “fuego” Now the next band is promised to rock your brains out of your heads! Give a hand for “one-two-three-Kiss me!”

(Keith White, Brian Danvers, Gregz Mitchell and Alex walk up to the patio and pick up their instruments on stage; the crowd goes crazy)

Keith: (smiles) Now this is life

Brian: (sarcastic) “One-two-three Kiss me” what a clever name

Alex: I know right? So damn catchy too

Gregz: (sits behind the drum set) What’s so catchy about it?

Brian: Starting tomorrow, I am voting to have the name change

Alex: Hey!

Keith: Sorry bro, but I’m with Bri

Gregz: Me too

Alex: What!? How can you guys hate that name?

Keith: It’s kinda stupid

Gregz: Just like you

Brian: Well gentlemen they were waiting for us, let’s give them what they want (looks around) fast because my mother is expecting me back home before 9 PM

(the boys start playing their song; Keith looks over at the audience and then spots a girl that winks at him, he winks back. He looks over at Brian, he rolls his eyes)

Alex: (singing) “because of you! because of you! I do it for yoooooouuuu!!!” (looking over at the crowd and spots the girl that winked at Keith) “because I loooooove you! (points to her; she laughs and blushes)

(the band finishes their song; the crowd cheers; they put their instruments down and starts walking down the patio)

Announcer: (microphone) that’s right people! That was “one-two-three-kiss me”! But in another note I need a place to crash I kinda have to leave town in the morning! Mexico looks pretty good to me now, so who has a place?

Brian: Very impressive performance! Very stellar very stellar

Gregz: Stop it! Your making me feel ashamed that I’m in this band

Keith: Hey guys you saw that right? That girl?

Brian: There are a lot of girls

Alex: (smug) I know, and the night is still young

Keith: No! That girl with the red highlights and the cloud shirt! She was winking at me the whole time; actually I’ve seen her around the school

Alex: Oh I know who you’re talking about (pointing far away) her right?

Keith: (slaps Alex hands down) dude! Don’t point! She might see!

Alex: Ouch (holding his hand in pain) dude calm your breasts! We know each other, Maxine Reed she’s in my history class. She’s super cool

Keith: Oh, do you know if she’s single?

Alex: Yeah, she is

Keith: That’s great!

Alex: Yeah I know, great for me (smiles) I’m going to ask her out right now

Keith: (stops him from walking away) wait! Hold on! I’m going to ask her out!

Alex: What do you mean? I saw her first!

Keith: No! I saw her first!

Brian: Excuse me, but this is not a treasure chest here, she’s a human being!

Keith: Ok, look we’ll flip a coin on this

Alex: Cool!

Brian: (sigh) this is childish

Keith: Bri is right! It’s stupid I’ll make you a deal

Alex: What’s the deal?

Keith: If you let me ask her out, I’ll give you my yellow guitar pic…

Alex: I don’t need a pic

Keith: …Signed by legendry Guns N’ Roses guitarist…Slash!

Alex: (gasp loudly in shock) oh mamma! There is a heaven! Cool! Cool! Cool! I’ll take it! Go and get that! (touching his head) I-I-I gotta lay down feeling kind of woozy (walks away)

Brian: Do you have such an item?

Keith: (chuckles) I wish (walks away)




Scene 1


Modern tech high – the hallways; students are crowding going from classes to classes, the hallways have Halloween decorations – Lisa Small is talking with Keith, Brian and Gregz by the lockers

Keith: …so we just killed out there! Everyone was going nuts!

Lisa: Cool!

Keith: You should have seen Bri, here (pointing to Brian) he was crazy out there!

Brian: I was not crazy, I assure you that

Keith: The girls were throwing their underwear at him

Brian: N-n-no! That’s not true!

Lisa: (chuckles) I wish I was there, had to study though

Keith: That’s a bummer, I know your pain

Brian: “pain”? how is studying painful? I don’t seem to understand

Gregz: You don’t understand normal people

Lisa: What are you guys doing for Halloween?

Keith: I’m going to the school’s dance with a date

Lisa: Oooh a date, who with?

Keith: A girl I met last night oh, here she comes now (Maxine walks over to Keith)

Maxine: (Taller than Keith, pale with red hair, very attractive) Hi Keith (hugs Keith)

Keith: Hey Maxine! Guys this is Maxine

Lisa: Hi

Gregz: Hey

Brian: Greetings

Gregz: (looks at Brian) I hate you

Maxine: You guys were awesome last night!

Keith: You heard that fellas?

Gregz: Whatever

Maxine: Are you guys going to the Halloween dance?

Lisa: I don’t know I wanted to go trick or treat with my boyfriend

Gregz: Not going anywhere

Brian: Hm, it’s not type of my social conventions however Alex is inviting me to go trick or treating with him and his friends

Lisa: Hey, I am trick or treating with Alex too

Brian: (mischievous smile at Keith) I know

Keith: (shakes his head) Um, Maxine you want to head to the cafeteria for a little bit?

