Hope has come!

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This poem is about Christmas and the reason we celebrate.

Submitted: November 28, 2007

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Submitted: November 28, 2007



Hope Has Come!
It has been closed to two thousand years, since the world is being expecting,
Through passage of time, promises have been broken in and outside the ring,
While the uncircumcised prepared to dismantle the validity of the Jewish King,
Came the word; Behold He cometh, He who was and is, the Angels gladly sing.
You see, it wasn’t the birth of an unknown child; the world came to know,
Though the popularity of His great name was mocked by those on the go,
Still, tensions inflated in the neighborhoods where He would soon grow,
And the news, kept on spreading, near and far, they had to let it flow.
What would it take for one to acknowledge the importance of this season?
A brand new home, an expensive car or a bank account you can lean on?
A happy marriage, a perfect health, all; in a moment or two, can be gone,
Keep your eyes on the prize and you’ll be rewarded soon, by God’s Son.
The truth behind this holiday is that as Christians, we honor Christ everyday,
We praise and worship His majesty in our daily lives, as we kneel down to pray,
We don’t need to wait till Christmas time to go to Him, He’ll meet us half way,
For His name is Emmanuel, the Son of God, He’s the true and only path way.
So today, as you dive in your depressive state that seems to break your home,
Think of others, who’d wish to feel well so ill; their hair, they can’t even comb,
Let us be joyful as we celebrate the only name that’s far greater than the sum,
Praise the Lord in the highest, this Christmas time; Hope has surely come.
Copyrighted © 2007 by Fritz-Gerald Delice

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