Maxine: But we have class in 2 minutes

Keith: Trust me, with me you’re not going to be thinking about class

Maxine: (giggles) okay (Keith and Maxine walk away)

(Vicky Green and her friends Shelly and Debby walk over to Lisa, Brian and Gregz)

Vicky: (upset) Who the hell was that?

Lisa: Hello to you too, Vicky

Vicky: Do you have ears? Are you deaf? (looks back at Shelly and Debby) is she deaf?

Shelly: Totally

Vicky: Who the hell was that, Small?

Lisa: Why do you care?

Vicky: (pauses, looks at Brian) you! Answer me! Who the hell was that?

Lisa: Okay, I’m not needed here anymore (walks away)

Brian: (reaches out to Lisa) P-p-please don’t go, please don’t go (Lisa exits)

Vicky: Who was that girl with Keith?

Brian: (scared) Um, Maxine, Maxine Reed she’s going to the Halloween dance with Keith

Vicky: (upset) oh! Is she now?

Brian: (nervous) y-y-yes, may I go now?

Vicky: (yells) LEAVE! (Brian and Gregz walk away)

Debby: Totally

Vicky: There’s no chance in hell she’s moving in my territory! Keith is mine and always will be mine!

Shelly: Totally

Vicky: Maxine Reed. Girls! Find me anything about this girl! And I mean ANYTHING!

Debby: Totall---

Vicky: (interrupts) I SAID NOW! (Shelly and Debby run)


Scene 2


The cafeteria – Brian, Alex and Gregz are sitting in their table and looking at Keith eating with Maxine in a table in front of them

Brian: Look at them, just look at them. Now that’s the definition of being in love

Alex: Not another speech dude, always with the speeches

Brian: Whatever do you mean?

Gregz: You blab on about anything

Alex: I remember you gave a speech about taking a dump in the toilet

Brian: I am sorry, I find it interesting that we don’t appreciate what are digestive system do for us

Alex: Give it a rest

Brian: But observe Keith, what’s he’s feeling is what I want to feel with Lisa. It’s a very beautiful thing

Alex: Dude hold on; are you just coming to trick or treat with me just because Lisa is gonna be there?

Brian: Precisely!

Alex: Ah man! I feel used! Used, cheap and dirty!

Brian: There is no reason to feel that way, Alex. I simply just want to have a good time

Gregz: Yeah right, and I want to live forever, you just want to get closer to Lisa

Brian: And so what!?

Alex: “So”? Brandon is going to be there

Brian: No problem, remember Brandon thinks I’m gay

Alex: So what you’re dressing up as? A pink fairy (starts giggling)

Brian: (sarcastic) very funny, it was so funny I forgot to smile

Alex: Whatever man I just cant wait for tomorrow, we’re gonna go on a candy binge! Diabetes here we come! 

Brian: Unfortunately I can’t share the same enthusiasm as you; my mother won’t allow me to have any sugar, especially at night

Gregz: What!?

Alex: You’re kidding!

Brian: I’m afraid not

Alex: So what do you do for Halloween?

Brian: Well, I do trick or treat but I give my candy away to charity

(both Alex and Gregz cover their faces with their hands; disappointed)

Gregz: Did I forget to tell you…you’re a NERD!

Alex: Come on man! It’s Halloween! I bet even your mother is gonna have candy tomorrow!

Brian: Nevertheless (changes the topic) I know Keith will have a satisfying evening tomorrow

Alex: Yeah, yeah he will. The guy deserves it

Brian: I see nothing is going to disrupt his state of happiness


Scene 3


Cafeteria – over at Vicky’s table – Shelly and Debby is talking to her

Debby: …and that’s what Maxine does

Vicky: (excited) Oh! So that’s what Maxine Reed really is! Well, well, well. There’s a lot Keith has to learn (evil smile)




Scene 1


The next day – Modern tech high – the hallways – Keith is talking to Brian, Lisa, Alex, Gregz and Brandon

Brandon: …so around 7, we pick up Brian and after that we take the route

Alex: Awesome!

Lisa: This is cool; we’re going to rack up

Brian: (happy) It’s going to be a very splendid evening

Alex: (to Gregz) hey man, you sure you can’t come with us?

Gregz: No! (takes a look at Brian) not in a million years

Alex: But dude, Halloween it’s practically your birthday, today is the day everybody dresses up like you

Gregz: I’m not going, besides today is Nebula night and I cannot miss any more rituals (walks away)

Brandon: Man, he’s a weird dude!

Keith: You guys are going to have too much fun

Brandon: Keith, you should come

Keith: Sorry, I can’t (Maxine enters)

Maxine: My costume is ready for tonight’s dance (hugs Keith)

Keith: Cool, see you there then Maxi

Maxine: Bye (walks away)

Brandon: Whoa! You’re going to be pretty busy tonight! (chuckles)

Keith: You know it

Brandon: Forget the tricks you’re gonna be getting the treats! (chuckles; Lisa elbows his shoulder)

Alex: (laughing at the joke) good one!

Brian: (sarcastically) Very amusing


Scene 2


The girl’s bathroom – Maxine is washing her face and behind her the stall door opens, Vicky comes out unexpectedly

Vicky: BOO!

Maxine: (jumps) whoa!

Vicky: (chuckles) relax! It’s just a Halloween thing, Maxine

Maxine: How do you know my name?

Vicky: I know everything, now listen up. You and Keith White is causing problems for me, problems I don’t like

Maxine: And…?

Vicky: “And” I’m just telling you, back off

Maxine: Whoa, when did this turn into prison?

Vicky: (gets closer) oh I’ll make it feel like it’s prison

Maxine: (pause) okay, this is getting weird

Vicky: (backs away) I know, sorry didn’t mean it like that, seriously back off, Keith is mine

Maxine: I’m sorry but he’s taking me to the dance tonight and I really want to have a good time, I hope you understand that. If not you can deal with it

Vicky: Oh Maxine, I know everything about you

Maxine: (ignoring) oh really?

Vicky: Oh yeah, I know about Bobby

Maxine: (stunned) no! How can you know that!?

Vicky: You wouldn’t hurt Bobby’s feeling right?

Maxine: n-n-no of course not

Vicky: So don’t go to the dance with Keith tonight

Maxine: But I have too, I promised him

Vicky: The only thing you can do is tell him, tell Keith the whole story before its too late (smiles)

Maxine: (defeated) I-I-I guess I will…

Vicky: Yay for me (starts to leave) and I have to say, I like that top

Maxine: You like it?

Vicky: Pssh! Of course not! (exits)


Scene 3


Night time – Outside Modern tech high – Keith, dressed as Dracula is waiting for Maxine – finally Maxine arrives but she is not dressed in her costume

Keith: Maxi! (hugs Maxine) what happened? I’ve been waiting here for 20 minutes, I was here for so long I had to hang out with a drunken guy that showed me pictures of his ex-wife and trust me, you do not want to see pictures of his ex-wife! (shivers in disgust)

Maxine: I’m sorry; I have to tell you something…

Keith: And where’s you’re badass costume?

Maxine: I can’t go to the dance with you

Keith: Why?

Maxine: I need to be honest with you

Keith: What is it?

Maxine: I’m not a 9th grader like you; I’m actually a senior going to graduate in June

Keith: What!?

Maxine: I have a boyfriend, Bobby Manson we’re been together since freshmen year. His parents moved out to Connecticut but we still keep in contact. I promised him when I graduate from this school I would attend college over there to be with him. And here’s the clinker, we’re getting married after my 18th birthday which is in a couple of months. So I’m really sorry that I led you on to anything, really sorry

Keith: (stunned) Um, wow! I don’t know what to say

Maxine: Please don’t hate me; I really wanted to have fun tonight

Keith: (looks away, upset. Then smiles) you know what? At least I hooked up with a senior, right?

Maxine: (laughs) yep, almost

Keith: Almost still counts on my book. Hey it’s alright. Bobby must be a great guy

Maxine: Yeah he is

Keith: So you’re going to invite me to your wedding?

Maxine: Of course, we’ll need a band for the wedding, duh!

Keith: Awesome! We have a future gig!

Maxine: (laughs) whatever you say, Dracula!

(Keith and Maxine walk away from the school)




Later in the night – Outside the school – Keith is sitting on the front steps – Brian walks up to him, dressed up as Albert Einstein

Brian: Keith! What are you doing? I thought you were inside?

Keith: Plans got cancelled

Brian: Oh no! (sits next to Keith) what happened

Keith: Long story, all I gotta say is, can’t wait to turn 18 and move to Connecticut

Brian: Amen to that. Did she break you’re heart?

Keith: No, of course not! (looks at Brian) okay, maybe just a little bit. But it’s not going to faze me! My dad always said “we have to fall to grow up”

Brian: Wow, very powerful

Keith: Yep, when he’s drinking beer on a roll the dude becomes a prophet! This is just part of growing up, know what I mean?

Brian: (sighs) I suppose

Keith: Hey, why aren’t you with the others?

Brian: Well, Lisa went home first, then Alex and Brandon commenced in throwing eggs at houses. I will not be part of that Halloween tradition

Keith: (laughs) I wonder whose house they “egged” up

(Cut to - Outside Vicky’s house, the house is covered with broken splattered eggs- Vicky is outside)




© Copyright 2017 justinjay. All rights reserved.

I Don't Want To Be a Rock Star: Season 1 Episode 6 I Don't Want To Be a Rock Star: Season 1 Episode 6

Status: Finished

Genre: Humor



Status: Finished

Genre: Humor



Keith has a date for the school's Halloween dance, But a very jealous Vicky plans to ruin it. Meanwhile Brian goes trick or treating with Alex,Brandon and Lisa.Enjoy!
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